Mine For the Summer

Caylee Hunter is your normal 16 year old teenager. She is a barrel racing champion, its her life. Her little sister Elizabeth is a huge One Direction fan, so Caylee surprises her with tickets to a concert. Caylee then runs into Niall backstage, and they have an instant connection. They then start seeing each other one on one over the summer. But when Niall on tour and Caylee getting ready for state finals, can their love last? Or is it just a summer love.


22. Niall.

I pull into the Cafe parking lot and get out of my car. I walk up to the door as a man walks past me. He looks back at me and stares at me and smiles. I brush it off and walk into the Cafe. "Hey!" i say when i see Caylee. "Hello Niall." she replies. We each order a cup of coffee and talk about our plans for today. "So what are you doing tonigt?" i ask. "Well, as of right now, nothing." she says. "Wanna go see a movie with Louis and Eleanor?" i ask. "Yeah! That sounds great!" she says while smiling. "Good!" I say. "How about this, after coffee we go back to the tour bus and hang out with the guys. They are dying to meet you." i say. "That sounds amazing. Lets go!" says Cay. She gets up and grabs her jacket. "Lovely dress." i say while look her in the eyes. She smiles and says thanks. We walk out of the door and to my car. "After the movie ill bring you back to get your car." i say. She replies with okay. The car ride isn't that long, and before we know it we are at the tour bus. "You ready to meet the guys?" i ask. She shakes her head yes. I grab her hand and walk her into the bus. I hear a lot going on in the living area as we walk in. "Guys! This is Caylee." i say while introducing her. "Hello love!" exclaims Harry. The rest of them great themselves. "Have a seat." i say to her. She walks over to the couch and sits down. 

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