Use To Be Bestfriends.

Harry & Kathy use to be bestfriends intill harry became famous and kathy went to collage. they never had time for eachother so they stop talking. kathy decides she wants to visit her hometown and stay there for a while and harry has tour in his hometown for a week. what happens when harry bumps into kathy will they both fall inlove ?


4. Hello Again

Kathy's POV

i walked in the kitchen to see my gran making more food. gran isnt that enough food we wont eat everything it will probably take years to eat this.
Oh hunny dont be silly i invited some people to come over. she smiled.
whos did you invite gran. its a suprise now go upstairs and get ready. ok i did what i was told

katie we have to get ready. why? we just got here and you want to go out already nice lets go.
no gran is inviting people to have dinner. and who did she invite ? well i dont know she didnt tell me now stop asking so many question and get ready.

about an hour i was ready all set to go down stairs. No wait katie shouted while doing her hair
im not finish yet im still doing my hair. Katie you take for ever to get ready we are just having dinner not going to see the president. haha very funny she said in a sarcasm voice.
well hurry i want to see who she invited. ok ok hold let me fnish this part and i willl be done.
7 minutes later..... ok im done lets go down stairs kathy. finally i thought you would never finish
oh whatever she hit my arm playfully.
while we were going down stairs katie was sing ed sheeran one night stand so i decided to sing along with her.

Tell her that i love her tell her that i need her
tell her shes more than a one night stand..

as soon as we got down stairs we went to the kitchen still singing
then there he was the boy i was in love with 4 years ago...
hello hunny remember harry and anne ? i just looked like i was about to pass out
uhh y-yeah i do.. we sat down and they introduced us.

i thought i would never see him again i was so in love with this boy but he would never be intrested in me he only saw me as a friend... plus he stopped talking to me and from what i heard he is a little player.

everybody was having a good time talking laughing i was there eating not saying a word.
harry kepted his eyes on me and i was turning red i got up from the table. Excuss me i need to goo umm...
i just left up stairs to my room not believing what just happen harry in my house after 4 years.
i hated him so much but then i loved him...  no no i dont love him ....

Harry's POV

i was looking in my closet i didnt know what to wear i needed to impress kathy its been 4 years.
i was inlove with this girl but she didnt feel the same. when i became famous i stopped talking to her i dont know why i regret it.
hey man you look nervous louis said while putting his toms. is something wrong ?
no no everything is fine.... i said while i was looking at the floor.
hey i know when something is wrong with my bestfriend now tell me whats wrong mate?
well there is this girl.. and well umm like she is beautiful and she is my neighbor.
she use to be my bestfriend but when i came to the x factor i stopped talking to her.
and she probably hates me for not talking to her anymore.
louis was about to say some thing its......
niall comes in hey we are leaving already.
louis was leaving the room then he turned around are you coming harry?
yeah yall go ahead im going to changes shirts. ok we will wait for down stairs.

i went downs stairs to see everybody waiting for me .
ready harry? my mom ask. yes lets go.

we got to kathys house knocked on the door. grace opened it.
hello come in just on time. we all laughed well except for me i was nervous .
we walked to the kitchen and kathy was nowhere around i was just about to ask where is kathy
 when grace said.
the girls will be here any minute. then i smiled its like she read my mind.
we sat down waited for the girls to come then i heard singing and laughing.
that laughing made me get butterflies.

when they entered the kitchen kathys smile went away. it looked like she was about to pass out.
we introduced are selfs then began to eat. we were all laughing and having a good time except kathy she looked like she didnt even wanted to be here. i kept looking at her.
she got up from the table and left. 
i asked if i could go to the restroom ' grace may i use your restroom'
of course harry you dont have to ask.  thanks
i got up from the table i went up stairs i wasnt going to the restroom i lied.
i needed to talk to kathy.....



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