Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


13. Surprise!


After the little fight with Autumn, Zayn and I haven't been talking. Well, we weren't talking already from our little fight but now it's worse. I tried to apologize to him before he went out on stage for a concert but it didn't work out too well.

"Look Zayn, I'm sorry." I chased after him.

"Whatever Ski. You obviously don't care because you fought with my girl friend!" he somewhat yelled at me.

"I was trying to protect you! Anyways, if you would've listened to me about her in the first place, none of this would have happened! I'm trying to help you, Zayn!" I grabbed his forearm and made him turn around to face me.

"Well stop helping."

He yanked my hand from his arm and ran off on stage with the rest of the boys who were eyeing us suspiciously.

After that encounter, I gave up on him. When the boys and I went out for dinner, I would pretend he wasn't even there with his witch of a girl friend.

I shuddered at the thought of her. I need to stop thinking about them. They don't like me so I won't like them.

Heading to the shower, I grabbed a towel. Today I was meeting the boys at the amusement park after a meeting with management. I guess you could say I was super excited.

The shower was a quick one. I still needed to pick out an outfit and do my hair. Drying, myself I opened my drawers. I needed to wear something cute. I'm still a girl so I flirt a lot and considering Niall's going to be there and plus I heard Louis talking to Liam about how Harry was coming.

I haven't really seen Harry in over a few weeks. I mean, I've sen him at the concerts but he's always on the phone when he's not performing. And when he's not performing, he's nowhere to be found. It's weird and I have to admit I miss him. A lot...

I decided to go with a pair of shorts that were red on top, white in the middle, and blue at the end like the American Flag. For a top I wore a white crop top with a small American flag on the top right cornor on the small pocket it came with. I needed to give my toms a break so I settled on a pair of white sandals. Now since I got my clothes on, time for my hair.

In the middle of taking out my hair curler, I heard my phone buzz.

"Daddy Payne" It said. I giggled at the silly name Liam set as himself. I slid the 'answer' button and put the phone to my ear,

"Yes Daddy Payne?" I giggled.

"You're still coming right?" He laughed too at the name I called him.

"Mhm," I plugged in the curling Iron and waited for it to get hot.

"Okay good, just text me when you're done with management. Oh wait, Harry wants to talk to you."

"Ow!" I dropped the phone on the ground as I sucked on my burned finger. At the sound of Harry's name I accidently touched the curling iron and burned myself. I didn't even knew this thing could get hot so fast.

"Helloooo?" I totally forgot about the phone! I picked it up and tried to calm my breathing.



"Ye--yes." I stuttered as my heart did backflips from my name on his lips.

"Hey love, how are you?"

At that point, I nearly fell to the floor. Oh how I miss him so much. If he would ask me to be his girl friend again, I would say yes in a heart beat. I know things between Niall and I has become a little stronger but he would understand... right?

"Great, how about you?" I grabbed a small strand of my hair and started curling it.

"Could be better, but you're going to the amusement park right?"

"Yeah, of course." I grabbed a few more strands and curled some more.

"Fantastic." his voice filled with relief.

"So I heard about you and Zayn," he said.

"Oh, did ya now?" I wonder what his opinion was.

"And I heard you gave Autumn a little lesson." he chuckled

"Yeah cause she deserved it." I stated.

"Well I'm glad you did cause she was getting annoying. She flirted with me too much."

I giggled a bit but afterwards it was silent. After his last comment, he made it awkward. After all, him and girls that flirted with him is what that made us broke up... OKAY, next subject before I start crying.

" Well see you soon." he finally said

"Kay bye." I didn't want the conversation to end, just a different subject, goodness.

"I love you."

His sudden sentence caught me off guard. I didn't know what to say so I just kept quiet.

"Just know that." He clicked off leaving me speechless. You can't just tell someone you love them then hang up. Who does that?

I just need to clear my head, or just until after the meeting with management. If they sense anything wrong with me, they'll torture me until they find out what it is.

I finished curling my hair and adding any finishing touches. I grabbed my phone and my purse and went into the small kitchen. While pouring some orange juice, I looked at the small clock on the counter.

"Crap." I was late. I chugged down my juice and ran out the door.


"You're late Miss Motto."

"Sorry." I mumbled while taking a seat across from the men and women in black suits. The same two men that were there in the first meeting by the beach were here but the lady isn't. Instead it's a blonde lady with her hair up in a tight bun. She looked like a strict high school teacher.

"You're probably wondering why we called you down for a meeting, hmm?" the lady asked.

I slowly nodded.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you?" Great, she's one of those serious bosses in those movies.

"Yes. And may I ask exactly who you are?"

"My name is Jackie Holder. I took the spot of your original  boss." I saw her mouth curve up into a grin. A mischevious grin.

After I didn't respond, she continued on,

"Well we're here to talk about the concert schedule."

I felt myself relax. I honestly thought it was something dramatic like about me or Harry, Niall and I, or even me getting fired. I probably cry myself for years if I got fired from this wonderful job.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked.

"We might have to make it shorter. You see, I got a call from Simon earlier today saying the boys have an interview planned on the day of one of the concerts. The interview is with Alan Carr so that means we have to fly back to England early. The states we will continue to go thorugh with are Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and we'll end in New York. Now I need you to be on top of your game. You will need to take more photos and upload and keep in touch with fans when the boys can't got it?"

"Yes." In all honesty, I was still trying to progress what she just said.

"That would be all."

I stood up from my chair and exited the building. Whistling, I grabbed a taxi.

"To Heights Amusement park please."

The bulky man grunted as he drove off. I'll take that as an 'okay'?

During the ride, I kept thinking of what Miss Jackie said. I couldn't believe we were actually going to have to skip concerts. I couldn't even imagine what the fans are going through when they find out. Will they be devasted? Would they cry? I hope they get a refund or atleast tickets to one of the still on-going concerts.

I pulled out my phone and got on Twitter. 'Whoever tweets me the most creative picture of them decorating their house and turning it into a 1D house, gets three tickets to the New York concert. Good luck :) xx'

I smiled at my generous tweet. I wonder how far these directioners will go. My thoughts were interupted by a buzz in my purse. Pulling it out, I smiled. It was a text from Niall.

'Just so you know, you're coming with me on the Spine Thrower coaster ;)'

I replied, "In your dreams babe. xx" I locked my phone but it quickly vibrated with another text. Niall couldn't have texted that fast. I unlocked my phone and looked at the recent text.


'Can't wait to see you. xx'

A unexpected smile formed on my face. I was just about to reply when I recieved yet another buzz but this time it was from Niall,

'Just can't wait to see your beautiful face <3'

Oh goodness, how am I ever going to choose between these two boys?

"We're here miss."

I looked out the taxi window to see a long line from the front of the entrance. It didn't even  feel like it took thirty minutes to get here. I payed the kind man before getting out and joining others to the back of line.

Surprisingly it went pretty fast. Before I knew it, I was paying for a ticket. I texted all the boys, except for Zayn, saying I was here in the front.

They all replied saying they were by the smoothie stand. I could see the smoothie sign from where I was standing. It wasn't that far but it was a good distance. I started walking through the crowd of people. I got a lot of 'Hey Ski's' and 'OMG your Ski Motto!'. I guess I was famous here on this side of town but I still said hello back in respect.

Suddenly, I spotted a curly-haired boy. I knew those curls only belonged to one person. I picked up my step, pushing through people. When I finally came into the clearing, I saw the boys, and Autumn, sitting around conjoined tables.

Liam was the first to spot me, "Hey Skister!"

That's when all eyes were on me. I tried not to look at Harry but out of the corner of my eyes, I sneaked a peek. He was wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans. His casual attire. The best thing about him was his eyes. Those sexy emerald eyes glimmered as they bore into me. And they never left me.


I tried so hard to act casual as I turned toward Harry but once I did, I couldn't help but run into his arms. I made sure not to jump on him and wrap my arms around his waist because we were in public and we weren't allowed to show any affection toward each other whatsoever. Still, he embraced me in those strong arms of his. I haven't hugged him like this for almost two weeks and gosh, how I've missed them.

We stayed like this until I heard someone clear their throat. A little high pitched if you asked me. Still smiling I let go of Harry and turned around.. Behind him stood a beautiful blonde girl with her arms crossed. She looked vaguely familiar. Her hair was in perfect tight curls that fell down a little past her breasts and the tips were dyed hot pink. She wore really really short shorts that were practically up her bum, and a white crop top that hung off her left shoulder. Was I jealous? Of course not. . . Okay maybe a little.

"Who are you?" I asked almost hysterical. I was still smiling like an idiot from that amazing hug I just shared with Harry.

She raised an eye brow, acting as if what I just said was invalid. As if, I didn'y know who she was. As if I have never heard of her. "Um, I'm you know Ariana?" She said questionly.

With a smile still to my face but my eyebrows furrowed, I looked at the Harry. He wasn't looking at me back though, Instead, he looked down at the ground, avoiding any sort of eye contact. A frown replaced my face as I looked toward the boys. They all replicated Harry, with their heads down avoiding eye contact. Autumn just stood their with her arms crossed, smirking at me. What the heck was going on!?

"Who's Ariana, Harry?" I whispered.

This time we switched roles. He looked at me but I looked at the ground.

"Ariana, this is Ski. Ski this is Ariana, my-- my girlfriend."


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