this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


1. the new beginning


“He is going to kill us” I scream as the doctor gets halee out. He was letting us out so he could kill us he was going to use our body’s for examination. Most importantly he was going to kill us starting with halee so we were going to be killed and torched. As soon as I said that Mitch started banging her cage trying to get out. He wanted to know how we could do the things we did, how our gifts worked. Gifts is that what he called our wings or the fact that I could read minds, halee could see the future, melody can sense feelings, lee can make metal come to her, Dayton can diaper, or that Mitch is super fast. No he didn't know about any of that he only knew we had wings, he gave us them he altered us. Hell he did it before we were even born. I don’t know how Mitch is going to save us this time. Next thing I know I’m we’re running fast tying to get away. The doctor was right behind us on a ATV trying to ketch us.

“Find a clearing then fly for it” Mitch says. “Don’t look back” she adds I grab halee’s hand Making sure I wouldn't have to leave her not that I would.

“I see a light” I scream then as soon as I come through I back track I had ran right in to a gun rang. I notice that every one there were doctors at our well hell. I try to run but decided to instead fly. I jump to the air snapping out in wings flapping them hard halee now in my arms I see all their guns pointed at me.

“Wings out” I tell her she did I throw her to the woods. “Find Mitch or anyone” I scream as a bullet flies fitting the tip of my wing. Then I shut up out of my bed panting it had all been a dream a horrible true dream. Something that had happened almost 1 year ago now I lived in a beautiful flat or apartment with Mitch, Dayton, melody( not that she stays here), lee, and halee the flat we stayed in was in the building niall horan and harry styles owned. They had offered to let us stay here and melody begged enough to bug Mitch so here we are well here some of us are. Melody spends almost every night at niall’s. He says it’s ok that he wants her to considering the night terrors and were melody stays lee stays. We all have night terror some times and I had just had one so instead of going back to sleep I thought I would get a drink. I get up and go to the kitchen I pour cereal then hear a small scream which was normal I keep pouring. Then I hear it again but louder this time I noticed it was halee my baby was screaming. I drop the cereal running to her room and grabbing her out of the bed 

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