this story is about 4 teen and 2 kids they aren't your normal family but all they have is each that is until they meat some boy who help them out no one not even the other boy know how wierd they really are will they find out you will have to read and find out


2. it will be alright


“shhhhh its ok everything well be OK I’m here sweetie” I say soon her eyes blink open

 “You’re here” she says hugging my neck silently telling me what memory she had been relieving. It way the same as me which was most likely were my dream had come from mind reader and all.

“Yes honey and I always will be” I say hugging her back. “Why don’t we get some cereal” I say she nods we go to the kitchen.

“So” she says after we had finished a blow. “You and harry been hanging out more” she says looking at me like she knew something

“No not happening” I say “I don’t what to now what’s going to happen to me tell me about Mitch, Dayton, or even melody but now me” I say to her my little future teller and she couldn't keep her mouth shut

 OK well I saw the other day that you heard Dayton say well think he loves Mitch but we have to keep it secret he says he’ll kill us if we tell even a soul” she says spelling her guts

“Well that just want do” I say suspiciously halee smiles at me “but we well stay out” I add  

“At least for a bit” chimes halee we both laughed for a will then halee looks at me “when are you guys going to teach me and lee to fly” she says

“I don’t know honey but soon as we find a place we well” I say she always got on this but it seemed more pressing these days

“Why don’t you just tell harry and we use the space at the bungalow” she says with the most series face on her

“What do you know you wouldn't ask that if it wasn't bad so spell” I demand acting like her mother again

“Nothing” she says not looking me in the eyes

 OK if you won’t tell me I’ll just look for it” I say looking in her mind

“No I’ll tell you” she says “I saw us running again me and lee still couldn't fly and they got you and melody  because of us Dayton and Mitch grabbed us before the doctors got us though” she said tears in her eyes I pick her up and walk to the couch

“Oh honey that will never happen” I lie hugging her close “I will be here with you forever” again lying if it mint saving halee I would do anything even go back to the doctors

We sit there for a will me just holding her then I look at the clock it was 5 am “how about I hold you will you sleep I say knowing she was tired she nods almost asleep I sit her holding my baby girl petting her hair saying “I’m her baby I always will be” 

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