this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


3. smile


“You know she is not a baby anymore she is six” I hear a familiar voice call from behind me

“We think and I know but she will always be my baby” I answered Dayton

“Why you up” he asks                                                

“Well had a really bad dream then I had to get halee she had the same one I think I got it from her” I say

“You think you were reading her mind in your sleep” he says looking at me with proud eyes like I was a 5 year old who he just tout to ride a bicycle 

 “I guess I’m a little paranoid about keeping her safe” I say admitting almost everything to him as I always do

“You should get some sleep your self baby girl” he says it’s so him to baby me and melody  I think we’re the only one he opens up to like this yes he is soft with halee and lee but he acts all dad like to melody and me more me I guess its hard to baby a 16 year old when she basically lives with someone else he seems to wont to protect us the way we do halee and lee its wired he only does it when no one but our family is around I nod to him suddenly aware of how tier I really was he sits down and I lean on him I hold halee tit then drift to sleep but before I’m fully asleep I hear Dayton say “and you will always be my baby girl”

soon I wake up to see that halee was not laying on me I start to panic scared to open my eyes but when I did I shot up like a bullet preparing for a fight then I see Dayton had been replaced with harry

“You OK love was it a bad dream” he asks concern racing in his head

“No I just didn't know where halee is” I say calming him down

“Her and lee went to the park next door” he answered

“By their self” I say

“Yeah” harry answers

 OK” I say not that concerned we had tout them self defense

“You hungry” harry asks over the 6 mouths we had been with the boy me and harry had become really close

“You buying” I say smiling something I didn't ever do till now or if I was with halee

“You know it” he says holding up a hand I grab it helping him off the couch

“How long have I been asleep on you” I ask as we walk to my room so I could change clothes

 Um an hour 2 tops” he says

“Don’t give me that bull” I say scents in his mind I heard 3 hour 

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