They Don't Know About Us [SEMI HIATUS]

He wants her just as much as she wants him. The only problem? He can't be seen with her.



2. Chapter One


Zayn's POV

My alarm sounded startling me awake. I patted my hand around on my desk trying to look for the snooze button when my alarm shut off by itself. Ugh, another day of school. I dragged myself out of bed almost tripping on my sketchbook and pencils that I had left on the floor. "Zayn!" My mom called from downstairs, "You're going to be late!" she yelled louder. While walking I made sure to stomp my feet so she'd know I was awake instead of yelling more.

My sister came running out of her room and towards the bathroom but I made it  there before her. "Zayn I have to put my makeup on, move!" Waliyah looked at me upset. 

"Waliyah, how many times do I have to tell you, you look beautiful you don't need any makeup." I said opening the bathroom door a crack. 

Waliyah sighed and rolled her eyes at me, "Seriously, that's getting old." She muttered, "If you think girls look so beautiful without makeup then explain to me why you're dating Kate, she's freaking plastered in makeup." Before I could say something, Waliyah turned on her heel and stomped off to her room shutting the door with a loud thud.

Ugh, girls. 

After washing my face and brushing my teeth I headed back to my room and pulled on a simple t-shirt and jeans. The thought of Waliyah wearing makeup still bothered me. It wasn't that she was growing up, well it was that as well. I mean Waliyah was my little sister after all. It was kind of hard seeing her grow up and not be that little girl anymore. And makeup? Honestly Waliyah was way too pretty to wear makeup.

Kate on the other hand, wasn't even the girl I wanted to date. Being one of the most popular guys in the school comes with its rules. Date only the popular girls, talk to only the popular girls, hang out with only the popular girls, and let the rest of the school bow down to you cause hey, their your bitches.

Sickening I know, but even if I wanted to leave all this popular shit behind, I don't think I would be able to sacrifice my friendships. My four best friends, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry. I would be no where without them, and I guess dating the populars wasn't so bad, especially when the relationships didn't really mean anything. 

It was kind of ridiculous actually, we only dated each other to gain more popularity. The only thing we did together was make-out  I couldn't even hold a proper conversation with Kate, she just wasn't interesting and her brain kind of didn't really process any information. Let's just say, I'm pretty sure her skull is just empty. 

After combing my hair and spraying some cologne on I grabbed my bag and trudged down the steps leading into the kitchen. "Good morning ma." I came up behind her and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and I grabbed the orange juice and waffles from her hands. 

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I set my waffles and juice down to see who the text was from. It was from Louis and I debated on whether or not I should actually answer the text or not. I wasn't really in the mood for anymore girl information or parties. I needed a break. 

From: Louis Tomlinson

Zayn man, Kate's birthday is today and you said you'd be here. You have to at least act like you care, even if your relationship is all based on sex. We NEED to be at her party, so you better get your ass down here now. Don't screw this up for us. 

I sighed loudly. I had totally forgotten it was Kate's birthday today, and I knew I couldn't mess this opportunity up for the guys. It would make Louis so pissed off, and he was the leader of our group. I texted him a quick reply telling him I'd be right there and ran out the door leaving my waffles and juice still lying on the table.

On my way to school I picked up some flowers and a card from the convenience store.  As I neared the parking lot I could make out the four figures of the boys, they were all standing there with there arms crossed over their chest. I was in trouble. I could feel it. I slowed my car down and parked it taking a few breaths before opening the door and exiting. 

Louis was the first to walk over to me. "Where the hell were you?" He spoke in a low tone. I smiled and gave him a playful shove. "Zayn" He growled. "Kate's in the bathroom crying." I sighed. Could she really be that shallow? "Fix it!" He demanded. I nodded and walked passed the other boys. They gave me some apologetic looks and I just nodded at them. 

I entered the school seeing kids at their lockers and teachers walking around. The first washroom was usually the one the popular girls used. I knocked on the door and pressed my ear against it. "Kate, are you in there?" I called. I heard some cursing and a couple other girls consoling her, while Kate was sobbing. Ridiculous. "Kate babe?" I tried to sound more soft and sweet. "Baby, are you crying in there? Do you seriously think I could forget your birthday?" I knocked on the door again hoping it would get her attention. "Kaaaate" I dragged out the 'a' in whiny tone. "Babe, you ruined my surprise, I guess these flowers and card mean nothing then right?" The door swung open and there stood Kate, blond hair pulled to the side and makeup still looking amazing considering she was sobbing. Kate was actually pretty hot, but hotness wasn't everything in my eyes.

"Zayn." She looked at me, I could see the hurt in her eyes. She looked pretty upset. 

"Baby" I smiled slipping my hand on her lower back and pulling her close so she was only inches away from me. "I could never forget your birthday, look." I handed her the flowers and card I had gotten her. A smile immediately  started growing on her lips. I had saved things before they had gotten worse. Thank God for that. My grip tightened around her waist and I pulled her close and pressed my lips against hers knowing it would make everything even better. Her hands snaked around my neck and I let my other hand make its way down to her back as she kissed me back. Her lips moved fast against mine and although this kiss was filled with nothing but lust, I enjoyed it. 

"See Kate, I told you he didn't forget." I looked up to find Louis standing there grinning. Kate pulled away blushing and mumbled something about seeing the girls at her locker. I nodded and gave her one last kiss before she walked down the hall towards her locker. "I don't know how you did it Malik." Louis patted me on the back, "But you did." He smiled. It was good to know that I hadn't let Louis down, he was my best friend after all. I could never let my best friends down. 

I sat at the back of the classroom as usual. Kate came in moments later and took a seat next to me her hand grabbed mine and I squeezed it and planted a kiss on her lips. Harry and Louis walked in and noticed us sitting at the back. Harry waved and made his way over to me. "Hey guys." He smiled taking the empty seat beside me. 

"Hey, I heard we're starting Shakespeare today." I said glancing at the pile of Romeo and Juliet scripts lying by the teachers desk. This was drama class, and each year we would get a play to perform in front of the school. Normally drama classes wouldn't have something like that, but our drama class was full of the best actors and actresses and the school could always count on us to put on a show. I actually quite enjoyed acting. 

"Yeah, Ms. Ninchie already picked our parts for us." He muttered as he sunk down into the seat. Harry hated it when our teacher picked our parts for us. She would watch our in class presentations and group work and then decide who would be suitable for what part. We didn't really get a chance to audition. 

"Okay class attention up here!" Ms. Ninchie clapped her hands in the front of the classroom and we directed our attention towards her. She held a clipboard in her hands and she noted something down on it before looking over at us again, "So as you may have heard, we are starting our play rehearsals today." Most of the class cheered but the back stayed quiet. "The play we're doing this year is Romeo and Juliet." This time instead of cheering the class erupted in 'boos'. "Now, now" Ms. Ninchie tried to settle us down, "We're all going to have a fun time doing this okay?" We nodded knowing there was no way we could change her mind. 

She began calling some people up to the front of the classroom where the stage was. We began with some of the non-main characters just to get them to practice their lines because mainly we'd be focusing on Romeo and Juliet. Kate began kissing my neck and I turned my head to meet her lips. Her hand traveled up to my hair and she intertwined her fingers in it. I grabbed her waist and pulled her on top of me making it easier to kiss her. Her lips moved faster against mine and I felt her mouth open just a crack. It was enough for me to slip my tongue through it. Kate opened her mouth wider, kissing me harder than before. I pulled her closer kissing her back my grip tightening around her waist.

"Zayn and Kate this is no class for something like that!" I heard Ninchie's voice echo through the large room and I immediately pushed Kate off. Both of us looked a bit startled and the class turned around to look at us. My cheeks began burning and I heard Harry chuckle beside me. I jabbed my elbow into his arm and that made him shut up. Someone mentioned something about getting a room and I sunk down lower in my seat. Even if I was popular, this was something I wasn't quite use to. PDA wasn't really my thing. 

 Ms. Ninchie tore her eyes away from us and continued talking. "Now, Alyssa you will be playing the part of Juliet." Ms.Ninchie motioned towards a girl up at the front of the classroom. "And Zayn," She looked back up at me, "You will be playing the part of Romeo." 

"What?" I croaked. I had never been a big lead in a play before, I didn't know If I'd be able to handle it. 

"I've been watching your acting skills, and I must say Zayn, I think you'd be perfect for the part." I sunk down lower in my seat. This was not something I wanted to get into. 

The balcony scene was what she wanted to run through, and Alyssa along with me were called down to the stage area. I stood my eyes glued to my feet standing in front of Alyssa not daring to look up to face her or the students sitting around us. "Zayn." Ms. Ninchie placed a hand on my shoulder. "Come on look up at her, you need eye contact." Sighing, I looked up to be welcomed by  gorgeous smile and the most stunning brown eyes I had ever seen.

My mind suddenly felt like it had shut down and I forced myself to breath as I looked into the eyes of Alyssa. Alyssa, a girl I hadn't ever paid any attention to whats-so-ever. A girl who was absolutely beautiful and made me feel like I was having trouble breathing.

Suddenly, playing the part of Romeo, didn't seem so bad anymore. 


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