They Don't Know About Us [SEMI HIATUS]

He wants her just as much as she wants him. The only problem? He can't be seen with her.



1. Prologue

Zayn's POV 

I watched as Alyssa carefully turned the dial on her lock to match the correct combination, then flip her long brown hair over her shoulder as the lock clicked open. As usual, she placed a textbook on the top shelf, and grabbed the remaining notebooks, stuffing them in her bag. She took a look at herself in her little mirror, fixed her hair, smiled then slammed the locker door. 

I quickly piled my books into my backpack and placed it on the floor to zip it up. Whenever I was in a rush, the zipper would get stuck, as it did today. Fantastic. I glanced back making sure Alyssa hadn't left yet. Thankfully she hadn't, I could see her petite figure walking towards the exit door. "Screw it." I mumbled leaving the stuck zipper as it was and slamming my locker door shut, slowly jogging up behind Alyssa. 

"Zayn!" I heard someone call, I turned around as Harry came running up to me. "Hey." He smiled slowing down. I gave him a smile not really wanting to start conversation. I had somewhere I needed to be. "We're still on for the movies tonight right?" He asked with a hopeful smile. 

"Yeah of course." I had totally forgotten about the movies tonight... 

Harry's smile turned into a grin and he grabbed my shoulder pulling me in the opposite direction I needed to go in. "Come on, you can just come to my place and we can chill for awhile." I froze pulling back but Harry continued to tug on my arm.

"I've got to take a waz, I'll see you tonight alright?" I freed myself from Harry's grip then ran towards the direction of the exit doors. 

"But Zayn!" I heard Harry call, "The washrooms are this way!" I ignored him and continued running. I needed to catch up with Alyssa, she was probably already halfway down the block. 

I pushed open the green metal doors and stumbled onto the pavement, glancing around for Alyssa. She had just turned the corner. Great, I could catch up to her. 

I pulled my backpack straps down forcing my pack to rise up as I ran down the parking lot towards the fence. As I neared the fence I slowed my pace down not wanting Alyssa to turn around and think I was a stalker or something. 

I slowed my pace to walking and kept a good distance from her as we both walked down the same street. She paused suddenly, and stood staring at the road. She looked confused. She turned around and looked right at me, then smiled. "You know, I was worried for a second." She said smiling. 

Was she talking to me? I turned around to see if there was anyone behind me that she was talking to, but it was just me. "What? No car today? You decided to follow me by foot?" She placed a hand on her hip, her brown eyes sparkling. 

My cheeks flushed. I turned my attention towards the sidewalk, kicking a pebble with my foot. So she noticed me driving past her everyday? "I wasn't following you..." I mumbled, "I live in this neighborhood. " A lie, a really bad lie. 

"Oh come on Zayn." She walked towards me, "I've been living here ever since I was four, and not once have I notice you." I turned away. She'd caught me. "So what is this? Why are you following me? You probably have this plan to prank me right?" She looked at me with displeasure. "Ugh, of course. You and your little group don't have anything better to do." She gave me one last look then turned to walk away but I grabbed her arm. 

"No, it's nothing like that." I stammered. "I- I like you Alyssa." Her eyes became wide and she let out a loud laugh. I furrowed my eyebrows, why didn't she believe me? "Alyssa, really." 

"Yeah, great prank." She turned around again but I tugged at her arm pulling her back towards me.

"I really do like you." I whispered looking into her deep brown eyes. "I was following you because I needed some time to just watch you." Wow... I sounded like a complete stalker. I hit my hand against my head and groaned, "Scratch that." I said, "That just sounds freaking creepy." She laughed and I couldn't help but smile. She was actually quite beautiful when she laughed. 

"Just, just agree you'll go on a date with me?" I asked with a hopeful smile.

"Zayn..." She trailed off, avoiding any eye contact with me whats so ever. 

"Please." I smiled again. Come on! This always worked on girls!

"I don't even know you very well." 

I sighed, stomping my foot on the ground. "Give me a chance then, get to know me and see what a great guy I can be." She looked at me for about a second, she was blushing. 

"I don't know." She looked away again, her cheeks flushing even more. 

 "Great I'll pick you up at 6 tomorrow night." I smiled turning around.

"Wait Zayn! I never said yes!" She called as I ran back towards the school parking lot. I had to get my car. "ZAYN!" She called again, but I just turned around and waved. 

I skipped on over to my car and unlocked it, throwing my backpack in the back seat then taking a seat in the drivers side. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out to find a message from Louis.

From: Louis Tomlinson

Hey mate! I've got exciting news! You know Jenna? That blonde haired, blue eyed girl? She's Cassidy's friend, the one I've been hooking up with lately? Well I set you guys up! Tomorrow night at 6! Those girls are super popular, they've got links with everyone! If we can get in their circle, we'll get hooked up with anything we need! Wear something hot, the girls love it (; - Tommo

And that, was the price of being one of the popular guys. 

(A/N:) NEW FANFIC! (: I'm actually really excited for this one cause it's my first 'Non-Famous' 1D fanfic! Yay! 

I know this chapter was short, but I kind of just wanted to leave it at a cliffhangerrrrrr :) don't hate me!

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