this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


5. meeting the new girl

We walked for almost 5 minutes till we come to a little cafe "hay why don't we go here I had tea here once or twice it's good" harry says looking at the cafe

"OK I’m starving" I say glad to eat we walk in and sit in one of the back booths waiting on water or a waitress "so I herd you had a date last night" I say

"Yeah she was nice" harry said not wanting to go to deep

"oh come on I now there's more to the story come on you can trust me I’m one of your best friends I won’t tell" I say aging him on

"OK" he says

"yay" I shout knowing i had won

"she is shorter then he by 2 inches maybe she has long blonde straight hair she is tan and has blue eyes” he says

“Hi my name is ally and I will be your server today” say the waitress

“ally” harry say with a big fake smile the waitress was tall 2 or 3 inches taller them me she had blond hair and it was straight medium length compared to mine but I had never had a hair cut not really the doctor would cut the dead ends for study they wanted to know how long it would grow they didn’t do it to the others though she had blue eyes not like niall’s but still blue instead of green like me and harry not that harry’s eyes looked like mine. mine were weird they were green with gold in them I hate my eyes why can’t I just have normal ones I was surprised at how much I compared myself to her though it was weird normally when I meet a new person I have my family with me and it summing them up to see who would take who but my life was different now and I guess I owe that to the boys  

“harry” yells ally he still had that  fake smile plastered on his face and since I refuse to go in to peoples head for no reason I’m still working on it it’s hard when you’re for the first 15 years that was your only means of communication you forget sometimes don’t judge I used facial expiration to tell that ether he had planned this or he hated her and judging by the huge I was going with the first one ok I’m about to break my rule I need to know what she is thinking it’s a burring anxiety  what if she knows about my past ok I’m going in (harry is so famous I can’t wait till we go public I’m going to be famous) that was what she thought I already don’t like her

“Red this is ally the girl I have been seeing” harry say

“her name is red” ally says

“yes my name is red” looking at her I could tell she had a lot of weak spots really if I just hit her in the noise hard enough she would most likely give up I was definably going on the affiance harry had seen me like this before but not many times but enough to know when I was and when I wasn’t with out to much thought  

“Harry how many times you said you had seen her” I say a little sassily I have been hanging out with Louis and el to much lately 

“Oh a few” he says looking everywhere but me and right now that was how I wanted it I hated when he would look at me like I had done something wrong not that I had yet

“har cut the bull look at me and tell me” I say using the name I gave him when I was sick back in January I was so sick  and he was watching me will Mitch and Dayton sleep they hadn’t had a minute in weeks everyone in the house was sick harry said it was the cold it would go away in a week at first then he said it was the flu that they start of the same and Mitch and Dayton were starting to get sick them self but he had been taking care of me and I felt bad so instead of saying harry I would say har help or whatever be couldn’t say no when I did he thought it was so cute like a baby who couldn’t say his name right

“5 weeks” he says looking at me like he had gotten in trouble I looked at ally and she looked at me and harry like we were crazy but shrugs it off

“Har” she says using my nickname for him “why don’t we eat” she says batting her fake long black eye lashes

“Ok but don’t call me that baby” he says looking at her like he does to everyone who calles him buy my nickname for him me and hale where the only people who could call him that

 She looks at him like he was crazy but dismiss it as a inside joke or a you had to be there moment “ok I’ll go get it what do you guys want” she asks

“I want tea and pancakes with bacon and the same for red but add hash browns tea for me and coffee for red don’t add anything just bring the creamer and sugar” harry says ordering for both of us like normal because I usually don’t like to talk to strangers I just smile like always she goes and I look at harry as he does me “you mad” he asks

“Na just surprised you like her” I ask hoping for a ewe or something so I could be like well

“Yeah I do” he says shit why would he like her she is a bitch well it will have to wait because she is coming back and sits the food down then she sits down on the same side as harry and I wander if I jumped over the table and drop kidded her to Timbuktu would he be mad proubly better not I start to eat instead

“So where do you live red right” ally says did harry tell her anything about me AAA she is so she just makes me mad and I have know her for less than 5 minutes  

“In the same building as harry and niall own” I say with kind of duh attitude still eating maybe Mitch was right I might have an attitude problem

“Oh cool wait the same that niall and harry live in” she says supersized well a little mad but I don’t care how she feels to me as long as she doesn’t hurt harry we will be just fine

I guess harry saw that she was starting to have a attitude back and wonted to save the poor girl so he answered for me “yes ally we fixed a flat under me and across from niall for  them” he say so sweetly a I fix my coffee lots of creamer almost no sugar I get very very hyper  

“Them how many of you are there” she asks looking at me with a nice look but she was thinking some rude thoughts

“how about you tell me what harr told you and we go from there” I say having just finished my food staring her down I had to find a way to show her I was boss and that’s how Mitch shuts us up so I was trying it

“Well he talks a lot about you like the stuff you to do together and that’s about it” she says not budging on the stair off we were now having I guess staring her down was not a good idea thanks Mitch

Ok so all you need to know is there Mitch my oldest sibling then Dayton 2nd oldest then melody 3rd oldest then me 4th then lee 5th the little halee who is the youngest we are tuff and we don’t take well to attitudes toured us that’s about it” I say knowing there was no more I could say and of coerce she was going to ask one of those questions I couldn’t answer

“What about before the boys where did you and your family live or your parents” she ask seeming proud that she had found something she could ask about

“We don’t talk about it and if you like your face the way it is I suggest you never ask questions about our past again” I say very rude like and I didn’t care that’s how we answer those questions Mitch had said something kind of truncate to the boy so I know harry would be on my side but she of course was new she would have to learn we just let the boys feel their way through the mind field that is us but I could tell she wouldn’t do well with 1 fight agents even halee she would get hurt so I had to help her great she looks at harry like are you really going to let her talk to me like that

“Ok but why what’s so bad about it” she asks see I warn people and they still don’t lesson

“A” I go to say something but harry interrupt me

“Ally really stop she doesn’t have to tell you any of that” he says coming to help me or save he I didn’t know I could have but my rule

“Ok” she says not wanting to make harry made

We sit there and talk for another minute then she gets up to get more drinks she comes back not that that was the good part no the good part was her stilling my drink down my shirt she said I could have one of her shirts but it would proudly be one I couldn’t weir is I said no she gets me yet another drink then sits down I take one sip and the harry starts talking

“Come on we need to leave if we are going to make that thing” he say I get up

“Is ally coming” I ask though I already knew the aswer

“yes I am” she says to chepper for me

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