Use To Be Bestfriends.

Harry & Kathy use to be bestfriends intill harry became famous and kathy went to collage. they never had time for eachother so they stop talking. kathy decides she wants to visit her hometown and stay there for a while and harry has tour in his hometown for a week. what happens when harry bumps into kathy will they both fall inlove ?


3. Home Sweet Home

Kathy's POV

Finally the plane is landing i was so excited to be home .
when i turned to face katie she was dead asleep. i screamed KATIE ! she jumped from her seat what was that for kath. well your were dead asleep and we are here my dear lovely friend. she looked out the window wow that was fast she said. we got are stuff and went outside the plane. we went to the front desk to ask if my car was ship in already. luckily it was here i gave her info she gave me my keys and headed to my house. im just so happy to see my gran i miss her so much . i can see katie said while puting her lipgloss. we are almost here.

Ahhh finally we are here. i got out of the car running to my door. wait what about are suitcases katie said. we will get those later come on lets go inside. ok kathy ok.
we went inside i went to the kitchen i knew my grandma was in there. grandma i yelled.
kathy hunny baby i missed you. i missed you more. oh gran this is my bestfriend katie.
hello nice to meet you sweety. nice to meet you too..... ? oh my name is grace but just call me gran
ok then gran katie smiled. well let me show you around the house. after i showed her around and her room we went to get are suitecases. we both were outside. then i saw a van park infront of the house in to me which was were harry lived. then i saw five boys get off i couldnt believe who it was. it was harry i couldnt stop looking at him then he turned and looked at me he waved  but i just got my things and went inside yelling at katie ti hurry up 

Harry's POV

I felt the plane land we are finally here i miss this town. we got out of the plane we got all of are stuff. waiting for paul to tell us were to go. ok boys the van is outside yall go inside and wait for me ill tell the security to get all yalls suitecases. we listen to paul we went outside but there was fans. well pictures and sighning girl books wouldnt hurt to do. after 5 mintues paul got there told us we had to go. we said are good byes and got in the van. i told the driver were to go to get to my house.

we finally got to my house. we got off the van and stretched it was a 20 minute drive
i was getting my suitecases. i felt someone starring at me i look around then a spotted this beautiful looking at me. she look so familiar. i waved at her but she got her things yelling at her friend or sister or i dont know she just yelled at someone telling them to hurry and went inside her house.
wow i never scared a fan before. we got are stuff and went inside. i saw my mom i hugged her. and the boys did as well they already knew eachother. i showed the boys were they were sleeping. then my mom called me i went down stairs yes mom. grace called me she said if i wanted to have dinner at her place. do yall want to join me? i looked at her confused whos grace? hunny are neighbor. then it all hit me the girl i saw was kathy the girl i was in love with. yes mom me and the boys will join you. i went up stairs to tell the boys they agreed to go especially niall.


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