Mine For the Summer

Caylee Hunter is your normal 16 year old teenager. She is a barrel racing champion, its her life. Her little sister Elizabeth is a huge One Direction fan, so Caylee surprises her with tickets to a concert. Caylee then runs into Niall backstage, and they have an instant connection. They then start seeing each other one on one over the summer. But when Niall on tour and Caylee getting ready for state finals, can their love last? Or is it just a summer love.


41. Niall and Caylee.

Nialls POV

I keep thinking about the note i found. I want to get Cay back and i want her safe. I am never going to leave her alone again. "Niall, please pay attention on what we need to do. What is the first thing it says on the list?" i hear Brian say. I pull the list out, the very first thing it says is to drive to the local bank. "It says go to the local bank?" i tell him all confused. "He wants us to steal money." says Brian. "I can give him money." i say back. "No, he isnt going to get any money." he says. "What! Then how are we gonna get Cay!?" i ask almost yelling. "We are going to tell the police. They will get us the money, but then they will catch him and get the money back." Brian says. Brian drives to the police telling them what happened. The police understood and its seems like they have been trying to catch this guy for ages. "How long ago was it?" i ask Brian. "About seven years ago." he said. Caylee was only nine when she witnessed her brothers death. "She went through a really tough time. She got really depressed." Brian says. "Will we find her?" i ask. Brian nods his head. The cops return with the money and we go to the car and see what is next on the list. 

Caylees POV

I hear noises. Strange noise. I hear people. Unfamiliar people. I dont know where i am, or if im still in the same old town. I look around, wondering if im dead. But i know im not cause i can feel myself breathing. I want to be dead. Its all i ever wanted to be up until i met Niall. I try to move but i cant, i look up and realize that i am chained to a pipe on the side of the wall. I feel funny, like im on some type of drug. I look down and realize im only wearing my bra and panties. My mind flashes to negative thoughts like maybe i was raped. I start to feel pain everywhere and i realize i have been cut..badly. I start to panic, the door opens, i see a man, a huge man. Before i could say anything he slaps me hard across the face. The pain sends vibes down my spine. I am then unlocked and  to a different room.

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