They Don't Know About Us [SEMI HIATUS]

He wants her just as much as she wants him. The only problem? He can't be seen with her.



7. Chapter Six

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Alyssa’s POV

The walk home was longer than usual, yet it was filled with happiness. It had been a long while since I had been on a date – especially with a cute guy. We’ve all had our share of geeky guys who we only dated out of pity, but let’s not speak of those. Cute ones, now those are the kinds I was definitely going for.

The fact that he asked me out was kind of new to me. Let’s face it I am not the most popular girl in the school and Zayn is the total opposite. Even being noticed by one of the ‘populars’ is kind of unlikely. If it weren’t for the play we were putting on this year, and me being chosen to be one of the leads alongside Zayn I don’t think he would even know I exist.

I looked up at the sky, admiring its beautiful blue colour and how the clouds just seem to float there; so effortlessly like they had no care in the world. My day couldn’t be better actually, I mean I finally got to practise the balcony scene and it was so much better than expected. And of course, Zayn asking me out. What a wonderful feeling this is, isn’t it?

My house was only a couple more steps away, and I couldn’t wait to finally get in and relax a bit. A pampering night was definitely on the list for tonight. I walked up the steps and pulled out my house key out of my backpack pocket, slipped it in and twisted the doorknob. “I’m home!” My voice echoed against the walls.

“Hey Lyssa.”


Zayn’s POV

I had to figure something out for tomorrow night. It was just like Louis to plan something like this, especially when I was pissed at him. He thought he could just get away with being a jerk by finding some girl for me to bang. Zayn, Zayn, Zayn. I was always the one he picked to go out on dates, never Harry, or Niall, or even Liam for crying out loud! Liam has been waiting for weeks – no months to go out on a date but Louis thinks it’s better if he takes a ‘break’.  Like what the hell do you mean by taking a break? Suddenly Liam isn’t that important anymore because he can’t rack up the ladies like the rest of us do.

“Zayn are you okay?” Harry asked concerned.

“Yeah man.” I said thinking back about Liam and how much he really liked this one girl, but Louis wouldn’t give him a chance. “Nah man.” I looked up at Harry hoping he’d want to talk.

“Tell me about it.” He spoke leaning back in the sofa.

The words came pouring out, faster than I had wanted them too. Everything and I mean everything came out. Alyssa was mentioned more than once and I could tell Harry was on my side when I told him I was going to date her behind Louis’ back. As much as I cared about Louis I was not going to tell him about how I felt for Alyssa. He would knock me down; tell me I didn’t need to date someone else who wasn’t going to get me any popularity and what not. It was all ridiculous if you ask me.

Even Harry felt bad for Liam, we all did actually. Liam was actually smoother with the ladies than we were. He had this innocence about him that ladies just loved, and when he laughed he brought them all in.

I looked over at Harry. He was grinning, ear to ear like an idiot. “I have an idea.” His smile grew even more.

“Well, tell me what it is!” I nudged him in the shoulder.

It was the perfect plan really. Liam needed a night of fun, and I needed a night off from all this madness. Louis had already sent me the address and everything I needed to know about this girl I was going to be hooking up with. Everything would go just as Louis had wanted it to – the only difference would be that Liam would go instead of me.

Now I was grinning, “Styles you’re a genius!” I said smacking him on the shoulder.

“So I’ve been told.” He grinned.

Alyssa’s POV

I couldn’t tell him what I had heard that night; I just didn’t have the guts to. How would he react to that and then what would I say to him? Would he tell me he loved me again? I didn’t even feel the same way about him. All these questions told me it was much better to just leave this all behind. If Louis couldn’t remember what had happened then why bother even bring it up?

He met my eyes and ran his hand through his hair, “So you’re not avoiding me?” I could see the smiling playing on his lips.

I wrapped my arms around him, burying my face into his chest, “Louis, of course not!” I looked up at him and smiled, “Sure you barfed all over my arm and yes that sucked,” He chuckled wrapping his arms around me tighter, “But I’m not avoiding you.” I said.

“Well that’s a relief”

“It is?” I looked up at him raising an eyebrow.

“Well yeah,” He smirked looking at the ground, “Alyssa you’re my best friend.” I hugged him again feeling so much better that I hadn’t told him what had happened the other night.


Time had gone by so fast, it was already 4:55 and Zayn had said he’d be here by 6. I rushed into my closet picking out random dresses and flinging them across my room. Nothing seemed right, I needed something good to wear.

“Alyssa what on earth are you doing honey?” Mom walked in examining the large mess of clothes around my bedroom.

“Mom, not right now I need to find something to wear.” I somehow hoped she wouldn’t ask what this was all for, I really wasn’t in the mood to explain who I was going on a date with and what the boy looked like, if he had a nice family, how his grades were, ect. I did not have time for a full on interrogation right now.

“What’s all this for?” She asked, but I ignored her and continued pulling out clothes and holding them against me as I looked in the mirror. I groaned at the shirt I had just picked and tossed it on the floor where another large pile of clothing was growing. “Lyssa?” She called but I continued to look through my closet. “Alyssa Blake are you going on a date?” She suddenly spoke her voice louder than before.

I froze. I had no idea what to say to her, I mean I shared everything with her but lately I just wasn’t in the mood to tell her every detail of my life. “Honey.” She spoke in a softer tone. She was right behind me and I felt the need to turn around and face her but all I really wanted to do was dive into my closet and shut the doors until she left my room so I could get dressed in peace.

“Mom –”

“Honey why didn’t you tell me about this?” She looked hurt and I felt a pang of guilt for keeping this from her. But what could I say? Oh hey mom, there’s this really hot mysterious popular guy with loads of tattoos and he’s even got his ears pierced and well he asked me out on a date, he’s picking me up at 6. Yeah, I don’t think that would go so well.

“I just didn’t know how to tell you.” It wasn’t all a complete lie it was the truth – somewhat.

“Well okay, but can I at least know a little bit more about this boy?” She smiled, nudging me in the ribs, “So how are his grades? Have you met his family?”

“Oh my gosh, mom please I need to get dressed.” I walked her out of my room then shut the door before she could say anything else.

After rummaging through my closet a bit more I found the perfect dress. It wasn’t fancy, it was more on the casual side but it was still really cute. I slipped it on along with some strappy sandals and piled on some bracelets on my right arm. Curling my hair just a little, I didn’t want to look to eager for this date. Finishing myself off with some mascara and blush, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled; pleased with the way I looked.

“Alyssa!” I heard my mom call from downstairs, “Zayn is here.” By the way she said his name I could tell she wasn’t happy with the way he looked. I was going to be in so much trouble, I could just feel it.

“Hey.” I said once I saw him standing there. He looked up at me and smiled, his brown eyes shining. I took a moment to analyze what he was wearing. His usual blackish grey jeans, a white t-shirt with a jean vest on top.

“So Zayn, I take it you know how to treat a girl properly?” My mom asked raising her eyebrows. She was going to ruin this date before it even began.

I bounced down the stairs and placed a hand on my mom’s shoulder, “Mom we have to get going, I’ll see you later alright?” I grabbed Zayn’s hand and pulled him outside.

“You have her home by 11! No later than that!” She called and Zayn nodded and waved goodbye.

“You should have just texted me or something.” I mumbled as we walked side by side towards his car.

He gave me a playful smile, “Why?” He asked.

“Oh come on, look at your arms” I grabbed one and lifted it up. Again he only smiled, “Zayn you’ve got a bunch of tattoos, my mom hates when guys have tattoos.” I said turning my head to the side and emphasizing on the word ‘hate’.

Zayn opened the passenger door for me and I thanked him. He jogged over to the drivers’ side and put the keys in the ignition. “What about you?” He asked looking over at me.

“What about me?”

“What do you think of guys with tattoos?” I couldn’t help but smile. To be honest I actually liked guys with tattoos, it gave them this edgy vibe which I just loved.

I looked over at him and he was smiling back at me, “I don’t mind them.” I whispered.

“Good.” He grinned.


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