The Direction to Hogwarts

What would happen when 1D went to Hogwarts? What house would they end up in? Would they survive the pressure and adventures that they endure? In this story, written in all five perspectives, all of those questions will be answered. I plan to write a sequel.


4. The Train Ride

Niall POV: I looked at my ticket again. Nine and three quarters? Where is that? I thought. I headed towards platform nine, at least it was a start. When I reached the platform I saw a curly-haired boy pushing a cart similar to mine. He was in the position to run at the wall between platforms 9 and 10. He looked very nervous. And right then and there, he ran towards the wall. When he came in contact with the wall, he vanished. Well, this must be the platform, Niall. I told myself. I lined up with the wall, and braced myself for pain as I charged at the wall.

I opened my eyes to find that I wasn't dead or injured, but past the muggle barrier! I took a moment to take it all in. There were wizards, muggles, kids, and a HUGE scarlet train that read 'Hogwarts Express'. I was so exited to board the train and start Wizarding school! I entered the train and walked through the car a little. I found an empty booth and loaded my trunk into the luggage port. I sat down and took all in. As I was thinking, the curly haired boy that I saw earlier walked in.

Harry POV: My mum had just finished saying goodbye and was helping me with my things. She had just left when I found a compartment that only had one person in it. He was my age, so I though we could be friends. I entered the compartment and he put a huge grin on his face. "HI my name is Niall, I'm a first year! Wanna be my friend??!?" Oh joy, a talker. "I'm Harry. I'm a first year too." I replied quietly. "Are you ok? You sound kinda quiet," he told me. "Nah, I'm fine. I'm just a little shy." "Oh, okay!" Gosh, this Niall kid was SO loud! "So," I said trying to start a conversation. "What house do you want to be in?" "Huh?" he said. "We live in houses? I thought we lived at school," he said(blonde moment lol :P). "Well, err, know, the teachers will explain it when we get there," I assured him. We talked for about 15 more minutes, when a boy with caramel colored hair burst in and shut the door. "Hi I'm Louis can I sit here thanks!" he said. I had no idea what that was about. "Why.... What was that?" I said to him. "Ok, let me sum it up. I was sitting in this car with a guy who turned out to be a total jerkface, he almost punched me but I ducked and ran away." Wow. Some school, I thought. Just then, another boy looked in with fury in his eyes. He trampled the door and stood towering over Louis. "What was that little stunt, eh Tomlinson? We've got unfinished business." Louis looked confident as he stood up and pushed the guys chest. "Sorry, Scorpious. Do you need help taking your foot out of your mouth?" Ouch. That was quite a burn. "Sass much, you little-" "LEAVE HIM ALONE." we heard from outside. A boy with chestnut hair ran in and grabbed Scorpious by the collar. "Why would I be scared of you?" Scorpious retorted. The chestnut boy stared him right in the eye. Suddenly, Scorpious cowered back, and ran away. Nialllooked as if he was going to pass out. "Sorry, lads. This is Liam," Louis said. "My brother." We all changed into our robes. After an hour or so, the train stopped and we started to load off. I was still confused, but hey. I made three friends just on the train. *I know Zayn isn't here yet, but he's in the next chapter!!! -Claire*

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