this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


6. the real ally part 1


“You pay” I tell him walking outside with ally

“Look I know you don’t like me and you think I’m weird but get over it I’m here to stay harr is one of my best friends in the world he is like family” I say getting close enough to her that I was basically touching her

“Look little girl harry is mine you lose you never even had a chance how old are you any way” she asks trying to piss me off

“I’m 15” I say sweetly she got confused but then harry walked up grabbing both of our hands also making her mad

“Why are we leaving so early” she asks like she didn’t know

“I have to shower now thanks to you” I say as we walked

“Hey red you know ally was a cheerleader” harry says hoping the easy the situation

“oh really can you do this” I say running to do a  back hand spring cartwheel handstand layout landing in the splits I learned it from melody she always wanted to be a cheerleader she watched all the cheer moves till she know how to do the stunts then I learned from her

“No” she says looking away from me

“Harr is it all right if I use your shoulders” I say running behind them

“Sure” he says now to shore what was going on

I ran and jumped grabbing his shoulders lightly doing a hind stand and staying there I almost let my wings out to help force of habit then back flip down

“How about that and don’t worry I’m literally fearless” I say with a hint of out of breath we walk for another minute will harry talked then we were in front of my door

“Ok there is something’s you need to know before you go in here” I say with a don’t mess with me attitude

“Red don’t” harry says looking at me like I was in trouble shit I hated when he did that but I don’t lesson and go on

“Harry she will get hurt if I don’t” I say trying to be inanest again

“Fine but be nice” he says finally caving in

“What I can take care of myself I’ll be fine” ally says confused I rise my eyebrows as does harry

“Really baby there really tuff” he say trying to convene her to take my help

“I’ll be fine” she says looking at him like he was a million dollar bill

“Ok” I say opening the door “yeah guy I say sitting on the couch careful to see Mitch and Dayton were in the kitchen “she’s your girlfriend harry you introduce her” I say knowing they were waiting even harry knew this was our turf

“Ok Mitch Dayton come in here” he says like normal nothing new there but I had already shown them what had happened the minute we walked in the building so them melody, lee, and halee already knew

“Yeah harry what” Mitch says egger to see this girl for herself Dayton just walking behind her like normal he doesn’t talk in front of new people he just a few months ago started talking to the boys and there families and friends that we know that is out of all of us him and Mitch have the worse trust issue and for the last 3 years we lived with the doctors they didn’t get touched they were to big had too much strength could hurt someone

“This is my girlfriend ally Ally this is Mitch and Dayton” he says interfusing the oldest first not a good idea you go youngest first that way hopefully someone will like her well too late now

“Hi Mitch” she says pointing her hand at Dayton like usually he stands there

“I’m Mitch” Mitch says in her protective way stepping to be in front of her hand Dayton silently moving to let her buy

“Sorry I didn’t know I just guessed” she says I just look up hoping Mitch would hit her but no that would be wrong she just steps aside

“Well then hi Dayton” ally say still with her hand out he just nodes she pulls her hand back

“Where is lee and hale” harry asks just as they were walking in

“Here we are” lee say proudly wearing her newest toot “you like” she says twirling like a ballerina as she walks to sit in niall’s lap she had already earlier this year declared niall her official unofficial dad and told him I guess halee had done the same with harry but hadn’t told him she really likes harry but is a little more laid back then lee and more low key

“Harry” she yells as she runs in seeing him makes her so happy “I lost my first tooth today” she says running and jumping into his arms completely ignoring ally I really do love that kid

“Really kiddo let me see” harry says looking at her already open mouth “wow it’s gone did you pull it or did it fallout” he says happy to play with halee any time she wonted he really cared about her

“I pulled it Uncle Louis helped me” she said smiling her now sniggle tooth Greene

“Really Uncle Louis oh wait ally this is my little kiddo halee and that girl in the toot over there is niall’s and melody’s lee” he says introducing the girls like it was normal but the minute he did I noticed a question pop in to her mind

“You have kids” and unfortunately she said it

“Oh no oh it’s a joke niall isn’t really lee’s dad and melody isn’t her mom” harry says leaving what she wanted to know blank

“I made niall my dad and melody has always been my mom in a way” lee says sitting in niall’s lap fettling with her rainbow colored toot “oh and halee would never say it out loud but red is her mom” lee says more to everyone then ally I love her to

“so you have a daughter with red you never told me about” ally says a little shaky at this point I could tell harry couldn’t talk and she was going to go crazy without a answer so I finally stand from my place on the couch walking across the room grabbing halee from harry and answering

“No you don’t understand halee is not my kid or harry’s I raised her and harry just calls her kiddo it’s a nickname” I say in a almost emotionless way but secretly daring her to find a problem with my answer

“Oh ok well hi halee” she says looking at her a little funny like she was trying to find a resemblance between us 3

“hi do you have a real shirt you could wear next time you come over here you see there are impersonal children here and we don’t need to wear clothes like that and if lee think that’s in she will try to wear it” halee says trying to be nice and mean at the same time she was really good at it ally’s mouth drops and you could tell that my 6 well my family were stifling laughs unsuccessfully

“Don’t you wish you’d tock envies I say in a wiper that everyone could hear “now close your mouth you’ll ketch flies” I added

Harry blinked a few times then was back to normal  “halee that was very mean” he says looking at her with the look I could tell she hated it to

“I’m sorry harry but you know how lee is just as well as I do and your to blame to here” she says as I interrupt

 “let me interrupt you there monkey” I say using a nickname I had given her a long time ago because she would climb the back of the cage to get away from the doctors “I need a shower” I say walking toured my and melody’s room melody following me we could both hear halee still explaining how her clothes weir bad 

“Halee be quite and play with lee or something” I yell back halee be halee lessoned “so what do you want” I say in a hushed tone so only we could hear

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