As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


27. Better

Natalie's POV
I wake up the next morning, a huge mess but in Liam's arms and that was all that mattered especially considering recent events. I lift my head up slowly not to wake up Liam and glance at the clock. It's 8:23. Ew. It's too early to be up, I lay my head back down and close my eyes in an effort to go back to sleep. I finally get just back to sleep and I get deep into my dreams. Next I hear a quiet guitar strumming. And then quiet singing starts. And a very familiar song at that. "It's time to get up. In the morning. Morning. We've get a homemade breakfast just for you. And not for anybody else. It took an hour to make it. So you better get up and eat it. Don't be selfish Nat and Liam." The boys sing. Crap! Now I knew where this song was going. "And you gotta get up!" The boys yell and jump up on the bed. Liam and I pull the covers over our heads and they pull all of the blankets off. "So you gotta get up. Ya gotta get up. It's time to get up. It's. Time. To. Get up. Everybody everybody get up. Get up." And the jumping and obnoxiousness stop and they are quiet suddenly "it's time to.... Get up"they end in perfect harmony. Liam and I both sigh and I open my eyes, Niall's bright blue eyes meet mine. "Good morning" he says sweetly. "Morning" I say sleepily (along with slightly annoyed) and stretching moments after. Liam opens his eyes "is this normal?" I look up and ask him. "Yup" he says simply and throwing a pillow at the boys who were at the end of the bed. "Okay fine, were going" Zayn says. Liam rolls his eyes and sits up as the boys leave. "Good morning angle" he say. I smile at him calling me angle "good morning boyfriend" I say. Smiling because I could actually say that still. "Well I guess we better get downstairs before they come back up here and this time with ice" my eyes widen at the word ice. "Ice?" I question timidly. Liam nods his head and we both get out of the bed. We make our way downstairs and the table is set for breakfast for two and the boys and standing around it smiling. "You're up!" Louis says. Liam and I laugh and sit down at the table. "Well were going to go the big house. We have something planned so meet us there after you're done but make sure to be there by 10:30 cuz we have to be-" "NIALL!" Zayn yells. "Sorry" he says  quietly. "But yeah... 10:30" he says timidly. I smile and the boys all make their way out. We finish our breakfast and each go up and get ready. Liam's fast, but me on the other hand, I took quite a while. I had to take a shower, dry my hair, style my hair, get dressed and all. And then to finish up put on my make up, which seemed to take the longest amount of time because Liam was being obnoxious and wasn't wanting me to put on any make up because he wanted me to become more confident. Despite his distractions I put my make up on and grabbed my bag. I checked my dark denim skinny jeans and blue and green plaid shirt in the mirror. "Nat hurry up!" Liam yells "I'm coming" I say running to him. I kiss Liam for the first time this morning and Missy barks jumping up on us I smile and our kiss breaks. I pick up Missy and smile "we should take her with us" I tell Liam. "Why not" he says. We both head out the door and to the car and then off to the big house. We get to the big house and walk in the open door. "So how are we supposed to leave at 10:30 if you are all still on your bums?" Liam asks. "You're here!" Harry yells "finally... Okay let's go" he says getting off of the couch and heading out. We get in the car Niall in the drivers seat and everyone else packed in back. "So where exactly are we going?" "Surprise" Niall says quickly. I look at Zayn "surprise" he says. I groan cuz I can almost always get something out of him. I sink in my seat and just go along for the ride. Watching Missy carefully so she doesn't get in any trouble. She had cuddled up next to the other boys and really seemed to like them, but that was because they were actually petting her and loving on her. We finally got to our destination and Niall parked the car. "Niall you're crazy" I say seeing that we were at a mall. A mall on the weekend. I very busy mall on the weekend. "It'll be fun" he says simply putting on a black zip up hoodie and handing two back to Liam and I. "Lou? Was this your idea?" Liam asks. "Nope it was all Niall this time. That's why we made him drive." "You guys are insane. Does Paul know?" Liam says intrigued and putting on the jacket. I put on the jacket too and everyone has one on. "Yeah he knows, but he thinks we brought Preston with us" "Niall!" I scold. "We're going to get killed." "It'll be fun" he says smiling and getting out of the car. We all get out and put our hoods up. I shake my head and grab Liam's hand, our fingers intertwine and we make out way into the mall. We open the door and start to walk through the mall. It was crazy busy and I grabbed Liam hand tighter. He rubs my hand with the thumb in an effort to calm me down. He looked unphased by the bunches of people and the possibility that we could get almost killed by fans. But with him remaining calm I managed to calm down.
We end up spending almost 4 hours at the mall which went by incredibly quick. We were recognized by about 40 people and they were obedient and didn't tell anyone where we were so we did not get bombarded. Thank goodness. And typical Liam he spoiled me, buying at least one thing from every place we went, and no matter how many times I said no he wouldn't listen to me and I hated him for it, but honestly how could I hate the most amazing boyfriend in the world and then the boys, the best, best friends in the world. I don't know how I lived without them. They are all so down to earth and amazing and the fame hasn't seemed to change them one bit. They were just like most other teenage boys. Perverted at times, funny, care free and just sweet as can be. What had been my dream for almost 3 years had finally came true and everything was perfect. Nothing could come between us, the Harry incident was probably the worst thing that could ever happen and that didn't break us apart. Niall was right we are inseparable. With out them I could be in the deepest darkest place ever the bullying wouldn't have stopped I would probably still be with my dad, but that one was one half dozen to the other. Who knows where I would be, I could be dead.
I was knocked out of my bitter sweet day dream of my past when Liam's hand slipped out of my grip. And his hand being replaced on my back. "Are you okay?" He asks me as we get in the car. "Yeah fine I was just thinking too hard about my past." I say taking off my hood and brushing down my hair. Liam kisses my forehead and whispers "don't worry about then and focus on now, you're safe now" I hug Liam tightly and hide my face in the crook of his neck. He lightly kisses my head once more and we pull apart because the rest of the boys started piling into the car. We each drive back to the big house and the boys get ready for an interview. I watch as they get ready and chill downstairs. "Is it a radio interview or a live interview?" I ask them "live" Harry answers. I nod my head slightly and continue flipping through channels. "You can come of you want to. Just chill back stage." Zayn says. "Well where is it?" I ask "Just downtown" Zayn says. "Okay sure!" I say "but is what I'm wearing okay?" I ask. "Yeah it's fine you and Lou will probably be dressed similarly." Harry says. Him and Lou, I'm starting to learn, are really close. Well him and the entire Atikn/Teasdeal family were really close. Oh and watching him and the rest of the boys with Lux. Cutest thing ever. I smile as the boys come downstairs one by one. "Ready?" Liam asks picking up my bag for me while the others went out to the car. "Yup" I say taking my bag from him and walking out to the car


"Okay okay boys, on a more serious note" the man starts and the laughter in the audience slowly comes to a stop. "Liam, you and Natalie" he addresses. A smile grows on each of their faces and they all look at him. "Yes." Liam says. "How long have you two been together?"  "Oh um... It will be 2 months on the 8th" "Oo mate that's tomorrow and then Valentines day. Any plans?" The man asks "Yeah I have something planned but it's a secret" he says cheekily. The man chuckles "okay well what we all are wanting to know is about these pictures." The man says. A picture of me leaving the club alone the night of the incident blasts on the huge screen behind them. Liam looks at the smaller screen in front of him. "Oh..." He says at first. The boys expressions change to a bit worried. "Here we have a few pictures of Natalie leaving a club alone that you guys both entered together. And is it just me or does she look a bit distraught?" The man says flipping through pictures. "And may I say she is looking very fit in these pictures" he says trying to lighten it up a bit. "Why yes she does. But, to answer your question, we got in a little fight but everything is okay now, and we are stronger than ever. I couldn't imagine my life with out her." Liam says smoothly. The crowd awe's and the man pulls it back. "So, Louis, Zayn enough about Liam's love life how about yours? And Harry, Niall you two are still single right?" "Right sir" Niall says.
The interview soon comes to a close an the boys preform a quick song Liam finding me in the crowd for my favourite part of the song and locking eye contact with me and singing right to me. Gosh was he perfect. We drive back to our respective houses after the interview and I took a shower and set out my outfit for school the next day. I crawl in bed with Liam and we falls asleep together.

"Liam!? Liam?! Where are you?" I yell. I look around and I'm in a hospital room. My heart rate speeds up and people flood in the room. Doctors, nurses, the boys. "She's awake!" Louis says "Where Liam?" I ask when I don't see him by my side or walking in with the boys. They all look at each other. "Oh Nat..." Niall says grabbing my hand his eyes red and puffy. Infact everyone's eyes were red and puffy. "Do you remember anything that happened? Do you know why you're here?" "No..." I say puzzled. "Nat... You and Liam got in a car accident" "No." I mumble and start shaking my head. "You two were rushed to the hospital in the medic car and you held hands the entire time but..." Niall says starting to get choked up. "No... Niall you're lying. This isn't funny" "Nat... Liam didn't make it. He died on the way here from blood loss from protecting you when the car came speeding straight toward the car at his door and he protected you so you wouldn't get hurt too bad." "Niall no. No. No. No." I start crying. "Please no. Tell me you're joking. I can't live without him. Niall no." I say bawling and cuddling into Niall's chest. "Shh" Niall says rubbing my back. I just cry and cry until the doctor prys me off of Niall and pushes the boys away from me. Harry was lightly stroking my hair, Louis was rubbing my hand and Zayn was behind Niall drawing circles on my back like Liam used to. They get all the boys off of me and start poking and proding me. Doing test after test but all I wanted was the boys. Really all I wanted was Liam. I screamed as cried for them and him saying that it can't be true. "Nat... Natalie! Nat are you okay?" I hear Liam's voice and this only makes me cry harder. Soon the surroundings of the hospital start to turn to a plain white room and slowly fade away and I make eye contact with a very worried Liam. I see him and real tears start falling down my face and I throw my arms around him. He hugs me tightly and shushes me. "Natalie what's wrong? What happened?" He asks me, drawing circles on my back in an effort to smooth me.  "It was a dream, but... But it felt so real." I say "you were tossing and turning. And breathing really heavy. What was going on?" He asks separating from our hug and wiping the tears from my face. "You... We... We got in a car accident and... And you... You died protecting me." I explain "oh Nat... It was all just a dream I promise." He says rubbing my thighs. He then grabs my hand and presses it to his heart. "Can you feel that?" He asks pausing and I nod. "See I'm still alive and my hearts beating just for you." He says. I smile slightly and hug him tightly. I know I've said this a million times but gosh he was perfect. He lays us both back down pulling me extremely close to him and making so my head rested on his heart. I placed one hand as well on his chest and I fell asleep to him quietly singing me a song that I hadn't quiet recognized. I fall back into a deep sleep and this time it was of all of the things Liam and I have done and will do. Thousands of things went by and then I saw a large white dress but before I could figure out if it was Perrie, Eleanor or me my alarm for school went off. I groan and turn off my alarm. Missy is laying in Liam's spot asleep so I quietly get out of bed and start getting ready for school. I put on the red jeans, rolled up at the bottom and navy blue off the shoulder shirt with the word love written in white cursive with a metallic red heart. I make my way downstairs and Liam is sitting on the couch watching tv. "Good morning beautiful" he says his eyes lighting up when he sees me. "Morning" I say smiling. "There's some grapes in the kitchen for you and toast here if you want" he tells me "agh you're perfect!" I say running to the kitchen to get grapes. Liam laughs as I run away to the kitchen. I grab a huge bunch of grapes "thank you baby" I tell him. "No problem, do you want a ride to school?" He asks. "Umm..." I say checking my phone "oh... No Jay is gonna be here any minute to pick me up." I say. "Okay well have fun at school..." He says bugging me "oh thanks" I say sarcastically. He smiles and I go to sit down with him and wait for Jay. I sit down next to him and snuggle close laying my head on his upper arm and tracing his tattoos.  Soon we hear a car horn honk out side. "Jay's here" we say at the same time. I giggle and kiss Liam quickly. "I'll see you after school" I tell his and grab my backpack and head out the door. I jog to Jay's car and get in. "Hey you... Busy weekend?" He says as I buckle my seat belt. "Oh yeah, you don't even know..." I say. "Will I get to know?" He asks. "Probably, duh... You're my best friend." I tell him. So on the drive home I make the very long story short and tell him all that happened this weekend.
When we got to school, like always we want to our classes and I didn't dread going to school anymore. Took it long enough. After school I met in the courtyard with Jay and Noah and we went home. And of course Noah had to get up on all of the "Liam and Natalie news". So I told him the highlights, leaving out our huge fight since he hadn't asked and didn't see anything to know. Jay dropped me off at home I got a snack, cuddled with Liam, did my homework (or at least tried with a very cheeky Liam distracting me every 10 minutes) then cuddled with Liam some more, and Liam brought me out to a nice dinner for our 2 month anniversary, which I forced him to let me buy or else I wouldn't let him cuddle with me, which I wouldn't have been able to keep the grudge but it got him to let me pay. We had a quick drive home and pretty much went straight to bed, with plenty of cuddling. It's very uneventful during the week. And this almost exact thing happened each day for the rest of the week with different variations including the one night that Niall kidnapped me and took me out to dinner and we had a sleepover. All of the boys were like my brothers and sleeping over at any of there houses was like sleeping over at Jay's. With a bit of an acceptation with Harry, but that was reasonable and it was mostly a mutual agreement. That we should take time for the rumors and anything that could be started from the pictures of us going out together the night I left Liam. Though one of them might be true, I didn't want that getting out and getting the deadly fans stared. Everything had just settled down. Friday finally rolled around and I was back at Liam's house. Life was pretty dang perfect. Sunday was valentines day and he said he had something planned but wouldn't tell me. And today, Saturday the boys had a big photo shoot to do and I chose to stay home and spend some quality time with Missy, I ended up going on a run with her and then we lazied around the house. I opened my computer as the day started to get late I surfed over my Facebook and out of curiosity opened up twitter to see what the crazy mofos were up to. (I might or might not be spending too much time with Niall) I made a new account not associated with me so I could still see what they were up to but not have the temptation of my mentions that could very likely be filled with hate. I made my new account and just searched "one direction". Thousands of things popped up  and after skimming over everything and seeing what they were all up to I just looked through the recent things that had pictures attached. It was just pictures of the boys signing a few things as making their way into the office for the interview. I see a picture next of the boys arriving at the mall. "Liam, Louis and Zayn shopping just a few minutes ago (13.2)" I open the picture and look confused. "But they just had an interview..." I thought. I just brushed off my suspicions and continued creeping on my best friends. Gosh this was so bad. I close the laptop and get up making something small for me to eat considering it was getting late. I ended up making  cup of noodles after probably a good 10 to 15 minutes debating different things. The microwave soon beeps and I walk to the kitchen and take it out of the microwave and start to bring it to the couch to eat my cup of noodles and read a book berceuse I never seem to have enough time to read. "Hey little miss... What about me?" I hear a deep voice ask as and arm snakes around my side and lips lightly touch my head. Liam. "Oh my goodness you scared me." I say smiling. "I didn't even hear you come in" I add on hugging him tightly. I set my cup of noodles down and take one out to make him one. "No no no Nat" he says taking it from me "I was only joking love. We got something on the way home." He say putting it away. "Oh..." I say feeling a bit stupid. He laughs and gives me mine. "I'm gonna go take a shower babe" he says. "Okay go for it. I'm just gonna eat my noodles" I tell him going to sit on the couch and read. "But... I still want to talk to you" he wines. I just look at him. "Pleaseeeee" he begs throwing me the puppy dog eyes. As soon as I looked at those puppy eyes for more than three seconds I have in. "Fine" I say taking my dinner and following him upstairs. I sit down in our bed when we get up and he goes to the bathroom. "Aren't you gonna take a shower too?" Liam asks me. "Psh no" I say "but Nat...." He wines. "I took a shower earlier today after I took Missy for a run" I tell him. "But..." He says "go get in the shower mister" I say to him taking a bite of my chicken noodle. While he's in the shower I find my self caught in a daydream of when I was just a Directioner and everything I eagerly wished for. And besides getting the old boys back we always wanted a twitcam so that gave me an idea. I ran downstairs quietly and got my laptop and ran back up. I laid back down on the bed completely ignoring my dinner at this point. I was on a mission. I logged out of my fake egg twitter and into my twitter. And quickly onto twitcam trying to get this all started and the viewers up before Liam got out of the shower. I logged on and started one up and sent out a tweet "Come join me just saying hello:)xx" I sent attaching the link. I go back to the twitcam page and watch as the viewers rise. "Hey everyone you are all amazing and I know how badly you all want twitcams because I was a Directioner once, and still am, but anyway... So I started this one just for you. Liam is in the shower" I say turning the laptop around and facing it to the bathroom door which was wide open and you could hear Liam singing in the shower, I giggled and turned the computer back around. "So he doesn't know I've done this and when he gets out hopefully I'll be able to talk him into talking to you all for a tad. He's had a long day so I don't think he could talk for long but I know I can get him to talk for some time." I tell everyone on and the people who join. I start answering questions I see in the chat bar and Liam yells "Um... Nat who are you taking to?" My expression changes immediately from big smiles to deer in the head lights. "Oh no one... I say just the radio... Commercials... Ya know" I lie. And very badly at that. "Oh... Okay" he says seeming to buy it. I exhale heavily in relief and smile "well that was close. I am so bad at lying." I say giggling. Then I  start to answer questions again and talk to everyone only quite a bit quieter this time. Soon my phone buzzes and I glance over at it.
It reads "oh hey look who texted me" I say showing them my notification. I unlock my phone and read the message out loud to them all. "Shouldn't you be sleeping not twitcamning?" I laugh slightly and read my response as I type it.
To: Niall:)
I could be asking you the same thing.
I hit send and keep talking till my phone vibrates again and the shower turns off.
From: Niall:)
I read it out loud and giggle. "What's so funny Nat?" He asks. "Oh just Niall, you know." I tell him. He comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped loosely around his hips. I minimize the twitcam quickly so he can't see what I'm on right away. He comes by and kisses me on the top of my head, probably making the fans crazy, especially considering the fact that he was shirtless. He comes around the bed and cuddles up next to me. "Whatch ya up to?" He asks "oh ya know..." I just say. " what happened to your cup of noodles?" He ask "oh it's on the night stand I wasn't really hungry and more" I tell him. He starts to get up and reach over me to get it. "Nu no no!" I say quickly pushing him back down in fear that the towel would fall off of his hips, which if it was just us would be fine, but it wasn't just us really. "I'll get it" I say sitting up, getting it off of the night stand and handing it to me. "Thank you babe" he says. Liam kisses me cheek then my neck and I push him away with the concern of the twitcam in mind. He goes back to kiss my neck again and I push him away once more, he looks at me beyond puzzled. "Just not infront of so many people..." I say to him trying to to smile too wide. "What do you mean so many people?" He asks. I just scroll to the bottom of my screen and open the twitcam and watch Liam's reaction on the screen. His jaw drops slightly and he turns bright red. I break out laughing. "NATALIE!" He yells rolling off the bed. "What?" I say smiling and reading the comments. "They say no! No Liam don't leave! Oh Liam don't be embarrassed! You guys are perfect together and so natural. Don't go!" I read numerous messages to him as he slips on pants and a shirt. He comes back and happily cuddles with me and interacts with the twitcam. "Well hey there everybody" he says officially this time. I glance over the chat and it's mostly people complaining about Liam putting a shirt on and I can't help but laugh. Liam takes over the computer and opens my iTunes and starts playing some music. It was just like déjà vu, just like old times. I smile and watch him talk to the fans and the time rolls by and before I know it it's been 2 hours. "Liamm..." I nudge him. "Yeah babe?" He asks me looking at my face in the picture on the screen. "It's midnight" I say pointing to the clock on the screen. "Oh shoot!" He exclaims "oh gosh... I'm sorry lovelies but... I have to go... I'm sorry it's so abrupt but I have... Big things to do tomorrow.... Well now today" he says looking at the clock. "I love you all so much and it's crazy that you would come on and watch me and Nat ramble on for 2 hours. Thank you so much for your support I love you all so much. With out all of you the boys and I would be no where. Thank you again and goodnight." Liam says blowing a kiss at the camera covering it and kissing me then logging out of the twitcam. Then immediately composes a tweet. "I didn't realize how much i missed thoseeee love you all:) x" And on that note Liam and I cuddle down in the covers. "Thank you Nat" he whispers kissing me on the forehead. "You're perfect" he whispers. "Not even close" I say. "Well you are to me." He says cheekily. "Goodnight sunshine" he say hushing me. "Goodnight" I say back.

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