Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


21. New Me

"Hey I have a photo shoot at one today, wanna come along?" Jasmine asked as she plopped down on the couch and switched on the giant plasma screen tv, turning to E!

Sitting next to her I replied, "I guess, I mean, I have nothing better to do."

"Well just so you know, my modeling schedule is basically the same every week, rarely ever changes. It on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The rest I'm off doing my jasmine needs." she chuckles.

"Oh yeah todays Tuesday right?"

It's been exactly one week since I've left the boys. I've been getting non-stop calls and texts from the boys since. They have two concerts left if I'm correct. One in North Carolina and the last one, here, in New York. Every night I seem to cry myself to sleep. I miss everything about them. Liam's protective, lame-joke-self and Louis' hilarious personality. I even miss Zayn and his weird dance moves. I miss Niall and our junk-food sleepovers. Sad to say, I even, only a little, miss Harry and his curls and those emerald green eyes of his. I miss so much more but couldn't even think of it before Jasmine interrupted my thoughts with 7 important words.

"Did you watch Teen Wolf last night?"

My head snapped to hers and a smile grew on my face. "OMG yes I did!"

She squeals and turns away from the tv to face me, "I can't believe Scott is a true alpha! Me and him are like meant to be!"

"I know right? And omg Isaac? He is so sexy I think I'm going to die."

We giggled together before we heard 'Breaking News' on E!

"It seems this One Direction Infection is not only spreading to the fans but to the boys aswell.."

Jasmine turned up the tv and looked at me with a Should-I-Turn-It-Off look. I snatched the remote from her and turned it up louder.

"As you can see here," a video suddenly popped up of the boys at their recent concert in Florida, "the boys weren't really in their usually spirited mood. Actually, when they were singing their new hit single, 'She Could Be The One' band member Harry Styles burst out in tears while singing his solo which sang 'if they only knew, how much I cared for you'. The boys soon followed his actions.

The video showed Harry and the boys singing. They weren't even jumping around, just standing and singing. Suddenly when Harry was singing, he dropped to his knees and buried his face in his hands. Niall ran to him and held him with Louis, then Liam and Zayn following behind. Watching what was occurring on tv was heartbreaking and I could feel my eyes fill up with tears.

Jasmine who started to sniff while watching the video laid a gentle hand on my shoulder. "Honey, I think it's time that you call them.."

I shot straight up and felt myself started to feel angry. "Me? Why do I have to call them? Do you not remember what Harry did to me? Let alone Niall!? Harry promised me! He PROMISED. Then he leaves me"

She seemed startled and scared at first but stood her ground, "But why?"

I paused and looked at my twindling fingers, "Because it was never real..."

Jasmine stood up and looked at me in disbelief,

 "Well maybe it's time for you to work things out with Harry. What he did to you was completely wrong and you know that if I was there he wouldn't even consider even thinking wrong about you. And as for Niall? Baby girl you have to tell him what happened."

At this point my eyes were red and puffy, "Jasmine you know I can't do that. He'll probably hate himself for the rest of his life or I don't know. It's an awkward conversation! I mean it's not like I could just walk up to him and say 'hey while I looked to you for comfort, after I walked in on my 'boyfriend' having sex with another women, you tried to rape me."

Jasmine looked down at the ground understanding my point, "but still, you should at least talk to Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Zayn was way out of line choosing that Autumn chick over you but I do remember you telling me he was like an older brother to you and I know for a fact brothers and sisters fight all the time but that only brings them closer. As for Liam and Louis, they didn't do anything to you except love and support you through everything you've been through."

When Jasmine finished her speech she came over and hugged me tight. "They're miserable without you Ski, anyone would be but it's the fact that you're miserable without them too. You both need each other. I know you miss Harry..."

"I don't miss him... I miss who I thought he was..."

She paused before patting my shoulder and headed upstairs, "Don't forget. Photo shoot. One hour. Be ready."

I looked back over at the tv to see them reshowing the video of the boys. Apparently the boys demanded that the concert end early. I felt a pang of hurt in my heart for all those Floridian fans.

Knock Knock

Making my way toward the front door, I wiped my eyes and tried to look decent.

"Oh hey Ski-- oh my, Ski are you okay?" Brian asked rushing inside.

"Oh yeah just watching E news, that's all." I wipe my eyes once more.

"Oh, I understand." he said nodding.

Eventually I told Brian about my life with the boys and he seemed to understand everything. He embraced me into a big bear hug assuring me everything was going to be alright. Oh how I loved Jasmine's boy friend.



"Considering you haven't been in New York long, we're going to do our old friend New York traditions." Jasmine winked at me before whistling really loudly, "Aye Taxi!"

I laughed as Jasmine showed her true New York accent. Just as always a Taxi screeched to a stop in front of us. We both hopped in the backseat, taking in the smell of sweaty men, hotdogs, and cigarettes.

"Wow, I haven't rode in a taxi in awhile.." I exclaimed.

"Me neither!" she agreed.

"Now where are you two lovely ladies headed?" asked the dirty buff taxi driver.

"Direct model management please." Jasmine directed.

"You got it."

We arrived at a huge building with the image of a pale women looking straight at the camera. Definitely model status.

"Here we are! Direct model management!" Jasmine squealed.

She paid the nice man, giving him a generous tip, before grabbing my wrist and pulling inside. I was instantly wowed. Everywhere were ladies in fabulous outfits and men in business suits. There were even men wearing some tights and scarfs. I assumed those were some of the photographers.

Jasmine led me to the elevator and pressed the button that led to the 11th floor. Once we reached the floor I completely became claustrophobic. Everywhere I looked was someone running. A half naked model ran across the room yelling for a Mr. Sanchez. Others were just mumbling random stuff I couldn't make out.

"This was probably the worst time I could've brought you. There's a fashion show tomorrow and everybody always goes hectic the day before." Jasmine apologized.

Making sure I held onto her arm tight, Jasmine led me through the chaos of people. Finally we reached a booth with lots of flashing lights.

"Oh Jasmine darling, you've made it!" a small skinny man approached her carrying a new EOS C100.

She air kisses him on the cheek before turning to me, " and Mr. Sanchez this is Ski, my best friend who is also a wiz with professional photography."

I eyed her with a look, I don't like it when people call me 'professional'. I feel pressured to be good.

"Oh call me Paul and look at you honey," Mr. Sanchez, or Paul, looked me up and down with a smile. Talk about awkward.

He noticed me tense up and laughed, "Oh baby I'm gay. There's nothing you need to worry about except that I like your features."

I smiled, "Why thank you--"

"--I want you to model for me, right now. Cynthia will help you. Cynthia!" he screamed.

I was about to refuse before a quirky blonde came over and stared at Paul, "Yes sir?"

"Get Ms. Ski here ready. Give her the sexy look, as if she wants to win all the boys hearts in the world."

I was in complete shock as to what was happening around me. This so-called-Cynthia girl started to pull me toward a dressing rack but I slipped away, "But wait Mr. Sanchez--"


"Okay. Paul.. I'm not modeling material." I protested.

"But oh yes you are. You face is a perfect round shape, your nose should be the definition of perfect, you have beautiful long tan legs and you're very thin. You most definitely are modeling material."

This time I let Cynthia pull me towards the dressing rack. I watched as she grabbed some clothes and put it on a different rack. Suddenly, Jasmine came around picking out clothes that had her name on it. "Get ready Ms. thang, you're about to go Vogue."


"Ski honey, are you ready?" Paul sang out.

"Um, I'm not so sure if I'm comfortable with this Mr. Sa-- I mean Paul.." I admitted.

"Oh nonsense, let me see how you look."

I took a deep breath before stepping out behind the curtain. I heard gasps from all around.

"Oh my gosh Ski, you look hot!" Jasmine laughed with her mouth wide open.

"Hot? She's looks sexy!" Paul exclaimed while clapping his hands together.

As he set up his camera, I took the opportunity to examine myself in the mirror. I gasped as I looked at myself. I... looked..... AMAZING. My make-up was phenomenal. Cynthia applied so much foundation and blush to my face I looked like a shiny new Barbie doll. What I loved the most were my eyes. She outlined it a way so my eyes could pop out. A lot of mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow for sure. My lips were a raspberry color to go with my killer outfit which I disapproved of. It wasn't ugly, but it just wasn't me.

I'm used to my casual outfits. Shorts, t-shirts, and toms, maybe jeans and sandals. To go extreme I may even wear dresses but that's only for special occasions like an interview or an award ceremony or even church. But what I was wearing was the opposite of good girl, non revealing Ski.

I wore ripped black shorts, that were up my bum, that had silver studs on the right side of the shorts. As shirt wise, I wore a white crop top with black dots that ended just below my breasts revealing my whole stomach. The plus side of it, it definitely made my boobs looks 2X bigger. I had to admit, Paul was right, I did have the model figure down. For shoes, I wore black high heels, which made me three inches taller, which also had silver studs. To complete the outfit I had on a thick black bracelet and a black beanie that said the words DOPE.

"Come come honey, we don't have all day." Paul motioned me.

I walked as fast as I could, wasn't that fast considering my new height, and stood in front of a blank white screen.

"Okay darling now I just want you to relax and pose for me." Paul said looking into the camera.

I didn't know what to do so I just put my hand on my hip and smiled. Wrong move apparently. Paul laughed, throwing his head back.

"Baby come on! Work with me. You were the girlfriend of Harry Styles weren't you?"

My body tensed at Harry's name, "Y--y--yeah.."

"And now you're not, correct?"

I gulped, "Y--yes."

"Then sweetheart why don't you show him what you're missing. You were a boring little girl before you came here and now you're a naughty girl. Now show me that!"

I realized that Paul was right. I felt insecure around Harry. As if I was never good enough for him. He was this hottie with a British accent in a famous boy band. I used to think 'I was never good enough for him' but not anymore.

Instead of doing a Facebook or Instagram pose I decided to just stare at the camera with my hip jutted out and my lips partly opened.

"Yeah baby, yeah!" Paul yelled smiling.

I turned around putting my hands up to my hair and grabbed a bunch hair. After a few flashes I switched hips. After that, I stood in the spot but just turned my head toward the camera.

Paul came close to my face and took multiple close-up shots. Thinking of Harry and the boys seeing me this way made me smirk.


I continued more shots. A few involved a chair and another involved very powerful fans. Throughout the rest of the shoot I focused on three things.

This is my moment

This is my turn to shine

This is the new me







Author's note:

Sorry guys. I know you hate Author's notes but this is important..... WHO WATCHES TEEN WOLF!?!? Team Isaac baby! I'm so excited for tonight's episode! My friend LOVES Tyler so I made Jasmine like him for her haha! Oh and did you guys know that Crystal (Alison) and Daniel (Isaac) used to date?! Like wuutttt .-. Anywho, does anybody watch THE FOSTERS?! I LOVE that show! The best everrrrr! Well that's all for now... OH WAIT! Guess what tomorrow is guys?........... 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF ONE DIRECTION(: excited! Okay I'll leave you alone now. Love you guys! <3 xx


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