this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


4. ready to go


“How can you always call me on my bluff” he asks

“Well you’re a terrible liar” I say it wasn’t a complete lie he was a bad liar just not that bad

“I’m not that bad am I” he asks looking at me

“No I just know you that well” I say walking in my room well my and melody’s room not that she uses it I go to my closet and look for something to weir “were are we going” I ask trying to know what to wear

“I don’t know” he says sitting down on the bed he and the boys had built for me a few weeks back it was a queen sized bed nook built in to the wall above my pillows were some shelves I had covered in little thing I had collected like the teddy bear Dayton had stolen for me a ribbon from flowers we saw in a store the first time we ever went in to a store I liked the flowers so I toke the ribbon then there was a picture of my whole family Mitch, Dayton, melody, me, lee, and halee we were laying in the grass a weird man toke it then said he liked it he gave us a copy needless to say we didn’t stay there long then there was my bracelet I had back in will he were with the doctor we had checked there was no way they could track it then there were other thing I had gotten with the boy the nickels and earring harry gave me a bracelet all the boys gave me and a camera the girls (elonore, Daniel, and parrie)got me ect than the wall was covered with pictures of everyone

“Well then what I’m I supposed to weir” I ask sitting next to him

“Something casual I like it when you don’t try to hard” he say but in his mind I could hear “it don’t matter your always pretty” so I smile

“How casual” I say laughing a little

“Jeans and a t-shirt” he says

“Ok let’s look” I say going back to my closet I grab out 2 of my favorite jeans the first pair was ripped and light color wise the second pair was ripped but these was dark and had bleach spots I put them on the bed next to harry then I pick out 3 of my favorite shirts the first one was black with white writing that said I HAVE ISSUES the second one was black with white and gray writing that said I’LL KEEP YOU MY DURTY LITTLE SECET the last one was blue and it said HIPSTA PLEASE

“Witch one” I ask him pitting the out fits out on my bed next to him

“The hipsta please shirt and the dark jeans” he say “we can match” he say looking at me

“Good choose now out I need to change” I say pushing him to the door

“ok ok I’m going” he says walking out the door I go to the other side of the room and start to slowly take of my pajamas shirt making shore I didn’t pull up any feathers with it been there and it hurts then I pull out a black under shirt and put it on then the rest of my outfit then I look at myself in the mirror to make shore no fathers hung out they didn’t

“You can cone in I’m good” I say loud enough for him to hear through the door he does so he comes in “how do I look” I ask pulling up my hair in to a kind of low ponytail

“Good now we just have to get me changed” he a walk to his room where I hope onto his bed laying out on my back for minute then flipping to my stomach will he gets his hipsta please shirt “so harry what do you have to do today” I ask will he takes off his shirt to show his abs he puts in his hipsta please shirt he already had his jeans on so then we were ready

“Nothing till maybe 5 then some of my old friends are coming over but you can come if you want to” he says looking at me with those green eyes I swear he can see through me there so parsing

“Ok I would like that meat some new people who know you and most likely have some embarrassing story about  you” I say smiling mischievously  

“Ha-ha lets go” he say as I get off the bed

“Ok but weir” I ask still not shore where we were going to eat

“We well walk and the first place that looks good is where we will eat” he say looking like he was about to pat his own back for such a good idea

"ok" i say and we left the building 

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