Use To Be Bestfriends.

Harry & Kathy use to be bestfriends intill harry became famous and kathy went to collage. they never had time for eachother so they stop talking. kathy decides she wants to visit her hometown and stay there for a while and harry has tour in his hometown for a week. what happens when harry bumps into kathy will they both fall inlove ?


2. Ready To Go.

Kathy's POV

Its time to get out of bed even if i dont want to get up. i checked my phone i had one message from my bestfriend katie i met her here in collage shes one wild girl. i unlocked my phone read the message

katie: lets get starbucks ?
me: ahh im going to chesire i have to get ready ahh pack your stuff your coming with me ?
katie: okay ill pack my stuff girly.
me: meet me here in my dorm @ 11
katie: ok

i checked the time and it was 10:10 well yeah i still have time to shower i got a towl took a shower let me hair dry into my natural curls. i dont want to wear makeup ill just put some lipgloss  on. i looked in my closet i didnt know what to wear. i just grabbed a pair of torn skinny jeans and a blue drop shoulder sweater with my tan boots i checked the time and it was 10:50 well i have 10 minutes to watch some tv as soon as i sat down there was a knock at my door. come in.... katie your 10 mintues early she laughed well i was trying to huryy up i want to leave already. well then lets go we both grabbed are suitecases.

kathy what time does the plane get here.? it gets here at 11:30 well hunny we have time to get some starbucks she said smiling. fine katie lets go get starbucks. yay lets go.
as soon as we got there were order what we always get vanilla bean frap with carmel.
now lets head to the airport. Wait ! kaite yelled. What ? can i drive she said laughing. of course but you didnt have to scream like your a crazy girl in a mental house. she started laughing i know but i wanted to scare you with my screaming. well it work we both started laughing. now lets go before we miss are plane.

We were finally at the airport. we got are suitecases i had to wait for katie to buy her ticket i had mine already lucky me i bought mine lastnight online. anywho we both finally had are tickets gave them to the lady and got on the plane.

Harry's POV

WAKE UP !!!!!
louis Screamed'
Ok ok im up louis now get out of my room !Well im just making sure you would get up boobear he gets off harrys bed and leave. 
man that boy can scream i have 30 minutes to get ready maybe i should eat first no no ill take a shower first why can i eat and shower at the same time . ill just shower. i let the hot water run to my body washed my hair. then turn off the water got out dried up then put some sweats and a white t shirt.
i went down stairs to see the boys eating. well gooodmorning harreh zayn said smiling. Goodmorning boys. Here i made you breakfast i feel bad for screaming trying to wake you up. ahh louis thanks. No problemo. we ate are breakfast got are suitecases. my phone started ringing. hello oh hey paul yes we are all ready to go okay bye. hey guys paul is outside waiting. we went outside got in are van.

We are here ! once again louis shouted.
i think i went deaf liam said covering his ears. oh come on guys im excited
we can see that niall said laughing. ok guys lets get moving before the fans see yall paul said get all are suitcases. well went inside the airport giving the lady are tickets. we all took are sits and waited for the plane to leave.

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