Mine For the Summer

Caylee Hunter is your normal 16 year old teenager. She is a barrel racing champion, its her life. Her little sister Elizabeth is a huge One Direction fan, so Caylee surprises her with tickets to a concert. Caylee then runs into Niall backstage, and they have an instant connection. They then start seeing each other one on one over the summer. But when Niall on tour and Caylee getting ready for state finals, can their love last? Or is it just a summer love.


29. Niall and Caylee.

Nialls POV

"Rise and shine!" shouts Louis, "We have a rodeo to attended today!" We all wake up and get changed. Caylees rodeo is today and we wouldnt miss it for the world. Liam has breakfast made for us so we all grab a bite to eat while talking about what is going to happen at this rodeo. "Maybe i will find a cute country girl." Harry says. "Maybe...not!" laughs Zayn. After we eat i text Caylee and ask her were the rodeo was at. She then texts me the directions to get there. "You guys ready?" i ask them. "Yup!" they reply. "Lets go!" i say. We walk out of the tour bus and to my car. 

Caylees POV

I sit my phone down and get out of bed. My parents are meeting me at the rodeo in less than two hours. I go to my clothes and back a bag to change in after the rodeo. I then run to the bathroom and hop in the shower. As i am showering i hear my brother singing, oh does he sound awful. I get out and get changed. I put on a green and white blade shirt, and pair of jeans and my riding boots. I grab my bag and walk down stairs. My brother is outside getting my horse and tack ready. He is loading up the trailer as i walk out the door. "You driving?" i shout to James. "Yup!" he replies. I get into the passenger side of my truck and wait for James to get in. As he gets in he asks me if i am ready. "Bub, i was born ready." i say as we hit the road. 

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