Mine For the Summer

Caylee Hunter is your normal 16 year old teenager. She is a barrel racing champion, its her life. Her little sister Elizabeth is a huge One Direction fan, so Caylee surprises her with tickets to a concert. Caylee then runs into Niall backstage, and they have an instant connection. They then start seeing each other one on one over the summer. But when Niall on tour and Caylee getting ready for state finals, can their love last? Or is it just a summer love.


25. Niall.

We pull out of the parking lot and are on our way to the movies. "How did you like Nando's?" i ask Cay. "Its was so delicious! We definitely have to come back!" she replies. We? We have to come back? As in me and her? As in her and I? I hope that is what she meant. I flash her a smile and turn on the radio. We sing along to the One Direction CD that is currently playing. About thirty minutes later we are at the movies. I purchase mine and her ticket and follow Louis to the room that shows the movie. During the movie Caylee and I cuddle up together. I look down at her and figure it is time to ask her. I know i have barely known her, but i want her to be mine. "Caylee?" i say. "Yeah Niall?" she replies while looking at me. "I know we have just met and everything, but i really like you. Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" i ask her. Her faces lights up as she shouts yes. I smile at her knowing this girl is now my girlfriend. I kiss her forehead as she lays her head on my shoulder. The movie ends at nine. So i tell Louis ill see him back at the bus. Cay and I get into my car and drive to the Cafe. She falls asleep on our way. I think about all that happened last night. I hear my phone go off, and its a call from Harry. "Hey! Niall! Umm, where are you?" i hear him ask. "Im taking Cay home. Why is something wrong?" i reply. He sounded a little worried. "No, its just umm, there is a guy here. He is looking for Cay." he says. My heart drops. Who is this guy and why is he looking for Cay? Why is he wanting to know where my Cay is at? "Tell him that i don't know where she is at. She left the movies. Okay Harry?" i say. "Okay." he replies and ends the call. I start to become nervous. Caylee feared that the man that killed her brother was going to come after her. And now i am starting to fear it as well. 

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