The Direction to Hogwarts

What would happen when 1D went to Hogwarts? What house would they end up in? Would they survive the pressure and adventures that they endure? In this story, written in all five perspectives, all of those questions will be answered. I plan to write a sequel.


1. Intro Chapter

Harry POV: "What?" I looked at my mum in disbelief. I had just gotten a letter telling me that I was a wizard, when she flat out told me that she was a witch. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you earlier, I just thought that you would be safer not knowing until now." I just stood there with my mouth open, wanting to say something but not knowing what to say. I ran up to my room, the letter in my hand. I picked up the picture of my dad that was in my room. I sat on my bed, hugging the photo, a tear working its way down my face. "I miss you," I whispered. He had died three years ago of lung cancer. It was devastating to my mum and me. Now it was just us. Mum spent the rest of the night explaining the wizard world and the school I was admitted to, Hogwarts. I realised that it wasn't so bad after all. Okay, Harry. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Niall POV: Magic is real? OOOOHHHHMMMYYYYYGGGGOOOSSSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! IM A WIZARD?!?!?!? My heart was racing as I read the letter. "Mum! Dad! Come here! I'm a WIZARD!!" I screamed from the kitchen. Wow, probably screwed up the family's chance of sleep. Good one, Niall. I was so shocked, and my parents were too, when they saw the handwritten letter addressed to me. "We have to find the next train to London, we HAVE to!" "Slow down, Niall," my dad told me. He was never eager to do anything except sleep and cook potatoes. Well, I'll just wait until tomorrow, I thought.

Louis/Liam part(3rd person):"Liam, Louis, come down for a moment." Mrs. Tomlinson called. The two "brothers" came running down the stairs of the Tomlinson Manor, wondering what their mother had summoned them for. Expecting to be in trouble, they found that they had received important mail. The two young boys opened their letters to find that they had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "Yes!" they said and high fived each other. With their letters in their hands, they ran up to the room they shared to celebrate. "Finally, we get to go to Hogwarts!" Louis shouted. "I've been waiting for this letter for years," Liam agreed. They talked for about 30 minutes until dinner was ready. Before bed, Mrs. Tomlinson spoke to Liam privately. "Going away means that you can't tell anyone your secret." "Yes, ma'am." Liam addressed her. "Louis will help me as well, ma'am. He knows what to do," he added. "Yes, that's all. Now off to bed." she said.

Zayn POV: "We await your owl no later than August 31st. Sincerely, Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," I finished. My father and mother looked at me, with proud looks on their faces. My sisters were eavesdropping on us, and looked completely disgusted. My father was 1/16 wizard, and I was the only one to carry that gene. After we all discussed the matter, I went to start packing. I knew that I would shop for everything later, but I packed what I could. My sweatshirt, my family photo album, and even my teddy bear. 15 minutes later, my sisters burst in. "FREAK! IDIOT! PIECE OF SCUM!" They were that jealous. I knew that I would have to endure this from them. As the boy in the family, they didn't get to do everything I did. I was always an outsider. But this, this was a chance to start fresh. Forget all the hardships from here in Bradford. In spite of it all, I knew this was for the best.
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