Finding Myself

Maggie Walsh has been going to the same high school since her freshman year, but no one seems to know who she is. So she must go to great lengths to discover who she is and get a name for herself before graduation, but the clock is ticking. Will she find herself before its too late?


1. Who am I?

It's time, come on Maggie you've got this. My hands shake and sweat as I pull open the huge oak doors to Middleton High, today is the day. I walked through the crowded halls and there he was, James Mathews. James is a tall, brown haired, hazel eyed boy and of course he is a popular all the best guys are. His eyes land on me causing my face to turn as red as my hair, a smile slips onto my freckled face. To my surprise he walks towards me, yes, yes, just a little closer... Just then he walks past me and hugs a blonde girl.

I didn't see exactly who she was until he released her, my stomach churns and I immediately know who it is.... Barbra. Also known as Barbie from Hell, her big blue eyes make me sick. "Oh hi! Manny! It's been a while!!" She says in an mischievously perky tone. "It's Maggie actually" I reply cooly, "see you around babe." James kisses her cheek. "So manny...what clique are you in?" She asks. Well uh let's see I'm not a nerd, scene? Nah. For sure not popular or athlete.... My thoughts are interrupted by Barbra abruptly. " manny I'm waiting." I stare at her blankly, "we'll then I guess you're a nobody" she smirked and did her retarded hair flip before strutting away.

Maybe she's right, I am a nobody..... Almost everyone here knows exactly who they are going to be, James wants to be a basketball player, Barbra is going to be an actress. Heck even the goth kid at the back of the class knows exactly what his role in life is.
But who am I?

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