As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


11. Day 2 With The Boys

I wake up and it takes me a second to understand why a room in Jay's house looks so much like my room, minus the posters. But when it hits me I stop and take a deep breath, "I'm going to get through this" I tell myself and I start to get ready. I walk to my bathroom and plug in my curling wand. I go back to my bed and pull the covers up a tab so it looks neater. I walk back into the bathroom and brush out my hair. I pick up the curling wand, tapping the metal first, making sure it was warmed up, and start making my hair into many small perfect curls. I soon hear the door to my room open over my subtle music playing.
"I'm in here" I say through the open bathroom door.
"Oh," the voice I recognized as Jay's, says "Hey, just seeing if you were up and if you wanted anything to eat."
"Um... Toast please?" I tell him unwrapping a piece of hair from the wand and carefully placing it with the others.
"Just toast? Nothing else? You sure?" He says surprised, I giggle a bit while wrapping another small strand of my light golden brown blonde hair around the curling wand.
"Positive." He shrugs his shoulders and walks out I finish the last bit of hair and cover it with a light layer of hair spray. Then I walk to my dresser and closet and open the drawer with jeans in it first, picking out a pair of dark lightly tattered denim skinny jeans, I throw them on the bed and close that drawer. As I open my shirt drawer the door opens I turn around to see how it is.
"Oh hey!" I say
"Hey, I brought your toast."
"Thankks Jay, could you set it on the bed side table?"
"Yeah sure" I hear the plate clink down on the wood of the table. "What are you doing anyway?" He asks walking over to me and looking over my shoulder into the drawer of clothes.
"Picking out my outfit for the day"
"Does it really take that much thought?" he asks me as I close the drawer and walk by him to my closet and open the door scanning everything in there, shoes last.
"Yeah, and a bit more than normal since I'm spending it with the boys."
"Geeze, girls are so picky. All I do is grab trousers or shorts and a shirt and throw it on"
"And that's cuz you're a guy" I say thumbing through the tops on the hangers.
"I just don't see what's so difficult" he says. I study a white sheer button up shirt but then put it back, not thinking it went right. "See, if I was you I would have thought that was just fine and put it on and been happy"
"But you're not me. See, if I were me I would pick" I say dragging out the last few words until I find what I knew would go perfectly, my eyes light up at the sight of it. "this!" I pull a grey, half-zip pullover sweatshirt from pink out of the closet and to my bed where the jeans were laying. I lay the jacket down and study the outfit I've picked out. I take a step back and smile Jay right over my shoulder. "Don't you have some video game to play or show to watch?" I ask him over my shoulder. He laughs.
"Yeah... sure... I could go find something to do.... If you really want me to go"
"Love you" I say smiling and trying not to hurt him
"Yeah yeah yeah" he say walking out. I roll my eyes and close the door behind him so I can change. I take off my cheer shorts I wore to bed and slide on my jeans and button them. I go to my closet and get my white belt and slide it on also, then take off my T-shirt and put on the pullover. I grab my piece of toast off of the plate and my phone. It's 2:16, I didn't realize it was so late. Liam probably thinks I stood him up. I quickly text him.

To: Liam Payne
I'm so sorry... I didn't realize how late it was... I just got finished getting ready... Is it still okay for me to come over?

From: Liam Payne
Oh it's totally fine, don't worry about it. But of course you can still come over. I did say any time after noon right?:)

To: Liam Payne
Yeah:) Okay... I'll be there soon. I'll leave my house in just a few:)

From: Liam Payne
Alright. Drive safe love:)

I finish my piece of toast and walk down the stairs, then grab my wallet and lanyard with my keys.
"You leaving?" Jay asks
"Yup... My cars here now right?"
"Yeah it's in the garage"
"Thanks! I'll see you later" I go into the garage and unlock my little grey car a get in. I put my phone in the cup holder and drive to the flat Niall directed me to a few days ago. I pull into the driveway and park off to the side where I did before. I pull my keys out of the car and put my lanyard around my neck as I get out of the car. I quietly close my door and walk down the pathway to the front door of their flat. I knock on the door and almost immediately the door flies open and Liam's fit body is standing inside, holding the door open.
"Hey!" he says "come on in" I smile and watch my step as I walk inside. Liam closes the door and walks over to me. "Everyone is in the living area" he says placing a hand on my back and leading me there.
"Hey guys" I say quietly when I enter all four of their heads turn and look at me. A smile grows on each of their faces. 
"Natalie!" They each say. Liam and I go and sit on the ground with the other boys. They have rearranged the room, the second couch is closer to the wall and the table has been moved. The already spacious room has turned into a incredibly spacious room.We all talk for a bit until it gets quiet for only a moment but Louis takes this chance to change the subject.
"Let's play truth or dare" Louis says mischievously
"Yeah!" Niall and Zayn say. Harry and Liam look at each other and shrug their shoulders,
"Sure, why not?" They say. All of the boys not look at me now,
"... Okay fine" I say after a few pairs of puppy dog eyes from Louis and Niall. 
"Yes!" Louis and Niall say in victory. We all move around until we are sitting in a circle. Harry is on my right and Niall is on my left. Liam is directly across from me and next to him is Louis and Zayn. We start playing with each of the boys asking each other questions or giving simple dares. I've only been asked truth or dare a few times, choosing truth every times. They now know how many boyfriends I've had, my best friends name and my favorite Disney movie. The boys start answering with mostly dares and they are each given simple ones like, go eat something from the fridge, prank call Josh, pull a simple prank on Paul who's upstairs. Simple, yet fun things. Niall then turns to me,
"Truth or dare?"
"Truth" I answer quickly
"Come on" he wines
"What?" I ask giggling
"All of us have said dare at least once and you haven't said done it once." I groan
"Ugh, fine... Dare" Niall's huge smile grows and he glances over at Louis who nods his head. Niall looks back at me smiling, but not saying anything
"What?" I ask him, the silence driving me crazy. I hate ever choosing dare.
"Okay... I dare you to..." Niall pauses for a dramatic effect. "Kiss Liam" everyone smiles a bit and looks at Liam, I give Niall a death glare and then look at Liam, cheeks bright red. He's looking at the ground and slightly looks up at me from across the circle. I look at each of the boys, they are all slightly grinning, but Harry seem to have a bit of bitterness or pain behind his grin. I look back in Liam's direction, hes now looking at me. I bit my lip and look down. Liam leans across the circle and comes close to me, I look up into his eyes. His brown eyes are sparkling, I get up the confidence I needed to do it and I look at Liam's lips then lean in for the dared kiss. The kiss wasn't just a simple peck, it lasted longer than it probably should have, when I pressed my lips lightly to his he brought his hand up to my face with his fingers wrapped softly around my neck his thumb resting on my jaw line by my ear. He kisses me deeper and passionately. The kiss lasts a bit more than 5 second before we both broke the kiss. He sat back in his spot and neither of us said a thing. I don't know about Liam, but to me that kiss zinged. After a bit of silence around the circle Louis speaks up,
"Alrighty... Well... Whose turn is it?"

Harry's POV

"I dare you to..." Niall paused before telling Natalie her dare. I had a felling I knew what it was going to be and I wasn't excited. "Kiss Liam" I knew it! Natalie glares at Niall and then looks at Liam blushing like crazy. Liam's cheeks were also a light shade of pink but he was looking down hiding it from Natalie. Bloody Hell Niall! Why did you have to dare her to do that?! I know you were wanting to set her up with Liam and Liam was making it obvious he fancied her, but did you ever think that someone else might like her? Someone that isn't quite as obvious? Like me?! Yeah that's right I kinda fancy Natalie, from the very first time I saw her while I was cooking in the kitchen. She made me freeze for a second and I never do that. "Who's this?" What kind of idiot says that when meeting a girl for the first time? Obviously this idiot.. because this idiot couldn't think of anything else to say. After Natalie left I was going to ask Niall for her number but the next chance I had to ask him he was telling everyone how he was planning to set Natalie up with Liam. And that's when I knew any chance I had with Natalie was gone. I had to push the feeling I seemed to have for her away, but it was so hard. When they kissed I died a bit inside I couldn't take it. I wanted to leave, but I knew that would seem suspicious. I got through the kiss and the awkward silence to follow.
"Alright... Well... Whose turn is it?" Louis asks
"Zayn's I think" Niall says.
"Okay Zayn... Your turn to ask someone something"
"Hmmm.... Styles... Truth or dare?"
"Dare" I say, avoiding the chance that he might ask who I like.
"I dare you to..." Zayn pauses, thinking "play the next two turns in your underwear." With out hesitation I strip off my shirt and trow it to the side along with my pants. I sit back down in the circle and glance over at Natalie with a very cheeky smile, she giggles.
"Okay Liam, your turn"
"Natalie... Truth or Dare?"
"Truth" she answers without hesitation
"Who was your favorite boy, before you met us and were just a fan"
"Uh..." She looks at each of us "you're not gunna believe it but... I didn't have a favorite."
"BS!" Liam calls, Natalie shakes her head
"Nope... I really didn't." She tells him
"Fine... Louis, your turn" everyone turns to Louis
"Uh... Niall... Truth or dare?"
"What was your first impression of Natalie?"
"Honestly... All I thought was... Hey! Look! Someone who's not chasing me" They all laugh, and I look at Natalie and smile cheekily, she locks eye contact with me and smiles back with a little sparkle in her eye.
"I'll... Uh... Be right back" I say standing up and pull back on my sweats and walking up to my room closing the door behind me. I knew I liked Natalie... But I thought I could get over it, but I can't. Wow, she hit me hard, and that kiss killed me. I just sat on my bed, thinking... What was I going to do? I was thinking too much this was getting me in trouble. The more I thought about Natalie the more I liked her. Next think I know Louis is walking through my door.
"Hey lad, you alright?"
"Huh? Oh yeah..." I tell him hiding my feelings for Natalie.
"You're lying" he walks over to me after closing the door and looks me in the eye. "It's Natalie" I break eye contact
"No it's not"
"Yes it is... What is it about her?" he asks me.
"I.... Uh... I like her alright... I like Natalie, the girl for Liam... The girl who just kissed Liam... I like her"
"Are you sure? Are you sure you really like her and it's not just that she's a new, down to earth girl?"
"I... I never thought about it like that..."
"You haven't really fancied a girl that you really know in quite a while and a gorgeous girl like Natalie comes along and all of a sudden you like her?"
"I... I don't know now" 
"Think about that and come down stairs." He says getting up and walking out. I think over the words that Louis just said. Maybe he was right... Maybe it was just cuz she was new. I never thought about it that way... He was right about not liking anyone in a while. I think he's right... It's just a thing... I'll get over it. I get up and walk down stairs and sit back down in the circle. I look at Natalie and don't get the same feelings I did before... Louis was right. I just needed to hear it and I would realize it. I look at Louis and nod my head, telling him he was right.

Natalie's POV

Harry comes back down from up stairs and sits back down in the circle. We've stopped playing truth or dare and are now discussing what to do before I go back home. We end up watching Grease, the boys end up dancing to most of the music and I end up on the ground laughing. Louis pulled the most hip thrusts while the other boys only pulled one or two. By the time the movie ends were all sitting on the ground. I sat next to Niall and Liam. Somewhere in the middle of the movie Liam slipped his had below mine and linked our fingers. I couldn't have been more happy in that moment, until I realized I had to leave and get home before dinner. I was already going to be late.
"I really should go..." I tell them sadly
"Are you sure?" Liam asks. I nod my head "okay fine" he says. I hug each of them goodbye and head out the door. I get in my car and put the keys in and turn them, my car doesn't start.
"Shoot" I whisper. I turn the keys again and it still doesn't start. I groan and hit my head on the seat head rest. "Please, please, please" I say quietly turning the key again. It still doesn't start. "Gosh dang it" I say and rest my head on the wheel. Really? This had to happen at the worst possible time? I needed to get home, I was already late. What could be wrong with my car? I haven't drove it in a while and filled the gas tank the last time I used it. Then I remembered that when I got in the car last time I had to move the seat... My dad. He was the last one to drive my car. At this thought I fight back the sad thoughts of my dad and that he's gone now. I push back the thought when there's a knock at the window of my car door. I look to see who it was, it's Liam, I open the door for him.
"Havin car troubles?" He asks, I nod my head "Come on, I'll bring you home" Liam says extending an arm for me to get out of the car. I accept his offer and walk to his car. We both get in, Liam in the drivers seat me in the passenger seat. I direct him to Jays... Well my... House. When he pulls in the driveway and sees the last name plaque on the side of the house. "Isn't your last name Stephens?"
"Yeah..." I say looking down... I had some explaining to do.
"Then why does that say Willams?"
"I... uh..." Just then Jay walks out of the house "shoot..." I mumble "Here I want you to meet this guy" I say getting out of the car. I walk around and grab Liam's hand. "Liam... This is Jay" I look at each of them "Jay... This is Liam"
"Hi" they both say shaking hands. "Natalie... Didn't you say your best friends name was Jay Willams?" I nod "And he just came out of your house? You live with your best friend?" I nod again
"There's a reasoning behind it... Can I tell you later? This just isn't the best timing"
"Oh... yeah sorry..."
"It's totally fine" I tell him smiling
"I'll see you later love, text me" he says pulling me into a hug. He kisses me on the top of my head and lets go, walking to his car.
"Perfect timing" I say sarcastically while hitting Jay. He laughs and he wraps his arms around my shoulders and we walk inside laughing. I turn around when I get to the door and wave to Liam as he drives away. That's my boy now, well not officially, but hopefully it will be soon.

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