Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


22. News and Explanations

"Excuse me Cynthia?" I gently tapped her on the shoulder as she was folding clothes.

Startled she quickly turned around, "Oh hello Miss Ski! You were amazing today! What can I do for you?"

"Have you seen Jasmine?"

"Oh she left around ten minutes ago. She told me to tell you that she wants you to meet her home asap." she smiled.

"Oh okay thanks. Oh and wear would my photos end up?"

She chuckled as if I didn't already know, "Everywhere girl. Probably in the most top magazines but Paul always sends the pictures to his models so you can post them on all your social feeds and what not."

"Does that mean I'm considered his 'model' now?" I asked with a smile forming on my face.

She nodded, "Yup."

She turned around and continued with her task. Still smiling I walked to the elevator. Most photographers and models already left for the night. What time was it anyway?

I pulled my phone out of the pocket of my brand new shorts. Paul let me keep the outfit so I decided to wear it for the rest of the day or night...

Unlocking my phone I checked the time.

9:00 pm

"Oh my!" It was super late.

I caught a taxi and started looking on my Twitter feed.

 From: @NiallerLuver

@Ski_xo Omg what happened to you? Are you okay?

From: @Ski_Loves_Me

Did @Ski_xo die or something?

From: @SkirryAllTheWay



I frowned. Did I only become famous because of them? Well of course, I was their photographer and dated one of them.

I decided to tweet something, non- one-direction-related.

From: Ski_xo

Thanks @Jasmine94 for a wonderful day! I really enjoyed modeling for the amazing Paul Sanchez <3 xx

"We're here lady. "

I looked up at the man confused but then it hit me. I'm still in the taxi. I quickly pay the man before scrambling out the car. He quickly drove away as if he had better things to do than watch a girl safely get inside her home.

Stepping over puddles so I wouldn't dirty my new boots, I made my way to the front door. Brian's jeep wasn't back yet so he must be at the gym.

"Oh crap," I mumbled while looking through my purse, "forgot the keys again."

I heard a giggle on the other side, assuming it was Jasmine I pounded my fist on the door, "Jasmine, you seriously have to keep a spare key out here."

She opened the door and her eyes were wide, "You're home already. I thought Paul would want to keep you till ten..."

 Pushing past her I chuckled, "This was only my first day and I wasn't even suppose to be there in the first place. Did you want me out of the house or something?"

She quickly ran in front of me blocking my past. "Ski, you know I love you right? You know I only do things that are for the best." she started to say.

"Jasmine, what are you rambling on about?" I asked jutting out my right hip.

"Just don't be mad at me okay?" she squinted her eyes, afraid of how I was going to react. But react to what?

My heart sped up and I once again pushed past her into the living room.

"Hi love."

No... Oh no..

Not here...

Not now...


I stood there with my mouth wide open. I slowly turned around to a meekly smiling Jasmine. "What the fu--!"

"Now now now Ski. Let's not use our dirty words. You know you had to face them sooner or later..." Jasmine spoke holding her hands up in defense.

"How could you Jasmine!" I screamed at her not caring about the five boys who watched a girl, who hasn't seen in a week, argue about their presence.

"Ski..." I heard a high pitched voice spoke softly.

I turned around almost teary-eyed at hearing his voice again. "Oh Louis.."

He smiled before coming over and hugging me. I made sure to hold onto him as longas I could just in case I've never got to do it again.

He squeezed harder every two seconds. "I missed you so much my little American." he whispered into my ear.

I couldn't help but giggle through my tears. We let go and behind him I saw Liam smile at me. I only took two steps toward him before he swept me off my feet and twirled me around in his famous bear hug.

"Ski, why in the world would you leave us? I loved you being apart of our family. You were the little sister I was suppose to protect from jerky boys." he said as he let me back down.

"Well maybe you should try harder next time..." I mumbled.

He frowned slightly but pushed it aside, consuming me into another bear hug.

"Aye Aye! Save some huggin' for me will ya Liam?" I heard Zayn.

He pushed Liam aside so I could fully see him. He looked the same except for small stubble growing on his chin and the dark circles under his eyes.

"Hello Zayn.." I said making sure I made direct eye contact with him.

"Hey love." he grinned.

I tried my best to put my anger at him. I know I accepted his apology but I assumed I was never going to see him again but now that I have, I don't seem to have the heart to.

My eyes teared up again as he embraced me with a hug. I wrapped my arms around him squeezing tight. Jasmine was right. Zayn and I have had our fights and we've had major ones. For example, him accidently letting his anger get the best of him to beat me a few times, the Autumn problem, and just the daily arguments we've had. I smiled at the memory of us arguing over which curtains to get for the flat. Brown or blue. But it was the thought that it only brung us closer and made us miss each other even more every time.

"I'll always love you Ski. I mean it." he mumbled into my curled hair.

"I love you too Zayny." I giggled.

"Zayny? Now didn't we have a talk about calling me that? And what's with this?" he pulled away gesturing toward my new look.

I twirled around giving him the full view. "You like?"

"Cough Slut cough cough." Louis pretended to fake cough.

"Thanks Louis. Thanks for your opinion." I rolled my eyes.

He blows me a kiss before walking back over to sit between....Harry and Niall. Both of them looked at me. They were mostly looking me up and down, checking out the complete opposite of the Ski Motto they used to know.

"Damn Ski..." Niall finally spoke.

I blushed looking at my boots. I wasn't looking at him directly but I could see from the corner of my eyes as he made his way toward me.

I felt a hand lightly tilt my chin up. I shuddered at his touch looking away. When I did find the guts to look at him I regretted it. His eyes were full of shock and sadness.

"Are you going to tell me what happened that night?" he spoke softly.

"What happened between you two 'this night'?" Harry asked standing up.

"Hello Harry." I simply said, not even bothering to answer his questions.

I feel his gaze move from Niall's to mine. I wanted him to walk up to me and just embrace me in a hug and just kiss me so I could push him off and yell at me.

To my surprise he did come up to me and wrapped his arms around me. I used everything I had in my body to refuse to hug him.

When he noticed I was hugging him back, he cleared his throat while stepping away from me clearly hurt by my actions.

"I have no idea what happened that night but it must be horrible considering she won't even tell me..." Niall answered to Harry's previous question.

"Look Ski," Jasmine came beside me, "I really think you should tell them. Niall at least."

I couldn't believe what was happening. My best friend just called the band I just 'broke up' with including the guy who raped me and my ex-boyfriend who slept with another girl. Now she wants me to actually tell Niall what happened that night. This is all just too much.

"I can't do this." I whispered running up the stairs ignoring everyone's plea to have me stay.

I ran into the guest bedroom, where I was staying, and jumped into the bed holding onto my pillow.

Knock Knock

"Please go away." I yell.

I heard the door open and shut. My face was buried into the pillow, letting it soak up my tears.


"Niall! I said leave me alone!" I scream at him throwing the pillow at him.

With swift motions he dodged it which made me even more angrier than I already was. I grabbed three more pillows from my bed and chucked it at him. One by one he dodged them. I looked around for more items to throw at him as I heaved in and out, out of breath from all the crying.

I spotted the clock on my bedside table and instantly reached for it. By the time I turned around to throw it, Niall was next to me grabbing my wrist that held the clock and wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me close. I tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he was too strong.

As I slowly stopped struggling, Niall quickly grabbed the clock and tossed it onto the other side of the room. Enough distance away so that I wouldn't be able to reach it without him stopping me.

"Shhh." he quietly shushed me. "It's okay Ski, I'm here.."

He wrapped both arms around me, letting me rest my head on his chest. It felt good to be held again but someone who cares for me. The warmth of his arms around me made me feel safe even if he did what he did. He was drunk. He didn't know what he was doing... right?

After ten minutes of crying that eventually turned into light sniffles, Niall spoke softly, "So, are you going to tell me what happened?"

I let the question linger for a moment before answering, "Are you sure you want to here this?"

I stood up from my sitting/laying position and looked him the eyes, "Like really sure?"

His hand lightly caressed my face making me shudder lightly, "Yes. I need to know what I did wrong so I could make it up to you."

I took a deep breathe and began.

"So the night before I left, I went to talk to Harry about his and I relationship. I wanted to tell him that we should take a real break from each other but when I went to his room he didn't answer. I got a little worried and went inside. I didn't hear anything so I assumed he was sleeping but then I heard..." I whispered the last few words.

"Heard what? What did you hear?" he asked looking intrigued.

Looking straight ahead I said, "The moans..."

I could feel Niall's eyes go wide and feel the anger starting to radiate off his body.

"I opened his door just a bit so I would be able to look inside... and that's when I saw it. Him and Ariana in bed... naked. Harry still had on his boxers but it was the fact that Ariana didn't have anything on. Not even a bra..."

When he didn't speak I continued.

"I was so shocked that I was speechless at first. Harry finally noticed me after I spoke Ariana's name but he seemed to be shock that I was even in his room. He kept saying 'it's not what it looks like' but what else could it be. That's when I had enough of Ariana."

I chuckled a bit at the memory of my fist colliding with her jaw. "I made sure that no one ever was going to want to sleep with her the way she looked after I was done."

Niall smiled touching my knee gently. Just the contact alone sent shivers down my spine.

"I couldn't take it anymore so I just ran out of the room. I felt like I was going to throw up or even have a heart attack. I needed someone for comfort," I looked up at him, "that's when I ran to your room."

Niall sat up straighter, prepared to hear everything I had to say but I feel like he wasn't prepared at all. Not even a single bit.

"I pounded on your door and you opened up right away, concerned... confused... drunk..."

I heard Niall's breathe hitch in his throat and his body tense up. My eyes filled with tears and I had to stop to regain myself before I continued.

"I was only able to stutter out Harry's name and Ariana's with the words 'in bed together' but all you said to me was ' Not my problem baby, you chose him remember?' " I worded it and spoke it exactly the way he did that night.

"Oh Ski, I'm so sorr--"

"But then," I kept going feeling my breathe get heavier, "I asked to use your bathroom to fix myself up..."

"Ski... you didn't... you know... harm yourself did you?" Niall asked slowly.

I scoffed, "Of course not but the idea sounded so good at the time."

Relieved he let out a long breathe.

"I didn't know that I stayed in there for almost a half-hour. That's when you knocked on the door thinking I was dead or something," I chuckled as did Niall, "I decided that you were no help considering the state you were in so I told you I'll go to Liam's but... you didn't let me leave.. You wanted a hug first. So I gave you one that ended up being a little too tight."

I took a deep breathe and looked at Niall. His eyes started to get puffy as if he were holding back a river of tears.

"You started touching my bum and I told you to stop. You then suggested that you and I have sex to get back at Harry--"

"Stupid!," Niall yelled suddenly, "Why did I have to be so freakin' stupid!"

I quickly continued, wanting to get this out of my system, "I told you no and that you were drunk but you didn't seem to listen. I tried to push away but... you held on tight... then started to kiss me... fast and hard... You then stopped to take a drink so that's when I saw my chance. I made a beeline for the door but was instantly shut tight by you. Being very angry, you pinned me against the wall smashing your lips into mine once again. And goodness Niall, you really don't hesitate when you're drunk." I chuckled at my small joke.

I looked over at Niall and he was staring down at his hands with tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Um, well that's when I pushed you away and slapped you... I'm sorry about that--"

Niall scoffed, "Sorry? Why should you be? I was the one acting like an complete jerk. You should've kicked me in the balls or something."

I laughed, "Oh trust me, I did."

I relaxed for only a few seconds, loving that there was laughter in the air. It went away as I continued with the basic part of this story.

"Well after I slapped you, you got really angry and picked me up, lifting me over your shoulder. You then... carried me... into the bedroom and dropped me on the bed. Then you slapped me because I was screaming for help..."

I waited for Niall's response but he didn't say anything or even moved a muscle. I hope he knew that was all to it. Or at least what I was going to say...

"The bottom line is that I escaped unharmed..."

He didn't respond in any sort of way.




"What happened after I brought you into the room?..." he asked.

His sudden question caught me off guard, "Um well... you know... I really don't have to say--"


"Niall, I don't have to--"

"Ski, what happened after I brought you into the room?" he repeated with more force.

"Seriously Niall, I really don't have to contin--"

"Ski, tell me what freakin' happened after I brought you into the room?" he yelled at me, finally turning to look at me with his bloodshot eyes.

"You freakin' raped me! That's what freakin' happened!"

Niall's eyes shot open. His face didn't show any anger. Just shocked.

"Ski, I'm--"

"You wanted to know, so I told you. You. Freakin'. Raped. Me." I enunciated the last four words.

Niall opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the slamming of door hitting a wall.

Niall and I whipped our heads toward the door at a red-faced, furious Harry staring down at Niall.

"You did what!?"

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