They Don't Know About Us [SEMI HIATUS]

He wants her just as much as she wants him. The only problem? He can't be seen with her.



5. Chapter Four

Louis' POV

The slam of her door left a ringing in my ears that I couldn't get rid of. How did I manage to be a jerk to everyone I actually cared about? Seriously, this was all getting out of hand, why on earth did I have to tell Alyssa we shouldn't be friends anymore? 

I debated on whether actually going back and knocking on her door, but then ignored the thought and continued on to my house. Maybe I would get drunk again, it did seem to help last time. Well... Sort of. Barfing wasn't really what I wanted to do tonight, but if it helped me forget about how much of a jerk I had been then maybe it wasn't that bad.

"Louis." My mom opened the door with a smile. 

Oh mum. She was the only one who could make me smile as big as I did. "Hey mum." I grabbed her in a hug, kissing her forehead. 

The hug only lasted for a second because moments later I heard the sound of my mothers finance Dan. "Jo, are you ready to go?" He called as he came down the stairs. I had seen him last night, briefly because I didn't really want to speak to him. Dan must have spent the night, again. "Oh hey Lou." He gave me a cheery smile.

I mumbled a hello before turning back to my mum, "You're going out?" I asked leaning against the wall. 

"Mhm." She replied stuffing some lipstick into her clutch. I hadn't noticed she was actually dressed up. Silver high heels paired with a dark purple dress that had silver detailing on it. "Dan wanted to take me out to dinner because we haven't really had a celebration since our engagement." Her eyes met mine and she gave me a smile. Not just any smile, it was one of her 'please-don't-say-anything-and-act-like-this-is-okay-with-you' smiles. 

"Well then have fun." I gave her a genuine smile and reached over to give her another hug. When I turned around I noticed Dan standing there with open arms. "Yeah right." I mumbled patting him on the shoulder. I heard my mum say something about being rude but I didn't quite catch the whole sentence. 

Once I heard the door slam I made my way down to the basement where I knew the beer and liquor was stashed. Dust was everywhere, seems like nobody had been here in awhile. But it was strange to have it so dusty, because I knew my mom and Dan probably shared a drink every other night. 

After a couple minutes of searching through old liquor bottles I finally found a pack of beer. It was new, a twelve pack. Maybe I would finish it all of, maybe I wouldn't. The faster I got drunk, the better. Everything was just pissing me off and I just really needed to get my mind off of it.

Only two bottles in and I could feel myself slowly letting go. That light feeling filled me and it honestly made me feel a whole lot better. Lifting myself up off the couch, I made my way up the stairs and towards my room. The light flickered on revealing my extremely untidy room. Clothes sprawled on the floor and under the bed. Grabbing another bottle of beer from the pack I stumbled towards my bed. I rested my head against the headboard, drinking a little bit out of the bottle.

A picture frame with a picture of Alyssa and I caught my attention and I sat up resting my back against the headboard. How could I have been such a jerk to her? She was one of my best friends, I shouldn't have treated her the way I did.


I groaned as the doorbell rang, why did my mom have to get me a tutor? Okay, I was flunking math, but that didn't mean I needed a freaking tutor. Grabbing the knob I twisted it and flung open the door revealing an average height girl with long brown hair that was in loose curls around her shoulders. She smiled as her eyes met mine, and I couldn't help but smile too. This girl was actually cute, I wouldn't mind having a cute tutor.

"Hi." I smiled and opened the door more, gesturing with my hand to invite her in. "Come on in." She nodded and stepped in to the foyer taking in the room and the pictures on the wall. There were canvases lined up against the wall, paintings me and my mom had painted when I was little. "You can come into the kitchen." I motioned down the hall and she nodded again and took some slow steps. I followed behind her making sure not to step on the heels of her feet. I hated when people stepped on the back of my feet. 

She took a seat in the chair I had pulled out for her and I took a seat beside her. "Louis right?" She asked zipping open her backpack.

I nodded as I reached across the table for my math textbook and a notebook, "Yeah, what's your name?" I asked as I opened the notebook to a new page.

"Alyssa." Her eyes met mine again and she smiled. Again, I couldn't help but smile and could feel my cheeks flushing. She was more than cute.


A laugh escaped my mouth as i thought about how pretty she was when I first met her. Don't get me wrong, she's still pretty, she's beautiful. But even with her beauty, I would never date her. Alyssa and I were just friends, nothing more. As crazy as it sounds, I would never even have the nerve to ask her out. No matter, because Alyssa was an average person at our school. Not popular, not a geek either. If I wanted to, I could date her, but then then my popularity would be at risk. I couldn't let that happen, besides I liked Alyssa as a friend only. 


My eyebrows knitted together as I read over the question for a fifth time. What on earth was this asking? How could I figure out what y-2x = 8 was if I didn't even have the values of one of the variables? Math was so annoying. 

"What?" I heard Alyssa ask. I looked up and met her calm expression. 

Slamming my textbook shut I threw my textbook onto the floor, "I'm done with all this math." I stated getting up. 

"Louis." She closed her textbook quietly and placed it by her side, "I can help you with the question."

"I don't want help! I have a party to go to, you can go home." I picked up the rest of her books and handed them to her. Turning on my heel, I walked over to the kitchen where I poured myself a nice cold class of Juice. Not beer, surprising huh? I don't always drink beer, just when I need to get my mind off of things. 

"Why are you such a jerk?" I turned around to find Alyssa leaning against the counter. Did she just call me a jerk? I placed my glass on the counter and opened my mouth to say something but found myself with no words. What could I say to that? "Do you even know why you act like that?" She asked raising an eyebrow. "Forget it." She stated turning on her heel. 

Suddenly, my mind was going crazy. I couldn't let her leave thinking I was a jerk. I'm so much better than that. I'm not a jerk. "Wait." I called. She paused and turned around to look at me, "I'm not a jerk." What was I saying? Why did I have to prove so badly to my freaking tutor that I wasn't a jerk? Maybe because I might actually like her enough to want her to have a good impression of me? 

An hour later and I was sitting on the couch laughing with Alyssa. Everything had just come pouring out and it honestly felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Alyssa didn't judge me, she listened and understood. Although, she thought it was kind of rude to put my friends through all this popularity shit, but I reassured her that it wasn't that big of a deal to them. It wasn't... Right? Well they didn't ever say anything, so I'm guessing it was fine.

I walked Alyssa to the door, "Alyssa?" I looked at her with a hopeful smile.


"Can we be friends?" It felt like I hadn't asked someone that in years.

A smile played on her lips and she nodded, "I think we're already friends."


I ruined a such a great friendship, how could I let this happen? Fix this, I told myself as I searched around for my phone. Finally finding it, I unlocked it and typed in the number to Alyssa's cellphone. "Alyssa." My voice was slurred and I hoped I had dialed the right number, because my vision had gone pretty fuzzy. "I'm so-so-sor-sorry" I stuttered into the phone.

"Louis?!" I heard her whisper-shriek into the phone. "Are you drunk again?" She asked. Why did she even have to ask this? She already knew.

I slammed my hand against my head,  my head was pounding. "I'm sor-sorry." I stuttered again.

"Ugh Louis." She was annoyed, I could tell by her voice. If I was right she would be rolling her eyes at how dumb I was. "Don't drink another bottle, I'm coming over." And with that I heard the click of her phone as it went dead. She had hung up on me.

Alyssa's POV

"I'm sor-sorry." I heard him stutter into the phone. Oh gosh, he was so drunk. Was this the only solution? Getting drunk?

"Ugh Louis." I groaned into the phone. It was just so annoying having him drunk all the time. He needed a better way to sort out his problems. I rolled my eyes at how dumb he was being. If only he was in front of me right now, I would give him a piece of my mind. "Don't drink another bottle, I'm coming over." We got into a fight, so technically I did have some part in his drinking, he needed to be taken care of. Louis was a mess when he was drunk, I needed to get to him and fast.

I felt under the flower pot and found the house key. As I stuck it in the lock I thought about how much of a mess Louis must have made of the house. I would probably have to clean the whole house before his mom came home. "Louis!" I called as I entered his home. I heard a grunting noise from upstairs, he was in his room. "I'm coming." I called as I left my bag in the kitchen and made my way up the stairs.

The smell of alcohol hit me hard as I entered his room. Beer bottles scattered everywhere, how many had he drank? One, two, three, four?! "Louis you drank four bottle of beer?!" I looked up at him in disbelief. He was grinning like a freaking idiot as he held up another bottle. "Five fucking bottles Louis?! Do you want to die?!" I grabbed the bottle out of his hand thankful that it was only half empty. 

"Alyssa I'm sorry." I heard him mumble. 

"Louis I know okay, I know I forgive you." I picked up the remaining bottles off of his floor. 

"Fuck." I looked up to find Louis struggling to get out of bed, one hand covering his mouth. Oh man he was going to puke. I got up and grabbed Louis' waist pulling him out of the bathroom. "Alyssa." I heard his voice but it was barely a whisper.

"Louis shut up and cover your mouth." I tightened my grip around him as I walked towards the bathroom. Why did the bathroom have to be so far away? When we finally reached the bathroom I let go of Louis and watched as he collapsed in front of the toilet and vomited. "Ugh." I turned around and searched for some sort of mouthwash. The smell of barf was utterly disgusting and unbearable. 

I heard another groan from him as he leaned over the toilet again. That's what you get for drinking five bottles of beer. I grabbed his toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it because I hadn't found any mouthwash. "Oh for fucks sake." Louis spoke before the sound of more vomit came. 

The sound of the flush filled the bathroom and Louis pushed himself up off the bathroom floor. I grabbed his waist again helping him up. "Come on, brush your teeth your breath stinks." I pulled him towards the sink where I handed him his toothbrush, only to have him vomit into the sink. "Ugh Lou!" I groaned looking down at my sleeve which was now covered in vomit. Disgusting.

Once Louis had finished vomiting on me and the bathroom I dragged him back to his room. He collapsed onto his bed and I yanked open his closet in the search for another shirt. I looked over my shoulder making sure Louis wasn't looking at me, his eyes were closed. Turning around, I pulled off my vomit covered shirt and put on his superman t-shirt. I've always been kind of jealous of this t-shirt. 

I left his room and walked into the bathroom where I washed my arms because they smelled like shit. Then made my way back to Louis' room where I collapsed onto the bed beside him. "Alyssa?" I heard him ask. His words were still slurred, the drunk feeling hadn't passed him yet. "I love you." 

A/N: Another cliffhanggerr?? I'm sorry I just have an obsession with ending chapters with cliffhangers. (: But hold up a second, did Louis just tell Alyssa he loved her? Well... He was drunk right? or... 

Anyways, I thought I'd give y'all some insight on how Louis and Alyssa became friends and what not, so I included some flashbacks. He seemed pretty upset that he had screwed things up with Alyssa.

Oh and we finally have an encounter with some parents! Louis' mum and her fiance Dan! Louis seems to hate him, but I'm sure in real life Louis loves Dan, I just love conflict between characters. :3

So tell me what you think of this chapter, what do you think will happen next?! Remember feedback please! Update comments are fine AS LONG as they are mixed in with some feedback! I want to improve my writing!! (:


You guys are just lovely! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, I'll update soon ♥ - Tahreem 


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