As Long As You're Here

Natalie was just a normal teenage girl trying to finish her Senior year without any drama, distractions or anything or the sort. She had finally found her true friend and who she was and what she was gong to do for the rest of her life she didn't want anything changing that. So far things are going good, but she's only about half way through the year, if that. But who knew winter break could change everything.


26. Back

A/N Hey everyone, sorry this chapter took so long to get out but its super long so hopfully that made up for it taking forever to get out. I dint have time to go through and edit it because I really wanted to get it up for you guys. I will edit it with in the next few days so be prepared for MANY typos. I love you all and dont forget to comment, like, favourite, etc.



Liam's POV
I wake up head pounding. I slowly turn over looking to see Natalie's beautiful face but it's not there. I get out of bed and go downstairs, she isn't there either. Andy is asleep on our couch with Missy as his feet.   I walk over to him, Missy jumps off the couch and onto my and Andy wakes him up. "What the hell mate?" He snaps. "What happened last night? Where's Natalie?" "We went out and now my head hurts and I don't know but after that girl was dancing up on you she left." "Fuck I'm screwed. Nat is never going to forgive me" "oh don't say the mate you just have to call her. I tried calling her last night but she didn't answer I called all the boys and only Louis and Zayn answered and they said they don't know where she is." "Okay well I will try again today. Thanks mate, Advil is in the bathroom by the way" I tell him picking up my phone and going to Nat and my room. I call her once and she doesn't answer I wait a while and then call her again. This time she answers. "Hi Liam" she says her voice not perky as usual. "Hey Nat can you please come home I miss you and I really want to talk to you" I practically beg her but remain calm. She doesn't say a thing. "Nat?" I question. "Oh... Um.... Yeah... Yeah I'll be home in a bit." She says sounding nervous. I was surprised that she gave in that quickly. "Oh... Okay I'll see you soon" I say surprised. "Okay bye" she says hanging up the phone. I set the phone down and put some pants along with a shirt on and wait for Natalie to get home. I wait for what seems like hours but was only a matter of a few minutes.  I her a car door open and close and a car soon after pull out of the driveway. Natalie slowly opens the door and I am standing just inside the door way. "Hey Liam" she says shyly. "Nat where were you?" I ask worried "I went to Harry's" she says quietly. Natalie and I walk farther into the house and I glance at Andy hoping he was gone but he was out again. "Can we go upstairs" I ask her. She nods her head and I walk with her into our room. I close the door behind us and we sit down on the bed. "I- I am so sorry" I start "I didn't know what was happening and you didn't see that I pushed her off just after it happened. I'm really sorry and if I could go back and change it or stay off of the dance floor I would have. I would have done anything to-" I start rambling and Nat cuts me off. "No Liam stop" she spats "Nat?" I question confused. "Liam no, don't be sorry. You're not the one who should be sorry.... I'm the one who should be sorry." She says timidly. "What do you mean Nat? You didn't do anything." "But.... Liam... I- I did. After I left I went to Harry's and vented then he took me out drinking and we both got massively drunk and we ended up... Um... We... We h- we hooked up" I was shocked. "What?" "I didn't mean to Liam! I didn't even know what happened! Nither of us did! We both thought we went to sleep but we ended up sleeping together and... We didn't know what we did... I am so sorry" she says touching my hands. I snap my hands away for hers and get off the bed. "And here I was being the sorry one. Feeling absolutely horrible and- and you HAD SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND" "Liam..." "No Natalie..." I say walking out of the room and out of the front door slamming it behind me. I get right into my car and drive. I don't know where but I just drive. I drove for an hour and a half. I don't know what it was but I just went where my heart and mind told me to go. I ended up at a park, but it wasn't just any park. It was the park where I asked Natalie to be my girlfriend. I sat there, at the park for almost two hours furious until I just broke down. I had probably lost the best thing that had ever happened to me. And really it wasn't even her fault, she wasn't in control of her brain. She didn't even know it happened. I over reacted. I over reacted because I was jealous. I'm always scared of loosing her and to lose her to one of my best friends has always been a huge fear. I wanted to go back, I wanted to apologize for how I reacted but, I was still mad, furious. Natalie wouldn't want to talk to me. But I was not as much mad at Natalie as I was at Harry.

Natalie's POV
"I am so sorry" I say almost in year and going to touch his hands. He snaps his hands away for mine and gets off the bed. "And here I was being the sorry one. Feeling absolutely horrible and- and you HAD SEX WITH MY BEST FRIEND" He spats back voice getting louder as her went on. "Liam..." I try "No Natalie..." He says walking out of our room.  As the door closes I sit on the bed dumbfounded. I hear the front door slam shut and at that sounds the tears start flowing and they don't stop. I lock the door in an effort to check my self out of the world. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I didn't want anyone to see me like this. I burry my face in my pillow and just cry. Soon I hear a knock on the door "Nat? Are you okay? What happened?" I don't say anything. "Natalie?" He asks trying to open the door. I still don't say a thing and it sounds as if he walked back down stairs. I curl up in a ball of blankets on the bed and just cry. Cry until there are no tears left. Before I knew it, it had been 3 1/2 hours and there was another knock on my door. Niall's voice came through the door. "Natalie? Please answer the door" he says worried. I don't reply. I don't even what him seeing me and he is the boy I am closest with out of all the boys. "It's my fault let me fix it" I hear Harry's raspy voice slightly farther away from the door. As I hear his voice I break into tears again. I had only stopped crying a few minutes ago. "Natalie?" he says quietly through the door. "Natalie open  the door" he says. I then hear him shaking the handle lightly and the door opens slowly. I turn my back to him and face the wall. Surrounded with damp blankets and tissues. "Natalie... I am so sorry... I just wanted to help you feel better but obviously I mad things worse." he pauses expecting my to say something. "I should have just put you to sleep and not taken you out drinking and none of this would have happened." he pauses once more and I curl my knees closer to my stomach. Harry sighs and leaves the room closing the door behind himself. After the door latches closed, the tears immediately come back. I didn't want to leave, I never wanted to do anything ever again because I couldn't have Liam and if I couldn't have Liam there was nothing to live for.

Harry's POV
"She wouldn't talk to me but she's a wreak." I tell the boys plus Josh Jon Dan Sandy and Andy. "Well does anyone know where Liam is" he's been gone almost 4 hours and we can't just let them fight they have to be together. It's the way the world is supposed to be. We all try calling Liam and he answers none of us. After almost an hour of trying to contact him and Natalie not coming from upstairs we decide to go out looking. After brainstorming for about 30 minutes we decide, due to previous events, he is probably at the restaurant where Nat and him ha their first date or at the park where he asked her to be his girlfriend. We would check the restaurant first then the park.
I got in the car, on my own after plenty of pleading to the boys that I had to take care of it my myself. I make my way to the restaurant, which took 45 minutes and walked in, "has Liam by chance been here?" I ask the familiar man at the front desk. "No sorry mr. Styles" "it's okay, thank you, have a good day" "thank you sir" he says as I quickly make my way out of the restaurant and back to my car. I get in and look around getting ahold of where I was. I was completely distraut, everything that had happened last night and the out come was finally hitting me. And it was all my fault.
I get myself together and push my emotions out if the way because I was on a mission. A mission to find Liam and get him back with Natalie. I wouldn't be able to live with my self knowing that I ripped apart one of the cutest couples ever. And potentially rip apart One Direction momentarily because there was no doubt in the world that Liam was beyond pissed at me. I drive through the main parking lot looking for Liam's car and can't find it. I go around to the back parking lot and look there. Sure enough Liam was parked at the very end. I parked my car a tad away from his and texted the boys before I went to go see Liam

To: Louis, Nialler, Zayn, Josh, Sandy, Dan, Jon and Andy
I found Liam. Has Nat came out of their room yet? And can you hear if she is still crying?

I take my key out of the ignition and almost instantly get a reply.

From: Nialler
Nat is still in the room and I can hear faint sniffles. It's been 5 hours mate. Hurry up!

I get out of the car and shove my phone in my pocket. I make my way swiftly to Liam's car. He is sitting in the drivers seat with his head resting against the wheel and his phone in his lap. I go around to the passenger side and knock on the window. His head snaps up, startled. His expression changes from surprised to judging and he leans over cracking the door slightly. "What do you want?" He asks. "I want to talk. I want to explain." I say pleadingly. He pushes the door open seeming to invite me in.  He looks out the windshield not making eye contact with me at all. "Listen Liam I'm sorry" I start "I know it was wrong on so many levels and I had no idea what I was doing. Nat and I were drunk I didn't even remember it. The only reason we knew it happened was because we both woke up starkers. Last I remembered she thanked me and kissed me on the cheek. I had no clue. Trust me, if I could go back and change it I would. I wouldn't have taken Nat out that night I would have just had her and I stay home and maybe watch a movie and get our mind off of things. I would do anything to undo what happened last night. Trust me. Now, I know you are pissed at me but I came to find you not only to apologize but also to tell you that ever since you left Nat has locked her self in your room and wouldn't answer the door and when we finally got it open she was a complete mess. She was in a bundle of blankets and tissues. She is in pretty bad shape and it seems as if she has been crying for almost 5 hours straight." There was a moment of silence. "I didn't know it meant that much to her" Liam finally say. "Of course it does mate. You mean the world to her" he didn't say a thing. "Well I'm going to go back to the house, I've apologized and told you about Nat. The other boys are all there and I can tell them I've done all I can." I say as I start to get out of the car. "Wait Harry... Did she talk to any of you?" "No." I reply simply. "She has pretty much mentally and emotionally shut down." I say getting out of the car and going back to mine and then back to the house.

Liam's POV
"Wait Harry... Did she talk to any of you?" I say stopping Harry from leaving the car. "No." He says simply. "She has pretty much mentally and emotionally shut down." He says sadly getting out of the car.  It really meant that much to her? She's been crying for 5 hours. I didn't go back because I thought she wouldn't want to talk to me because of how I reacted. Also because I was mad at Harry. Harry had just apologized and explained every thing that happened. I couldn't stay mad at him, he was my best friend. I just couldn't. I took a deep breath and started the car and started driving back to the house. Once I get there I park the car, get out and lock it. It makes the little beeping sound and Niall Louis Zayn Jon Dan Josh Sandy and Andy all come running out of the house. "Liam!" Niall yells "where's Nat?" I ask instantly "in you and hers room" Niall says. They make a walk way and I go into the house. Harry is sitting at the bottom of the stair and wryly smiles at me. I smile the same way back as a way to tell him I wasn't very mad anymore. I was focused on Nat and talking to her and getting my baby back.
I walk past Harry and up the stairs. I open the door slowly and Nat doesn't budge. She is surrounded with tissues and scrunched up blankets. The pillow to her left is covered with make-up. I walks cautiously to the bed and sit down on the edge slowly. "Nat? Are you... Crying?"  She doesn't answer but she shifts her body so I know she is awake. I sit there awkwardly for a moment as try to think of the best thing to do. I cuddle up next to her and bring our faces close together by placing a finger under her chin and lifting it up. Her red, puffy eyes flutter open. I put my forehead to hers and whisper "everything is just fine" I place my hand on her cheek and caress it softly with my thumb. "Don't worry" I whisper. I sit her up slowly and place my hands in her lap resting lightly on hers. She looks off to the side and I softly rub her hands. "I love you. And always will no matter what" I say softly. She turns her head slowly and looks at me. "No matter what?" She questions. "No matter what." I reassure her smiling. A small smile starts to play on her lips. I look down to them and lean forward just slightly and passionately press my lips to hers. Her arms wrap around my neck and we kiss passionately, our lips moving together. We then break the kiss. "After I stormed out I felt horrible and after Harry came and found me and told me how beat up you were I felt horrible. I didn't know it hurt you that bad." I tell her wiping away a tear that had escaped from her deep brown eyes. "Well I thought I had officially lost the best thing that had ever happened to me." She says looking down. "You couldn't loose me and I couldn't leave you... Even if I tried." She looks directly in my eyes "I never knew that 6 hours could feel so long" she says. I smile and she smiles back. I intertwine our left hand and I kiss her cheek "do you want to go tell them all you're okay. They are all worried sick." I tell her rubbing her thigh. "Who all is here?" She asks starting to get up off the bed. "Everyone pretty much, except Paul" "oh... Liam?" She says as I reach for the door handle. "Yeah?" I ask stopping "can we actually just stay here and cuddle for a while? They will get the clue that everything is okay" "yeah of course" I say with a huge smile that I only seem to be able to find with her. We walk back to the bed and crawl under the covers and cuddle up next to each other. Thank goodness this all worked out. With out Nat I would be nothing.

Natalie's POV
 I looked up and directly into his eyes. His brown eyes that seemed to have a tint of green in them today. "I never knew that 6 hours could feel so long" I say, as it was the only thing I could manage to get out of mouth. He smiles and I smile back the first genuine smile in what seemed like forever. Liam intertwines our left hand and kisses my cheek moving slightly "do you want to go tell them all you're okay. They are all worried sick." He asks me rubbing my thigh. "Who all is here?" I ask starting to get up off the bed, thinking it was going to be only Harry, Niall and maybe the rest of the boys. "Everyone pretty much, except Paul" he says. These words ring in my brain. I didn't want to face everyone like this. Niall, Harry and the rest of the boys I guess that would be okay but all the boys, all the band and probably Andy. I couldn't do that. I stop walking towards the door. "Oh... Liam?" I say stopping him from opening the door"Yeah?" He asks "can we actually just stay here and cuddle for a while? They will get the clue that everything is okay"I ask slightly giving him puppy dog eyes.  "yeah of course" he says with a huge smile I could tell he would much rather be doing that than going and trying to talk to everyone. We walk back to the bed and crawl under the covers and cuddle up next to each other. I nestle my head just below his chin and trace his tattoos while he lightly rubs my back. This was exactly where I wanted to be, and it's where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.

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