As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


17. Christmas and New Years

I wake up and can smell a strong sent of cinnamon downstairs. I remember that Jays dad makes cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning... It's a tradition. I hop out of bed and run downstairs. Everyone is up except for Noah and everyone is just sitting around except for dad who was finishing up the cinnamon rolls. I hug everyone good morning and tell them Happy Christmas before sitting down with everyone else by the tree waiting for Noah to get up. After about half an hour passed Noah still wasn't awake.
"Can I just go wake him up please?" I ask through the Christmas morning conversation.
"Sure go for it hunny" mum says. I get up and walk up to Noah's room and open the door. I quietly walk to his bed on the other side of his room and turn on his radio, then turn it all the way up. Noah springs out of his bed and turns it down. He look at me and glares then groans and lays back down.
"Get out of bed you bum" he throws a pillow at me and it hits me, hard. I squeal and then giggle "geeze... Fine I'll make sure Jay eats your cinnamon roll" I tease walking towards the door. Noah springs up again,
"You wouldn't..."
"I donno... Do you want to find out?" I tease walking out of his room. I walk down the stairs and soon behind me is Noah.
"Where's my cinnamon roll?!" He asks panicked
"In the oven staying warm..." Dad says confused. Noah sighs, "and good morning to you too"
"Sorry," he apologizes "morning... Happy Christmas" he gets his cinnamon roll out of the oven and puts it on a small plate. He walks over to where everyone else is and sits down with us.
"Everyone ready to open presents?" Mum asks.
"Yup" Jay says, answering for us all since he's been up the longest. Mum grabs a present from under the tree for each of us and the madness begins.
After everyone has opened all of their presents we are sent upstairs to get ready for the day. We each get ready and I put on dark denim jeans with one of Liam's sweatshirts. I go back down stairs after drying my hair from my shower and mum calls me over.
"I don't know if you were talking about it seriously or just joking around but, a while back you had mentioned moving in with Liam; if you are going to I want you to know that I really want you to. He makes you so happy and if you have the chance to be with him almost all the time and come home to him everyday, you should go for it. And you are always... Always welcome here when ever you want. But if you want to live with Liam, go for it... I want you to... Just didn't want you to think that because we brought you in after... You know... That, that means you must stay here. Because it doesn't you can go where ever you want. Just be safe. Okay?"  She says close to me with a hand on my arm.
"Thank you" is all I could manage to get out. I throw my arms around her and hug her tightly. This is why I love her, this is why I call her mum. She just gets me. Jay and Noah come downstairs a bit after and we are all instructed to bring our gifts up to our rooms (if we could). The majority of the stuff I got was a massive load of clothes, shoes, accessories and "girly things". The big thing they had gotten me was a new Mac laptop. I bring it all up to my room, place my new laptop on my desk and put the massive pile of clothes, shoes and accessories between my closet and dresser. Along with putting the make-up and hair accessories in my bathroom. After everything is safely in my room I go back downstairs. We all pile into the car and head to a little cafe for a late lunch. After the lunch we so back home and lazied around the house with most everyone playing with their new things. As the time passed and supper approached we all got ready and dressed up for dinner out, as always. This rich lifestyle was a lot to adjust to but I think I was finally getting used to it, only to probably  leave soon and live with Liam. As if it would be much different, just with Liam at least I would only have one thing to get used to. The complete loss of privacy.
I put on a lace button up thick tank top with a collar and sea foam skinny jeans as well as my new sea foam and eggshell toms with inspiring quotes written on the eggshell part. I do my make up with a simple gold and black eye shadow and quite a bit of mascara and pale pink lip gloss. My nails were still done in a French manicure with a lace looking accent nail. I scrunch my hair into elegant beach waves and gallop downstairs. I'm last down the stairs but everyone is finishing last minute things down here. Dad is setting up the camera and mum is fixing Noah and Jay's clothes, specificity Noah. He's in a phase where he just doesn't want to look nice at all. After mum fixes up all of their outfits and dad finishes setting up the camera we take our Christmas pictures and then all pile in the car and are off to dinner. After dinner we are all stuffed an come back to the house. Everyone heads up to their rooms because its late and I pull mum aside.
"Mum... I need to tell you something"
"Anything hunny, go for it"
"Well you know how I told you when happened at Liam's yesterday?"
"Of course you were so happy how could I forget?"
"Well I left out one little detail..." I drag out looking away.
"What's that?" She asks puzzled.
"Um... Well.. Towards the end of dinner he kind of asked me to move in with him..."
"Oh my goodness Nat! Yay! What did you say?" She says excite for me, not the reaction I expected.
"I said I would have to think about it because I didn't want to leave you all after you brought me in." I tell her a bit more relaxed.
"Well Nat I told you already... If you want to move in go for it. I want you to."
"Are you sure?" I ask her
"Positive" she replies with the biggest smile on her face.
"Well I think I'll text him tonight letting him know I can and want to move in with him and I think it would be best to move in after we make out relationship public. Which will probably by beginning to mid January. Does that work?" I explain to her.
"That sound perfect"
"Now all I've got to do is tell Jay" I say taking a deep breath
"Im positive he'll understand. He's seen how happy Liam makes you and that's all that he wants. Is for you to be happy."  I nod as she finishes this statement and wrap my arms around her and kiss her on the cheek.
"Thank you mum"
"No problem baby. Now head upstairs as go to bed its late." As this I turn around and walk up the stairs and into my room. I text Liam quickly letting him know the good news and then change into pajamas. Before going to sleep I go into Jay's room and give him a huge hug.
"What's this for?" He asks me
"For being the best big brother ever" I kiss him on the cheek "night" I say and run out back to my room and climb into bed and fall asleep that night with a smile on my face.


Liam and I have decided that I will move in 4 days after our relationship goes public since that is the closet weekend. We're making it public in a week (January 7th) since that's when they're on Alan Carr. Today is New Year's Eve and Liam and I have plans to go to a party at Funky Buddha with the rest of the boys, Andy, Perrie, and Eleanor. They were picking me up in 45 minutes and we were planning for me to spend the night at Liam's since that party was most likely going till midnight or later. I was wearing a pale pink sleeveless peplum top with sweet heart bodice and lace yoke. With washed dark denim super skinny jeans. My shoes are a pair of 6 inch platform heels that match my shirt perfectly. I was currently finishing up curling my long carmel brown hair and starting on my make up. By the time I finished, my make up was a light pink and white smokey eye with a long wing of the black eyeliner. I grabbed my phone and headed down stairs. It was 8:45 and the boys should be here any minute now. As I write my note to mum and dad (even though I've told them about this party like 20 times) there's a knock at the door. I sign my name on the note and stick it to the fridge and run to open the door. I open it expecting to see Liam but instead Louis is standing there.
"Oh hey Lou," I say a tad surprised that he wasn't Liam.
"Are you ready?" He asks me "You look stunning by the way."
"Thanks" I reply smiling "and yeah... But where's Liam and the other boys?"
"Oh they just now parked the car in the drive way... I might or might not have jumped out of a moving car."
"What? I wanted to see you first" I laugh. And shake my head. Over the time Louis has become like a older brother to me. I think he's one of the boys I'm closet with. "Well should we be off?" He asks me formally extending a hand for me to take hold of.
"I think we should" I say taking his hand. He leads me to the car and opens the door for me. Sitting right inside is Liam and when I lock eyes with him a massive smile grows on both of our faces. I get in the car and sit next to him after which he automatically plant a kiss on my lips.
"You look gorgeous" he tells me moving a piece of hair behind my ear.
"Thanks" I say biting my lip.
"You love birds done and gonna move over maybe so I can get in?" Niall asks
"Sorry sorry sorry" Liam says scooting over.
"I thought you were driving?" I ask Niall.
"I was but only to your house Louis is driving to meet Perrie and Eleanor and then to Funky Buddha."
"Oh well that makes sense." We drive and pick up the rest of the girls Perrie jumps in the back next to Zayn and Harry moves to the back so Eleanor can sit next to Louis. We get to Funky Buddha and each file out of the car and into the party, past the paps. Once we get in it's crazy. We find Andy right away by the bar chatting with everyone. Liam and I each get a small drink head out to the dance floor. The hours flew by and it was about midnight. Liam and I were talk to everyone, being friendly when we weren't dancing but, when we were dancing that's a whole other story. When we were on the dance floor we were all over each other and as time passed the sexual tension rose dramatically. The count down to midnight started and everyone got quiet. Liam had his hands around my waist from behind and we were watching to count down with everyone else.
Everyone screamed and cheered and through all of the excitement Liam turned me around and kissed me passionately for my New Years midnight kiss. He pulls away and whispers in my ear.
"Let's go home" He grabs my hand and leads me toward the door. As we make our way there we run into Niall. A very drunk Niall at that.
"Where are you guys going?" He asks not sounding drunk but by his actions you could tell he was. He is a smart drunk, he's still in the right state of mind (most of the time) but he loosens up a lot.
"We're going home... We're um... Tired" Liam tells Niall.
"Okay fine... Well sweet dreams." Niall says walking off. We get out of the club and into a taxi. Liam tells the driver where to go and texts each of the boys, Andy, Perrie and El telling them that we left because he was positive Niall wouldn't remember. As we drive home the sexual tension rises exponentially and thankfully within 10 minutes we're home. Liam pays the driver and we quickly slide out of the car.


We walk in the front door both fully aware of what was going to happen when we got inside. He unlocks the door holding me close, hand on my bum. We walk in the door hand in hand, me leading him simply because he guided me in the door first. He closes the door behind himself, pulls me back to him and pushes me against the wall and passionately kisses my lips. He deepens the kiss and slips his tongue into my mouth. Pulling my shirt off over my head he lifts me up. Liam brings me upstairs, I now have my legs wrapped around his waist and he has one hand supporting my bum and the other hand around my bare back. While kissing he brings me into his room and lays me down on his bed he quickly took his shirt off before leaning back down over me and kissing me again. He kisses down my neck and chest occasionally leaving little love bites. He continues to travel the kisses down my stomach and as he gets to my hips my back arches and a soft moan escapes my mouth. Liam unbuttons my jeans and starts to pull them off but struggles because they are so tight. He stops trying to be sexy pulling them off, and gets very concentrated and determined to get them off. He goes down to my feet and pulls them from there able to get them off. I giggle slightly and he comes back up to my face.
"Strugglin?" I ask him
"Maybe just a bit" he says after which he winks. I pull his face to mine and press my lips to his. They start moving together and while he is massively concentrated on the kiss I can feel his boner on my thigh. I unbutton his jeans and slide them off with ease. He realizes what I'm doing and reaches his hand behind my back unhooking my bra with one hand in one swift movement. I slide my hand into his briefs and wrap my hand around his massive dick after which I slide his briefs off. I start rubbing his dick slowly and he sits up bringing me with him. I continue rubbing his dick and he travels little loves bites down my neck and across my chest. He starts rubbing me and after a little bit slides my thong off and slips a finger inside me followed by another. I lay back down and let out a quite moan. Liam was going to be my first but I wasn't going to tell him that. I didn't want him to think I was fragile. He slid another finger into me and I let out a moan. He takes his fingers out of me and  rubs my clit with the tip of his dick.
"Don't be a tease" I moan to him
"How bad do you want me?" He asks moving his dick to my wet entrance and lightly putting pressure on it but not entering
"So bad" I say out of breath. Liam smirks and slides his dick half way into me giving me time to adjust. Just moments after he slide his full length into me and I grip the blankets and moan loudly only wanting more. He pumps in and out of me harder and quickly gaining speed. Almost each and every time he hits my g spot causing me to moan his name. We were both out of breath. My back arched and eyes closed I moan out his name.
"Liam I'm gonna cum." I manage to get out.
"No wait" He tells me also out of breath. He pumps into me harder than he has all night "now!" He moans. We both cum at the same time his warm liquid filling me he pulls out of my shaking body and lays next to me kissing my neck and playing with my hair. After we both catch our breath and I stop shaking I lay my head on his chest but moments after he props himself up by his fore arms and elbows.
"I think a bubble bath is in order" he tell me.
"That sounds perfect." We both crawl out of the bed. I put my hair up in a bun and we walk to the bathroom. Liam turns on the water and the tub slowly fills with water. Liam adds bubbles and lights a few candles and just in time the bath is full. We both slide in to the bath sitting across from each other before I move to sit in front of him resting my head back on his shoulder. He occasionally kisses my neck and later sits me forward to rub my neck. This is perfect. Liam is the perfect boyfriend.

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