As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


14. Claire's Discovery


I drive Natalie home and walk her to the door. At the door all of the lights in her house are off except for one on the top floor. She told me that it was Jay's brother, Noah's room and not to worry about getting home late with him. He wouldn't tell anyone. Except for tease her for it tomorrow. When I looked at the clock before I got out of the car it looked like it was about 10. We were out an hour later than I had planned to get her home. I blame the traffic going to the restaurant. When we get to the door I let go of her hand and hug her tight kissing the top of her head.  We release from the hug and just look into each other’s eye for moments not wanting to say goodbye. Her perfectly curly hair is starting to fall flat but is still perfect. A small piece of hair had fallen in her face and I gently move it back behind her ear then resting my hand below her ear along her jawline with part of my fingers on her neck. I lightly rub her cheek with my thumb,

"You are gorgeous" I tell her quietly. She only blushes, smiles and looks down. With hand still on her face I lift her face up so she's looking in my eyes again. "Don't smile at the ground... Other people deserve to see your smile" 

"But the grounds gunna miss it..." She says with a smile. 

"I think it'll get used to not seeing your smile as often... It needs to learn to share." I say smiling back. She looks down at my lips and I look to hers. I wanted to kiss her and never stop. Her lips and mine seemed to fit together so perfectly. I press my lips to her for a moment we are still until our lips start to move together perfectly. I slip my tongue into her mouth and explore just like before at the park. But this time it didn't get cut off by paparazzi. We continue snogging her arms around my neck, one of my arms around her waist and the other remains on her face making the kiss deeper and extremely passionate. We both break the kiss and she bites her lip smiling and looks down. I lift her head up with two fingers under her chin. "Right here" I say pointing to my face when she is looking at me again. She smiles again, a genuine smile this time directly at me looking deeply into my eyes. "Goodnight baby... I should be going home" I tell her. 

"And I should be getting inside." She tell me

"Sweet dreams" I say quietly, lightly kissing her forehead and turning toward the car. I hear her open the front door and close it behind her. Knowing she's safe inside I get in the car and drive back home to the rest of the boy who probably aren't asleep because they're waiting for me to get home to tell them everything that happened. They hate not knowing everything about each other’s girl friends or girls they like, since they don't know she is really my girlfriend yet. Plus we tell everyone everything. So if they didn't know it would be weird. I drive home carefully thinking of how I am going to tell them everything that happened at the park and at her house in the best way possible but without telling them every little thing. They didn't and won't need to know everything.  

Natalie's POV

Liam takes his hand from under my chin and I smile looking in to his eyes. 

 "Goodnight baby... I should be going home" he tells me. I get a bit sad at the words leading to our departure, I never want to leave; I just want to be with him all the time. I want to live with him at his house. Each of the boys has their own house close to each other and then the huge house that they share when they have busy weeks or just all want to get together. 

"And I should be getting inside" I tell him sadly moving the departure closer and closer. 

"Sweet dreams" he says getting close to me making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. He kisses my forehead and we each turn away, me towards the door and him towards his car. I open the door and close it behind me and take off my shoes as I get inside, pick them up and quietly go upstairs to my room and closing my door making sure to be almost completely silent to not wake anyone up. I put my shoes on the floor of my closet then go into my bathroom and start to take off my make up after which I wash my face. I take off my dress and put on sweats and a tank top then climb into bed and before plugging in my phone, I text Liam. 


To: Liam Payne:)
Goodnight lovie:) I had an amazing time tonight<3


I plug in my phone and close my eyes but my phone vibrates. I assume it's Liam so I check it. 


From: Liam Payne:)
I'm glad... So did I:) Goodnight beautiful<3


As I read this a smile forms on my face and I lock my phone and soon after fall asleep without that smile fading from my face. 
For the week I text Liam almost all day with the acceptation of times he had promo. Our relationship was still private but there were multiple crazy rumors popping up that Liam kept denying. Watching or hearing him deny them and our relationship to the public hurt but I knew that it was best for the both of us for now. Even though he really didn't want to hide it from everyone any longer but management wouldn't let him. They didn't seem to like me; the only people that did seem to like me were Paul and Lou. I've met Lou once and she greeted me warmly not stopping the conversation wanting to learn so much about me. Louis introduced me to Eleanor over the phone when he called her to check in, make sure she was okay. I was over at their house and was messing around with Louis waiting for the other boys to come downstairs so we could go to their promo and he remembered he told her he would call her before the promo and we were fighting over the remote trying to decide what to watch. I wanted to watch a movie and he wanted to watch some reality show. I had finally given in and let him watch his show but when he called Eleanor I changed the channel back to what I wanted hoping he would be too caught up in the call to notice. But as soon as I changed the channel he yelled at me and we got in a mini fight in which Eleanor was massively confused and Louis told her what had just happened after he got the channel back to the one he wanted. After the brief story ending with his victorious win El asked to talk to me because she had ‘heard so much about me’. We talked and Louis watched his show for the next about 10 minutes until the other boys came down the stairs. I gave Louis back his phone and he wrapped up the conversation and we were off to the promo. The boys ended up doing 3 interviews all of which I was there and all but one he had to deny relationship rumors. I was with Paul, Lou and everyone in another room so the interviewer wouldn’t see me with them. They drive back to the house after and Liam takes me to his house so we could be alone. He now knows about everything about me, and I honestly only met him about 2 weeks ago. He knows everything from how I became obsessed with One Direction to Michael, my abusive ex-boyfriend. I was going back to school in a week and a half and Christmas was in 5 days. We get to his house and I go change out of my skinny jeans and half shirt into a pair of his sweats and my tank top. We cuddle up on his couch and watched Disney movies for hours. At the end of the third one I moved a bit so my head on his chest and I could listen to his heartbeat. Neither of us really moved for a good 10 minutes I listened carefully to his heart and felt his perfectly toned abs under his shirt as he played with my hair occasionally planting sweet kisses on the top of my head. Through the silence Liam’s stomach growls. He stops playing with my hair and I look at him. I get up and walk toward the kitchen.
“Nat? What? Where are you going… Don’t leave..” he says to me leaning up with his forearms and elbows supporting him.
“Your tummy… Can I not feed my baby?”
“No…” I quickly turn and look at him “that’s my job” he says getting off the couch. I roll my eyes and go back to finding something to make for him when suddenly a pair of large muscular arms wraps around my waist from behind and a kiss is planted on my neck. I tense up as his arms snake around me and my hand goes to my chest but when he kisses my neck I tend to relax a bit knowing it was him.
“You scared me!” I tell him.
“I just can’t do anything sweet without scaring you, can I?” He asks
“Apparently not” I tell him back turning around and throwing my arms around his neck and he plants a kiss on my lips. After the kiss I wiggle out of his arms and continue to make him a PB&J sandwich. He watches me carefully as I close his sandwich. As soon as I put the knife in the sink and put away everything I go to give Liam his sandwich but he sets it to the side. I look at him confused.
“I’m not hungry for a sandwich” He says to me cheekily. He bites his bottom lip and glances down at my lips but quickly back up to my eyes. I just smile knowing what he wanted, he takes a step toward me and our noses are almost touching. He gently pushes me against the closet wall and with a hand on the wall a little above my head and his other on my hip he passionately presses his lips to mine. He slips his tongue into my mouth and explores everywhere. My hand is now under his shirt where it had been most of the night but this time it was a bit lower than I had it the past few hours. I was gently playing with his waist band and tracing his V-line. He breaks the kiss and turns around and takes a few steps away. I let out a little wine. He looks over his shoulder and smirks.
“Okay fine” I say to him “Two can play at this game.” He grabs his sandwich off of the table where he left it and went and sat down on the couch to watch more movies. I sat down with him and cuddled up again. We watched movies again but whenever he went to kiss me I wouldn't let him. I had to stick to my grudge. We were now both playing this little “game”. His hand rested on my upper thigh like it did when we were at the restaurant but a little higher. I played with the waist band of his pants teasing him like crazy. We didn't go anywhere farther than that, that night but it was kind of our way of telling each other we were willing and ready to. Neither of us could hold the kissing grudge for much longer and gave in which led to a very long snogging session. By the end of this I realized I should be getting home so I get up and go to his room getting my jeans and shirt but when I pick up my stuff my phone falls out of my pocket. I normally never get texts from anyone while I’m with him but to see so many notifications, mostly text and twitter had surprised me, and I got even more surprised when I saw who the text was from.

From: Claire Jacobson
You bloody lying whore. First you’re caught with Niall at the mall and I confront you of it and you say nothing about it, oh it wasn’t you. Within the next few days there are pictures of you and all of the boys out and about and then! Just a few days later there are pictures and pictures of you and bloody Liam Payne snogging and being all lovey dovy and there’s pictures of you kissing Harry too. At least chose one boy. You don’t deserve them you are an ugly whore bitch with no friends. They are probably only hanging out with you because you sent them some stupid letter saying how much your life sucks and they just happened to read it and now they feel bad for you so they are hanging out with you. That’s it isn’t it? Well I hope that these directioners give you the hate you deserve @NatalieRS. I hear they’re deadly.

As I finish the text message anger fires through my body. I don’t know what to do but this would explain the countless twitter notifications that wouldn’t stop. I went into my settings and turned off my twitter notifications before anything else. Straight after that I go to my first mention after I get that text. It indeed was from Claire. It was a collage of the pictures of me and the boys indeed with a photo shopped picture of Harry and I kissing in the mix. “Hey directioners! I found out who this girl that’s been with the boys is! @NatalieRS That’s her.” There were thousands of retweets on just this one tweet. So everyone has got to know by now, or will find out real soon. I start reading through all of my mentions. They were all horrid. As I read through all of these my heart broke and I fell into tears. Maybe I really didn't deserve to be with Liam. It was just like the pictures on Facebook but on a whole nether level of hate. I couldn’t believe that people did this. I never read the hate directioners had given to anyone before because I thought it was ridiculous but now it’s hate to me, and its mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop reading tweet after tweet nothing but rude things. I had probably been up here ten minutes just reading lost in the words on my phone but Liam coming through the door brought me out of the trance. I look up at him and his smile instantly vanishes from his face and he rushes to my side. He sits down next to me and wipes the tears that are currently falling from my face.
“Nat? What happened? What’s wrong?” He asks worried. I just shake my head and lock my phone. “Natalie… Please tell me baby. Don’t do this to me.” I simply unlock my phone and hand it to him, first on the text message and watch his eyes scan that sadness and anger filling them. “Oh Nat… No”
“Just wait…” I tell him. I take back my phone and open up my mentions of twitter and he takes back my phone and reads through them for about 30 seconds before setting my phone off to the side and encasing me in a hug. I lay down on him head in his lap. He plays with my hair as the last of my tears stream down my face. “Why do they do this? It just doesn’t make sense… and it hurts. And I'm starting to think they're right... I don't deserve to be with you or any of the other boys.”
“Don't ever say that. They’re just jealous Nat… They don’t get it and how happy I am with you I think they would really love you if they knew you not just saw pictures and photo shopped pictures making you look bad. They just… They don’t get it. You mean to word to me and they don’t understand. They don’t even have the slightest clue. I would stand up for you in a heartbeat and I hope you know that but if I were to say anything management would kill me. How bout you sleepover here tonight I don’t want you driving home like this. Okay?” I nod my head, he picks me up bridle style and lays me down on his bed and covers me up. He goes around to the other side of the bed and lays downs under the covers with me. I snuggle up next to him and rest my head and hand on his warm and now bare chest. He begins playing with my hair because he knows that I love it when he does that. Then starts quietly singing They Don’t Know About Us as he plays with my hair and I slowly start to fall asleep. He can most likely tell because I occasionally stopped rubbing his chest with my thumb. I had stopped completely and was defiantly in a state of sleep but I could still hear him singing softly and falling asleep himself.

“I love you” he whispers to me after he finishes the song. We both fall asleep soon after, breathing synchronized and cuddled up together, this felt perfect, this felt like where I wanted to be every night for the rest of my life. Asleep next to the one I love more than anything.

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