The Direction to Hogwarts

What would happen when 1D went to Hogwarts? What house would they end up in? Would they survive the pressure and adventures that they endure? In this story, written in all five perspectives, all of those questions will be answered. I plan to write a sequel.


2. Liam/Louis Backstory

*I decided to make this a big deal as an element of drama for later in the story.*
The Tomlinson family was a pure blood family that was never involved in dark magic. There was Mr. Tomlinson, who was high up in the ministry ranks. Mrs. Tomlinson, a writer for the Daily Prophet. Then there was Louis, their only son. Louis stayed at home for most of the day, so he developed an interest in reading. He also loved the outdoors, the Tomlinson household was near a forest.
One day, Louis was exploring the woods, when he found a boy, just lying there. Louis was scared to leave him there. So he made sure that the boy was alive, and carried him home. When his parents saw the boy, they triedto wake him up. Several minutes later, he woke up. He told them that his name was Liam Payne, his parents were wizards too, and that he was abandoned. When the Tomlinsons asked what had happened to Liam, he hesitated, then eventually told them that he was a werewolf. Taking pity on the boy, Mrs. Tomlinson asked if Liam wanted to live with them. He happily agreed. Liam lived as Louis' brother, hiding the truth for all those years. They were the same age, so it was easy to pull off. And from then on, there were four Tomlinsons instead of three.
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