They Don't Know About Us [SEMI HIATUS]

He wants her just as much as she wants him. The only problem? He can't be seen with her.



3. Chapter Two

Zayn's POV

I navigated my way through the halls, trying to keep the head of brown hair in sight as I pushed through the people. She turned a corner and I shoved at some guy who was chatting up some girl. He shot me a dirty look, but I Ignored him and continued shoving through the mob of people until I caught sight of her again. She was at her locker and I was careful to keep my distance far away from her. 

I didn't know her yet, well I knew who she was, but nothing about her. Watching her was the only thing I had the courage to do. Believe or not, I wasn't the type of guy who could easily talk to a girl. It was easy when the relationship meant nothing, like with Kate. But when I actually wanted to get to know a girl, I found it hard to get the words out. 

I felt a hand roughly grab my shoulder and I turned to see Louis grinning widely from ear to ear. "There's my boy!" He shook me still smiling, "I can't believe you landed the part of Romeo!" He pulled me into an unexpected hug and I wrapped my arms awkwardly around him not knowing what else to do. Even though Louis seemed happy about me getting the lead in the play, I couldn't help but think it had something to do with how much popularity I would gain from it. I mean think about it, Zayn Malik, playing Romeo. Don't you think the girls would swoon over something like that? I just jumped up on the popularity chart. 

Sometimes I felt like the only reason Louis and I were friends was because of how much popularity I could get the group. I denied those thoughts knowing that there was definitely more to our friendship. Louis had taken me under his wing when I was the new kid, we became best friends fast. It wasn't all about the popularity. When I first met him in middle school he wasn't even that popular. It was later when we entered high school that he changed. 

Suddenly, the easy going fun Louis just wanted attention. He craved it more than anything. He changed his look, his attitude and everything else about him that would get girls to fall over him. Being his best friends, we needed to support him in what he did, and changing ourselves was a must. In no time at all the whole of the high school knew who we were. It wasn't long until the girls came crawling towards us, wanting our attention and for us to be theirs. 

In the beginning, I appreciated the attention and was glad I could actually get a girl. Hopefully one day I'd be able to have a girlfriend who loved me as much as I loved her.But every time I even mentioned a girl, Louis shot me down stating that we had to date specifics to gain more popularity. 

Everything about everything became a game of how to gain the most popularity. It was like life or death for Louis. One bad decision and you suddenly got knocked down a spot on the popularity chart. This so called 'chart' didn't even exist, it was all in Louis' head.

He wanted to be known and liked by everyone, he couldn't afford to get on any ones bad side. Even if it was one of those geeks from chess club. I didn't get why he cared so much, they were people and people had their opinions about everything. They judged everyone and would make you feel insecure about everything you do. It was close to impossible to get everyone to like you, but Louis wasn't going to listen to anyone.

"Zayn!" I heard the familiar voice of Kate from down the hall. I turned just in time to see the heel of her left shoe break off causing her to lose her balance and topple over onto the floor. A shriek escaped her lips as she hit the floor with a loud thud. 

The boys and I broke into laughter but I quickly stopped once I noticed the expression on Kate's face. Quickly, I moved down the hall to where she fell and knelt down on one knee, "You okay babe?" I asked trying to sound as sweet as possible. She gave me a wry smile and nodded. She pushed herself up of the ground so she was sitting on the ground and let out a little huff. I followed her gaze down to her heels knowing she was pretty upset that one of her expensive heels had broken. "Come on" I held out my hand and she grabbed it. I slipped my hand around her waist and kissed her hair, "Don't worry about your shoes, we can get you new ones alright?" She buried her face into my chest and nodded. 


She was small, petite, yet she still had curves. Her hair fell over her shoulders as she moved towards the exit door. Her hand flew up as she tucked a strand behind her ear. Someone waved to her in the hallway and she broke into a smile, a genuinely happy smile, not those fake ones you use when you see someone you hate. Alyssa took easy steps towards the boy and gave him a hug, he looked like he was enjoying it and when she pulled away she still had that smile plastered on her face. It was like nothing could make her unhappy. 

I slipped past some people standing in a group and walked past Alyssa knowing that she would walk through those exit doors as soon as the boy stopped talking. I just wanted to see where she'd go from here. Would she go home?Would she walk? Did she have a car?

My car was parked near the front doors, I grabbed my keys from my pocket and pressed the unlock button on the little remote I had. The beep of my car signaled it was open and I hopped in and placed the keys in the ignition. Within seconds I was out of the school parking lot and waiting by the sidewalk across from it.

The school door swung open, but to my disappointment a group of chatty girls walked out and moved in the direction of the bus station. What if Alyssa took the bus home? Would I be willing to follow the bus all the way to where she lived? It was strange for me to be waiting for someone like this. I just wanted to approach her and get to know her, but I was just too damn scared. 

Given the amount of popularity I had, it was weird to be so nervous around girls. I hated the feeling actually. I was so use to being superior and flirting with almost anyone I saw, but this... This was something totally new to me, how would I ever get the courage to speak to her? 

The sight of long brown curls across the sidewalk snapped me out of my thoughts and I struggled to turn the car on. "Come on!" I stammered as I turned the keys again and the car roared to life. I quickly checked the school parking lot to make sure none of the boys were out, then slowly pulled the car out from parking and drove down the street where Alyssa had disappeared. 

She wasn't that quick of a walker, she looked up at the sky then paused a couple times pulling out her phone to take pictures, she was different than all the other girls I had seen, and I liked that. I decided to just drive off knowing that if I kept following her at this slow pace, she was bound to notice me. I would come again tomorrow, and this time wait until she was further down the block to follow her until I knew exactly where she lived. 


The music boomed loudly against the walls of Kate's house. As promised her parents had left her alone so she could celebrate her birthday. Someone bumped into me and spilled there beer on my shoes, "What the hell!" I shoved him against the wall. The look on his face made me calm down a bit and I let go of him, taking a step back. "Sorry." I mumbled walking away. 

I saw Liam and Niall talking to some girls in the corner and walked over to them. "Zayn." Liam smiled slipping away from the girl and moving over to me. "This party, its massive." Liam looked around taking in all the decorations, food, drinks and what not. 

"It's pretty great." I nodded grabbing a red cup off the table near by and filling it with some beer. 

Liam looked at me with an unsure expression on his face, "Don't drink too much Zayn, we're all underage here, don't want to get busted by the police."

Of course, Liam would be the one out of all of us to bring us to our senses. "I know Liam I know." I laughed patting him on the shoulder. 

"Zayn!" I turned around to see Louis pushing through the crowed. He walked over to me and gave me one of those I-need-to-talk-to-you looks. He motioned towards a room at the far end and I followed him towards it. "Zayn." Louis spoke again but this time in a hushed tone. I nodded waiting for him to continue, "You need to break up with Kate." 

At first joy filled me, at least I wouldn't have to pretend to love someone anymore, I would be free to do whatever. Maybe I might even have a chance with Alyssa. But then, the fact that it was Kate's birthday, and that she was actually kind of sweet made me feel horrible. "Louis, it's her birthday-"

Louis cut me off before I could say another word, "Ever since you landed that part of Romeo, your popularity has skyrocketed. Zayn she's nothing compared to how popular you are, you need to ditch her, and ditch her now."

I struggled to find the words I wanted to say, how could I do that to Kate? I was popular, but I wasn't heartless. I couldn't do it, it just wasn't right. Did I want to use my popularity for something like this? "No." I heard myself say.

Louis' expression was a mix of shock and horror. Disobeying him was something none of us dared to do, especially if you were one of the newest among the boys. To be honest, we had all been waiting for someone to finally say no to Louis. I just wasn't expecting it to be me. "If you don't I will." The thought of Louis breaking up with Kate was more horrifying than me having to do it. Knowing Louis, he would make such a big scene and it would crush her. It would also make me look like an even bigger jerk if I didn't have the guts to  do it myself. 

From the corner of my eye I could see Louis moving to the door, "I'll do it." I whispered so quiet I thought he couldn't here me. 

"Good." He smiled. 

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