Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


4. New Friend

Even though it sounds like tons of fun, I rather be somewhere else than watch girls drool over my boy friend.
I let Ryan take me to the Starbucks cafe that was right across the street from the Arena.

"Ryan, you don't have to be my bodygaurd, I'm not fam-" we stepped otuside and a swarm of paparazzi and screaming girls surrounded us.

"Sure, you're not famous." he smirked.

I felt so claustrophobic. I was being thrown thousands of questions at a time.





Where in the world are these people hearing these things? Before I could protest to any of there questions, Ryan grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. We ran across the street and into the cafe.

"Thank goodness for super Ryan." I chuckled once we sat down in an empty booth away from the windows. He slightly smiled at my comment before ordering us two vanilla milkshakes.

"How did you know Vanilla was my favourite?" I asked. He just shrugged and looked back down at the menu.


A girl, around the age of sixteen with long black hair, came back holding two vanilla milkshakes and a piece of paper with a black pen.

"Can I have your autograph?" She asked shakily as she held out the paper and pen.. to ME!

"Uh.. errmm.." I looked at Ryan with a shocked expession and he just shrugged his shoulder with the Told-You-So look.

 She put on a puppy dog face and held the paper and pen closer to me. Do I really have fans? Am I famous just for being a photographer? I don't care which one but I find it rather amazing.

"Sure thing hun," I grabbed the paper and stared blankly at it. I never really practiced doing a signature. I guess this is where I should start. I wrote my name in cursive and, connecting with the 'I', I drew a heart around my name.

I handed the paper back to the girl who squealed with excitement. She ran off and disappeared through a swinging door that said 'EMPLOYEES ONLY'.

"Well that was strange." Ryan said while slurping the last of his milkshake. I nodded but smiled. I had fans.

"They there are!" Ryan and I looked to the front of the cafe to see Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and... and a GIRL! Zayn had his arm around her and she was giggling.

They walked over and scooted into the booth. It was rather small to fit all eight of us but they didn't seem to mind. I cast a glance over at Ryan who was squished between Liam, Louis, and Niall. He looked very annoyed. He met my eyes and I made a weird face trying to cheer him up. Successfully he chuckled a bit.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Ryan said as he made his way out of the crowded booth and toward the restroom.

"So who's your new friend?" I asked Zayn. He looked up at me and smiled, "This is Autumn."
She giggled and waved at me.

She had long wavy brown hair and big brown eyes. She wore pounds of make-up and was actually really pretty. She had that model figure so no wonder why Zayn brought her along. I don't know, I feel like I'm not going to like her...

"So why are you here with Ryan?" Harry asked. He grabbed my milkshake and drank it down in one big gulp. I frowned, that was my milkshake.

"I didn't want to hear anymore screaming girls so he took me to a cafe and bought me a milkshake." I stated simply. I was in no mood to talk to Harry about who I can hang with and who I cannot.

"I don't trust him." He finally said after I pause. "I do." I replyed.

I guess my reply wasn't what anyone was expecting. They all stared at me wide-eyed. "What?" I heard myself getting a attitude and tried to calm myself down. Ski with an attitude is a horrible thing to witness.

Finally, Ryan came out of the bathroom holding the van keys, "We have to go back to the hotel, let's go."

I was the first one to get up and follow him. I felt everyone's eyes on me but I really didn't care. I just wanted to sleep. I needed to get away from drama and boys.



"Goodnight miss Ski." Ryan hugged me goodbye and turned on his heel toward his hotel room that was a few doors down. Gosh, I love that boy. Not that way... but you know what I mean.

"Why do you keep hanging with him and not me."

I sighed and shut the door. I turned around to find Harry shirtless but wearing pajama bottoms. Wow, Harry not naked? That's rare.

I rolled my eyes and walked to my room, "Well one, your always surrounded by screaming girls and two he's the only one not surrounded by screaming girls." I called out while continuing to walk.

I felt him fall into step behind me but I payed no mind to him. "Skiiiii." Harry grabbed my hand and turned me around so I was face to face with him. We were only lips distance apart and I had to restrain every bone in my body to not kiss him.

"Hey guys, where's Zayn-" Niall came through a door that connected his room with ours. He stopped when he saw how close we were.

"He has his own room with that brunette." Harry told him.

Even though he got his answer he just stood there looking at us. "Were you guys about to kiss?"
His question caught me off guard a bit. I wasn't going to kiss him but Niall does know that I can.

"No." I pulled away from Harry's grasp and walked back into my room. I closed the door hoping Harry wouldn't come in but of course he did.

"What was that for?" he yelled at me. I rolled my eyes and looked for a pair of pajamas.

When I didn't answer he groaned really loudly. "Ski, what is up with you!"
I flinched at how loud his voice became.

I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I changed into pajama shorts and a old high school t-shirt.
When I came out Harry was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I started making my way toward the door out but he beat me there. He put his arm up blocking anyway of escaping.

"Ski, talk me to will ya?" he shouted.

"Why can't I hang with a boy that simply takes me out for a milkshake but yet you can hang with thousands of other girls who just kiss on you?" I yelled at him.

What I just said and how loud my voice was threw us both off guard. I looked at my feet, not wanting to meet his gaze.

"Well what am I suppose to do? Push them off me?" he said. He wasn't as loud as before but he voice still rose.

"You could at least tell them to stop or something..." my voice trailed off at the end.
He was right... He was a famous boy. Part of a popular hot british/irish boy band. He's always going to have tons of girls on him.

"I'm sleeping over at Zayn's tonight." I finally said after a pause. He dropped his arms as well as his jaw. That was my chance to push through him and quickly leave the room.

Zayn's door was only a few doors down opposite ours. I softly knocked on it but heard no reply. I checked the knob to see it unlocked. I slightly pushed it open. It was completely dark in his room. Was he sleeping? It was eleven o'clock but he had company over.

"Zayn?" I whispered.

I walked in all the way and slammed my hand over my mouth. There was Zayn with Autumn on his lap, making out on the couch. I didn't know what to do. Should I interupt them or just leave? Eh, whatever. YOLO right?

I cleared my throat scaring them both. Their cheeks flushed red and I started to laugh. "I'm glad you too got to know each other." I giggled once more.

Zayn scratched behind his head embarassed. Autumn just looked down at the floor also embarassed.

"Well I was going to ask if I could sleepover but I see that you two are busy. Have fun!" Before they could say anything, I slammed the door shut.

"So much for that." I muttered under my breath. I could ask Ryan but that would be awkward and strange. I just met him. He might be sweet, funny, and gorgeous on the outside but for all I know he could be a psyco rapist dude. I shuttered at the thought and walked down to room 345, the room next to ours. A.K.A, Niall's room.

'Hey Niall?" I gently tapped at the door. In a matter of seconds the door flung open revealing Niall only in his underwear.

I looked down and blushed. My hair hid half of my face, covering most of my red cheeks.

"Sorry, uhh what's up?" he asked. He grabbed a pair of sweatpants that was somewhere on a table near him and slipped them on.

"I know this might be too much to ask but can I bunk here with you tonight?" His eyes opened wide and looked toward mine and Harry's room. He opened his mouth t talk but I held up my hand to stop him.

"Is that a yes or no?" I asked. He nodded up and down and opened the door wider so I can come in.

His room was absolutely horrid. Clothes were thrown everywhere and it smelled funny. Like boy funk.

I walked into the living rooma and noticed a pack of beer on the floor. Half of it was already empty. "Niall!" I slapped him in the arm and he turned to look at what I was looking at. His head fell down in shame.

"Ski, I--I was.." he stuttered looking for a good excuse but couldn't find a good one.

"Whatever Niall, I'll sleep in the guest room." I made my way there and shut the door.

"You're welcome to sleep with me in my bed." I heard Niall say outside my door.

Gosh, I can't believe I'm doing this.

"Fine." I opened the door to see a shocked Niall. I figured he thought I was going to say no. It's funny cause I thought the same thing too...

I walked into his room with him following behind me. He had shut the television off but brought back a bottle of beer.

I sat down on his bed and noticed the bottle. "Oh no no no no," I started.

"Oh come on Ski, it's not that bad. Remember when you drank at the club? It's the same thing." He held it out to me but I scooted as far away as possible away from that thing.He shrugged and put his head back, putting the beer up to his mouth.

"Niall stop!" I jump at him but he just lifts it high above his head. He starts laughing weirdly and I know he is officially drunk. I didn't want to get involved with him especially now considering the state he's in.

I layed back down on the bed and turned my back to him. I heard him gulp down the last few drops of beer and throw it in a trashcan. He then came over to the bed and layed down. He didn't say anything for a few minutes so I assumed he was quiet.

Suddenly, a strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. "Niall!" I screamed and giggled at the same time. He laughed along too but didn't let go.

"Niall you're drunk let me go!" I continued laughing. He sighed and let go. "Why can't we just have funnnnn Skiiii?" he slurred his words which was the most sexiest and hilarious thing ever.

I punched him in the chest, "Oh shut up and just go to sleep."

"Okay but just wait, we will have our fun."

I couldn't see him but I could tell he was smirking. The way he said it made me shudder.

What did I get myself into...

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