As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


13. Date Night


Sunday after dinner Jay's mum took me over to the boy’s house to get my car. When I went to show her what’s wrong with it, it started perfectly fine. The boys had fixed it. I couldn't believe it, why would they do that for me?
"Did you do this?" I say to Niall and the rest of the boys as they walk out one by one. Niall nods. "Why?"
"Why not? We all love you and it was here... We thought we should"
"You really shouldn't have..."
"Well we did" Niall says shrugging his shoulders. I go and hug all of the boys and thank them before they herd me back into my car and off home so I could get plenty of sleep for my date tomorrow.

It's now Monday, 4:00 and Liam told me to wear something nice for going out to dinner. I go into my bathroom and start curling my hair. By the time I finish it's just about 5:00. I spray my hair with a light layer of hairspray so that it will stay all night but, my curls will be soft and still bounce if I walk the right way. I walk across the hall to Jay's mum’s room and knock on the door before coming in.
"How does my hair look?" I ask her
"Perfect!" She says walking towards me and walking around me in a little circle observing my curled hair.
"Okay, I'm going to go do my make-up and I think by the time I'm done the boys should be here and I'll have just enough time to slip on my dress and shoes"
"Well you better be off and finish up getting ready the time will pass quickly." I exit her room and go back to mine and straight to my bathroom to do my make-up. I put on sparkly pink liquid eyeliner with little wings and a light gold-ish layer of eye shadow to complete it along with a layer or two of mascara. As I go out of my bathroom to put on my dress I hear a knock on the door down stairs; then the door opening and Jay talking to the boys.

Liam's POV

I pull up to Natalie's house and get out of the car with the boys. We walk up to the front door and I knock. There are a few moments of waiting and the door opens. The guy I recognized as Jay opened the door. The one guy I was incredibly jealous of. 
"Hi boys... Come on in." He says opening the door all the way and inviting us in. The five of us make our way in. "Nat is just upstairs she should be down in a bit." He says after we all get in to the house. I was incredibly jealous of Jay because he spends a ton of time with Natalie and they just have that special relationship. Just by the way they act together you can tell she loves him like crazy. Jay is also a bit intimidating because if he doesn't like me... I'm probably screwed. Natalie comes walking down stairs in a simple yet gorgeous strapless light pink hi-low dress. The front came up to about mid-thigh and the back went down to mid-calf with the top covered in silver sequins. She walks over to me and on her tippy toes, wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a warm hug. She started to let go but I pulled her back. 
"I owed you a huge hug" I whisper in her ear. She giggles a little, I squeeze her tightly and we release from the hug at the same time. I watch her carefully as she hugs each of the other boys starting with Niall. "You ready to go?" I ask her. She nods her head but then stops.
"Wait no... Hold on" she turns around and walks quickly up stairs. I assume she went to go get shoes. So as we wait we start to talk to Jay, until Natalie calls for him upstairs. He turns around and looks toward the stairs.
"Yeah Nat?" He calls back. 
"Come here" she calls to him. He walks up the stairs and when he gets out of ear shot I sigh.
"I am so jealous of him" I tell the boys. 
"Why would you be jealous? Natalie like you" Niall tells me. 
"She is so close with him and loves him so much"
"It like a brother Liam" Niall reassures me
"But still... It makes me jealous, seeing him with her. I just want her more than anything. I want to be the one kissing her, telling her she's beautiful every day. And the one she calls when she needs help picking out shoes or anything. I just want her to know I love her. More than anything, and we aren’t even a couple."
"Oh Liam... I'm pretty sure she knows and you're just nervous for the date... Take a deep breath. We’re all going to be there, it's going to be just fine" Niall tells me calming me down quite a bit. A little after that Jay comes galloping down the stairs smiling. Soon behind him is Natalie. She comes down the stairs in what seems like slow motion. She is still in the same dress but now has silver sparkling heels with a little bit of a platform, along with a silver clutch purse. Even though not as slow as it seemed in my mind she came down the stairs a little slower than before because of her heels. I was amazed, she looked amazing. She walked over to me and stood next to me and I snapped out of the day dream she put me in. 
"I'm ready now" she says with a smile looking up at me.
"Well should we be off?" I ask. They all nod and head out the door. Natalie stops before leaving and goes back to Jay and gives him a huge hug, like the one she gave me when she saw me first today. Jealousy rushed through my body as she hugged him and whispered something in his ear and I waited at the door for her. She releases from the hug smiling, turns around and walks towards the door to me. When she gets out the door I follow and close the door behind me. I walk a tad faster to get the few steps ahead she was to me. I slid our hands together linking our fingers together as well. We walked to the car and each got in with Louis driving, Harry passenger, then Zayn and Niall next to each other in the back and Natalie and I next to each other across from them. We rode to dinner hands linked together. So far there weren't any paps... That I noticed but the word was sure to get out and by the time we got to OXO Tower in London there would be plenty there. I warn Natalie as to what the paparazzi will be like and she just nods not showing worry but I can tell in her eyes she is a tad worried. I would be too, plus after tonight, let the rumors about just the two of us begin. Since Natalie and I aren't really a couple it might be awkward unless I don't change that soon. I really want to anyway so this just gives me more of a reason to make it official. We pull up to OXO tower and get out of the car. I am holding on to Natalie's hand and she is following behind me squeezing my hand trying to get through the flashes from the camera. We make our way through the crowd of paparazzi and into the main doors of the restaurant.  We get a table in the fairly empty and quiet restaurant by the window overlooking the water. I'm sitting next to Natalie in the middle with the boys evenly on each side. We each look through the menu and order our meals. While waiting we talk a bit. I put my hand under the table and on Natalie's bare thigh instead of grabbing her hand like I have the previous times. She doesn't react majorly to my hand resting mid-thigh. With my thumb I start rubbing her thigh and her breathing catches at first and I stop but she bites her lip and smiles and her breathing goes back to normal and I continue lightly rubbing her thigh with my thumb. The food gets to the table and we each eat our meal. Natalie got a small salad and everyone else got a much bigger plate of food compared to Natalie's.  After we each finish our dinner Niall orders a large piece of bread pudding for us all to share. They bring it with 6 spoons and Natalie and I look at each other with a bit of discomfort. We flag down the waiter and get 2 forks in exchange. We eat a bit of the bread pudding before heading out and back to the car. At us leaving the restaurant and heading home almost all of the paparazzi’s leave. The boys go back home and instead of driving Natalie home I drive her to the park. I wanted time with just her. Plus this would be a great opportunity to ask her to be mine. We get to the park and I park the car. Natalie unbuckled and started to open her door. 
"No Natalie wait" I say getting out of the car and rushing around to open her door. I open her door and offer her a hand to help her get out. She accepts my offer and giggles as she gets out. I can't help but smile when she giggles.
"I feel like a princess" she says
"Well that was my goal" I tell her intertwining our fingers and finding a paved path to walk together on. We start walking, fingers intertwined and smiles on our faces talking about what ever came to mind. The longer we were there the more paparazzi showed up but it wasn’t an overwhelming amount. To my surprise there were no fans yet, it was probably too late and none of the paps have released the pictures they've taken yet. 
"Ya know they're gunna get ideas and make up rumors" she says looking at the paparazzi we've been trying to avoid.
"Yeah... But what if the 'rumors' were true?"
"What do you mean?" She says confused and looking up at me. I look down at her and stop, then face her and grab her other hand intertwining our fingers there too. 
"Natalie... I can't stop thinking about you and I never want you to leave when we're together... So would you make these rumors true and make it that the girl I'm thinking about 24/7 is officially mine?" I ask her. A huge smile grows on her face and through the dimmed light of the park I see her cheeks turning a light shade of red. 
"Of course" she says smiling. I lean down a little, close my eyes and kiss her lightly but passionately. After a little I slip my tongue into her mouth and explore every inch of her mouth. When the flashes increase and get brighter we disconnect our almost perfect kiss and the flashes almost come to a stop.
"I'm sorry" I whisper to her making our way through the massive group of paparazzi.
"It's okay... I'll have to get used to it" she says squeezing my hand and smiling. 

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