Mine For the Summer

Caylee Hunter is your normal 16 year old teenager. She is a barrel racing champion, its her life. Her little sister Elizabeth is a huge One Direction fan, so Caylee surprises her with tickets to a concert. Caylee then runs into Niall backstage, and they have an instant connection. They then start seeing each other one on one over the summer. But when Niall on tour and Caylee getting ready for state finals, can their love last? Or is it just a summer love.


11. Niall.

"LOUIS! I am going to get you!" says someone out in the living area. I walk up to the sound of the boys being crazy as normal. I look at my clock its six in the morning. I quickly jump up and walk to the bathroom. I undress myself and hop into the shower. I let the warm water wash over me as i think about what this day is about to bring. I am about to go have coffee with this amazing girl. I hope out of the shower and change into clothes i laid out. I quickly do my hair and head out into the living area. "Niall where are you going so early in the morning." asked Liam. "I have a coffee date with Caylee." i quickly reply while grabbing my keys. I turn back to look at the boys all smile and making kissy faces. "See ya later." i say and walk out the door. I walk to my car and start it, turning the radio on. I quickly drive away and make my way to the coffee shop. When i get there i find a nice table in the corner and take a seat. I wait for Caylee to get here.  

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