Use To Be Bestfriends.

Harry & Kathy use to be bestfriends intill harry became famous and kathy went to collage. they never had time for eachother so they stop talking. kathy decides she wants to visit her hometown and stay there for a while and harry has tour in his hometown for a week. what happens when harry bumps into kathy will they both fall inlove ?


1. Hometown.

Kathy's POV

i need a break from collage im tired of doing homework.
thats it im going on vacation i just need my bed and my grandmas cooking and her hugs.
im calling her right now. Ringgg Ringg she picks up after the 6th ring
Hello? hi grandma i miss you so much. guess what?
im going to stay over there with you for my vacation i decide i needed a break from school
i miss my home town and you especially your cooking i miss that alot.
yes ill be there by tomorrow afternoon okay bye love ya. i caint wait to be there
i should start packing i dont even know what to take. well it is winter ill just take all my winter clothes and my cute snow boot. i went to my closet to get my boots as soon i grabbed them from the top of my closet something fell. when i grabbed it. it was a picture of me and harry when we were in the 9th grade.
aww i miss those days he was my first kiss i would never forget that day. He probably doesnt even rememeber me. oh well i need to sleep. i just want this day to be over.

Harry's POV

Yes we are going on touring in my home town i finally get to see my mum i miss her and my sister.
I wonder where the boys are at. i text louis to see where he and the boys where at.

To Louis: where are yall at ?
To Harry: in the kitchen trying to eat but niall is eating everything.

i walk to the kitchen to see the boys trying to take food away from niall
Come on niall share your food as i try to take a cookie away from him
No never i dont ever share my food unless your my girlfriend which is i dont have one.
Niall walks way with all his food.
ok lads i was wondering if we are going to my home town for are tour maybe we can stay at my place.
harry would your mom mind "louis said with a smile" yes im pretty sure she wouldnt mind.
ill text her and make sure

To harrys mom: mum can me and the lads stay at home for are tour?
To harry: yes of course i miss my baby
To harrys mom: i miss you to we will be there tomorrow afternoon bye i love you xx

She said we can stay lets pack are clothes and gets some rest we have a big day tomorrow.

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