this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


7. the real ally part 2


“Well I was thinking or you ok” she was as we inter our room walking to the closets to pick out what I will wear

“I don’t know but your dyeing to tell me ain’t you” I say as we walk to our room

“No I know how you’ll react” melody says smart girl probably trying to save her ass

“Hay has you or halee seen anything weird with the boys lee has been trying to get me to tell the boys about us” melody say messing with her hand like she does when she is nerves

“no not at all they are great people but Mitch thinks we should keep our mouth shut and I don’t know for halee she has been kind of weird like she wants to protect me but she has locked it away and I can’t go back there in her mind if I do I trigger weird vision spells that penalize her for a will and I won’t do that to her”  I say the only time that happened I almost died I was probably in more pain than her she said it just wouldn’t let her move no pain by now we were in the bath room and I was in the shower and I had finished so we were walking to the closets which is when I feel the most venerable I hate it being completely exposed like that nothing but a towel to clover my body my wings just out there I have not been like that other then when I shower since we left that hell hole the doctors had us in

“Do you feel as bad as I do when I walk to the closet” I ask melody knowing the answer

“Hell yes it’s the fucking wrest I fucking hate it” she says like the normal melody she has always had a bad mouth

“Good I’m not alone” I say loud enough for us to hear with our super hearing well bird hearing yet another freak thing we do

“You are never alone” I hear 5 people say well 1 out loud and the rest in their heads

“Ok so what are you wearing” I ask looking through the window we have in our closets so we can still talk Liam thought of it with the 2 bath room this room originally hade they changed one into a closet

“I’m wearing my grey and pink monster pullover and some pink jeans with my hello kitty glasses and my black mesh wedge trainers oh and my fancy head band” she say sounding so Eleanor “what about you” she asks sounding a little more her self

“Well I’m wearing my red and black keep calm and fake a British accent pullover with my black jade lace insert ripped skinny’s with a black nit beanie and my spiked boots” I say knowing it had been my turn to sound like Eleanor 

“Cute I didn’t know about the boots but you pull them off well” she says as we walk out of the closets

“You too I think lee will be pleased” I say looking at her cute outfit well for her I wouldn’t wear it we walk out and back to the living room wear everyone was sitting and watching TV well ally was looking at halee weird but I didn’t mind as long as she didn’t say any thing

“How do we look” melody asks as a general question but lee takes it as for her

“Well I wouldn’t wear it but it looks good on you” she says answering

“You look beautiful” niall say standing up and walking to her raping his arm around her waist melody just smiles as he kisses her cheek

“You look good to red” harry says smiling at me

“Thanks” I say smiling back ally must have took it wrong because here she came

“Well let’s go” she says trying way too hard to sound sweet

“Yeah you took forever what were you talking about” harry says curiously

“Not you” I say with that fiery attitude I have always possessed as we walk out I shut a look of thanks to the rest of my family we get up to harry’s flat about the same time he had said we needed to but when we walk in they on the couch was genna just laying there

“hi harry where you been” genna said laying there like it was no big deal she was here we all know it was she didn’t just come over she live a good hour away

“genna you’re here when did you get here” harry asks walking in the living room her standing up

“Well an hour ago” she says smiling arms wide

“Sorry my fault I had o take a shower” I say stepping out from behind harry

“Red she say pulling out of the hug her and harry were having and running to hug me then she goes everyone else but ally

“I missed you guys” she says finally

“And we missed you” melody says

“You still deeply in love with niall like not even looking at boy like that love” genna asks melody

“Hell yes he is my fucking life and lee love him to but as a dad did harry tell you she had declared him her fucking dad” she says like it was a real as a doctor with a big gun

“And I love her and lee just as much and anyone who say shit is a fucking cunt” niall say with that ascent that made melody weak at the knees when he cusses she think it’s so hot

“Well were did that come from” Eleanor asks from behind us in the door way with Louis’s hand draped around her waist

“Well people have been sending him crap about me and twitter” melody says sweetly trying to calm niall

“Ok why they don’t even know you really you never talk on TV or magazine interfuse and your good to him” Louis says trying to cheer up niall him self

“We don’t know” niall say more calm and mellow like normal niall

“Well genna this ally my girlfriend and ally this is my big sister genna” harry says as We all sit down and talk for a little will till zayn, parrie, Liam, and Daniel show up then we were all here but the rest of my family who wear bund to show up soon

“yeah I forgot my phone at red’s I’ll be back” harry says as he gets up off of the couch she was sitting on it was ally him and zayn with parrie in his lap the on the floor was everyone else he walks out and ally stands up kicking me in the head in the prose I had been leaning on harry’s legs

“look I get that you hate me but the next time you touch me I will rip you into pieces bitch” I say standing up even though she was taller when I was on my tip toes I could almost be able to look her in the eyes

“You might talk a lot but you won’t do anything you are to sweet” she says and then she goes to push me but Liam was up pulling her arm back

“No she will really do it she it’s all talk like some people she will do it and we can’t stop her” he says letting Daniel finish

“Maybe melody could but probably not we would have to get halee or Dayton or Mitch and by that time you would be died” she says giving her the do or die look

“What ever you just full of air and you have all them believing it to you must be a good liar” she says smiling at the fact she thought of it

“Well it tacks one to know one honey and at least when I lie it’s for my family and friend and not for money or fame you bitch” I say using her thoughts agents her

“What ever I could beat you with one hand behind my back” she says being cocky

“Ok I’ll let you try and I’ll do it with both my hands behind my back” I say

“really then why is it I have harry and you got no one” she say somehow know how to push my buttons “you just scared that me being with harry will tack harr away from you and halee she must think of him as a father well not any more that little bitch will get it the same as you as far as I’m concerned I’ll have him hating both of you” she says pulling her arm out of Liam’s grip well more like Liam let her go so he wouldn’t get hurt n the cross fire

“Well well you must feel so big picking on a little kid why don’t you pick on someone your size” I say just buying time till harry would walk in see her push me the I would well I would lose it no I can’t if I did hit her I would lose it like Mitch does or Dayton did when I was shot or melody when the doctor said he would start with lee I couldn’t do that we don’t control our self when we are like that and the only save people are the others with wings I couldn’t hurt the boys or their girls or genna so instead I need to leave now so I turn pushing her to the ground her hitting her head on the table as I leave it was not hard enough to kill her or nock he out but it probably messed up her nose something terrible I leave I passed harry he tries to grab my hand but I yank back shaking my head so he wouldn’t see the tears and would now not to tuck me I start to run as he starts to talk I ran straight down the stairs jumping most on them when I walk in the our flat halee was at my feet

“What’s wrong” she asks trying to get more but she couldn’t see what I was going to do because I didn’t even now

“I just need a moment” I say walking in to my room shutting the door behind me leaving halee outside I look around there had to be something that could help me the only way we ever got out of this was to finish our rampage but I wasn’t going to let halee see me like that it was the scary it thing ever to see the others do it but I stopped the train I’m the only hope that she and lee won’t have to go through it what else stops us what what think think

getting hurt that’s it if we get hurt enough we stop I start to look through dowers for something that could cut me anything would work I started in the bath room when I finally find a raiser in the last dower I grab it and put it to my arm no they will see that think weir my stomach they won’t see that I yank up my shirt and place the raiser to my stomach  and trail and line down blood falling it didn’t hurt I had to do it till it hurt I did anther like then anther I did 3 lines down my stomach till the forth one hurt when it did I took of my shirt and wash the blood off and grab the bandage we had so I could leave the room or at least let halee in she hadn’t seen what had happened but if I didn’t let her in soon she would so I bandager the bleeding cuts they were long next time I would have to do shorter lines I put my shirt back on then go to the door

“come in honey” I say smiling like everything was normal but in steed of just halee it was halee, Dayton, Mitch, melody, and lee they wore coving some one Elsa that I couldn’t see but I could tell it was harry I was going to have to act normal “come in guys” I say walking to my bed and sitting down on my bed wanting nothing more then to shut the doors of my bed nook and never come out again  but I was careful to not let melody feel how I felt normally I didn’t care but I just let her think I was embarrassed when I did halee sat right next to me laying her head in my lap my family was silent waiting on me to speek but I would never do it if I didn’t have to

“what the hell happened” harry says the first one to speech he knew I wasn’t going to speech as well as the others but the new if they waited long enough I would “I walk into my flat and ally has a bloody nose and the boys wont speak or the girls not even genna would talk but ally had a lot to say” harry says scolding me

“Look harry I didn’t mean to I was walking out and pushed her sorry” I say somewhat true but I told him the true truth I would go nuts again

“It’s true she was getting up at the same time as ally” melody says covering for me witch I knew everyone up stair was to

“Ok ally probably took it wrong because I didn’t say sorry” I say covering for her to

“Ok well lets go back ok” harry says reaching for my hand

“I’ll be up in a minute” I say sweetly motioning to halee like I had to talk to her

“Ok” he says walking out when we heard him shut the door the bombard started

“What the hell happened” was Mitch’s only statement

“Are you ok what happened” Dayton say looking at me to see if I was hurt in any way

“What’s going on red” say lee little and sweet sometimes but when shit goes don she steps up

“How could you just leave” melody says looking at me very conserved she had been there she had felt my anger but it just vanished that had to be weird

Halee doesn’t speak she just sits up hugging me please don’t do that again I was scared more scared then ever she thought looking at me did she know had she not let me know she knew

“Well ally pissed me off so I walked away before thing went bad” I say looking ad melody telling her silently that I would talk to her later

“Ok well don’t we need to stay under radar the only reason we haven’t been found this far is there looking for 6 kids together” Mitch say looking at me worried but pushing that back she had to be tuff she had to protect us

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again” Dayton says hugging me tit it hurt my cuts but I sucked it up

Then they walked out and it was me, melody, and halee

“I don’t know ok it’s just as weird to me” I say trying to make myself sound confecting

“Ok” she says I had never lied to them before it was terrible I hated this but they couldn’t know it would kill them

But then I looked at halee and before I could speck she did

“Yes I know and no I won’t tell a soul our little secret and I promise I will never do it I will find a different way” she says answering all the things I would have told her 

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