Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


20. Home

"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Brooklyn, New York!"

The sudden sound of a man's booming voice over the intercom jolted me awake. I looked outside the plane window and giggled. I couldn't believe it. I could see the Statue of Liberty and the lights from Time Square.

I turned my phone on and waited to check the time. It was two in the morning. "I hope Jasmine's up." I say to myself.

Once the plane stops, I was the first to exit the plane. I grabbed my suitcase along with others and ran out front.

I inhaled the New York smell. "Hot dogs and sweaty men."

"Aye Lady! You needa Taxi?" A sweaty man pulled up in a beat up Taxi.

"Yes, thank you!"

I quickly hopped in as the man got out and put my bags in the trunk.

"Where to?"

Oh gosh, what if Jasmine moved. I quickly dialed her moms office number. Her mom always stayed at work till 3:30 am.

"Mrs. Amanda Beccer's office, Amanda speaking." a tired woman said into the phone.

"Ms. Beccer! It's me, Ski! I was wondering, you wouldn't happen to have Jasmine's new address?"

I heard a laugh on the other line, "That's funny, she just texted me it a few hours ago. It's 846 Mensler road. By the old train station. Oh and if you plan on seeing her now, you better hurry. She just ended her fashion show and is heading home."

I thank her and repeat Jasmine's new address to the taxi driver.

"Your friend must be rich if she live on that side of town." the man grunted.

"Yeah. She's real smashing when it comes to her job." I smile excitedly.

"So what part of England are you from?" he asks.

His questions through me off guard, "England? I'm not from--" Then it hit me. I must've picked up on Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis' accent.

"I'm originally from here but I moved to England and I guess I picked up their accent." I giggled.

"An original Yorker, huh? So you must love the Yankees, right?" he looks at me through the rearview mirror.

"Duh, what New Yorker doesn't?"

For the rest of the ride, we talked about the Yankees and how we couldn't wait for baseball season. It didn't even feel like an hour has passed when he announced, "Here we are!"

I thanked him and handed him the money, "Keep the change." I gave him a wink. I hope he didn't mind a hundred dollar tip.

Grabbing my suitcase, I started walking up to Jasmine's driveway. Her house was huge. I couldn't tell if it was a 2-story or 3.

I knocked on the door and even pressed the doorbell which gave a little chime. Suddenly a hear a few clicks and the door opened a crack.

"Do you know it's three in the morning?" a guy looked at me and opened the door wider.

"Is Jasmine home? And you must be Brian." I held out my hand. Jasmine was right, he was hot.

Brian had dark brown hair and baby blue eyes. He seemed very built, considering he had no shirt on, only basketball shorts.

"Yeah, I am...--wait, Ski?" he asked as he took my hand and shook it.

"Mhm. The one and only!" I laughed.

Brian hollered and picked me up while swinging me around. "It's so good to finally meet you!"

I'm guessing Jasmine mentioned me before...

"Jasmine constantly talks about you!"

Maybe a lot...

"Is she here?" I ask

"Yeah, she's in the shower but she should be done by now. Come on in." Brian grabbed my suitcase and led me through the foyer. The house seemed 10x bigger inside than outside.

"Brian, who was at the door? Don't they know--" Jasmine came down the stairs in a pajama dress and with her hair wrapped up in a towel.

"Ski?" she asked dumbfounded.

I open my arms wide as he grinned and ran into them. "Oh my gosh, I've missed you so much!" I squeal.

We continue to hug and squeal until Brian clears his throat. "Um, babe, I'm gonna bunk in the guest room and Ski can stay in the master room with you so you guys can catch up."

He hugs me one last time and pecks Jasmine on the mouth before going upstairs.

Jasmine grabbed my arm and practically dragged me upstairs. We turned through a few hallways until we came to an opened door that led into the biggest master bedroom I have ever seen. The theme was royalty. I felt like I was in the queen's room.

"Go change so we could stay up all night and just catch up. I need know about my five future husbands." she gave me a wink before pointing toward the bathroom.

In the bathroom I was flabbergasted once again. I could do a cheer routine in here, it's so huge.

"Hurry up Ski!" I hear Jasmine holler.

I laugh as I change out of my sweats and put on pajama shorts and a matching top. I quickly brush my teeth and smile at the mirror. My smile quickly disappears as I see a small bruise forming at my neck. Then I remember it all. Niall being drunk and Harry sleeping with Ariana. Wiping the tears I splash water on my face. No tears only smiles.

"I'm back!" I smile at Jasmine who was watching an old rerun of America's Next Top Model. She shut the tv off and patted the bed next to her.

"Okay you first." I say but Jasmine raises her eyebrows.

"I heard you crying Ski. Wouldn't you want to go first so you could just let it out then I go so you could easily forget about it?"

Gosh Jasmine, you're so smart.

I nod and start from the night where I hung up with her.

"Well remember when we were talking last night over the phone?" I sniffle.


"Well I decided to take action. I was going to tell Harry, I needed a break and maybe wanted to see other people but when I got there..." I took a deep breathe before continuing, "I saw him in bed... with Ariana, his 'fake' girlfriend."

Jasmine gasps and frowns. "I never would have thought Harry was the cheating type. He seems flirty but also so sweet."

I laugh. She was right. All his fans think he's perfect and would never break a girls heart but I'm living proof.

"Anyways continue before I have to go beat this Ariana girl." Jasmine breaths.

"Well I got mad at him and--"

"--What was your famous comeback line for him breaking up with you?" Jasmine interrupts me.

"Umm, I said 'If one day I actually start to matter to you, let me know'."

I watch Jasmine slowly smile and lift up her hand. 'High five cause that is my girl! Don't show him that you're broken without him, show him how better off you are!"

I giggle and high five her while continuing my story, "Well that's not all. I definitely needing comforting and I knew you had a fashion show after your dinner with Brian..."

"--So? I would stop in the middle of the runway for you." Jasmine smiled making me smile as well. I couldn't ask for a better best friend than her.

"Continuing, I went to Niall's room which I found out he was drunk. Like over the top drunk. He had eleven beers because 'I broke his heart'. But I asked to use the bathroom, to freshen up you know but when I got out, he wouldn't let me leave. He um... force me to... have sex with him..." It was so hard to say this, even to Jasmine.

She gasped and left her mouth hanging open. "How far did he actually go?"

"Well, I was done to only my bra and underwear. I tried to push him off my but he pinned my wrists and started kissing me on my lips then he went to my neck. It was hard fighting back then because, I don't know.."

"That's your sweet spot?" she asks. I slowly nod.

"I ended up punching him in the stomach and kicking him in the balls, though." I smile.

"That's my girl."

I continued telling her about how I finally escaped. I showed her the bruise on my neck from Niall's constant sucking. By the end explaining about how I got here we were both in tears.

"Ski, I am so sorry." Jasmine sniffed. She scooted over and embraced me in a bear hug while I cried into her shoulder.

"Where are they now?" she asked after letting me go.

"Um, we were in Oklahoma but this morning we, or them I mean, are leaving to Florida." I look at the clock on her night table which showed 5:45 am. We've been talking for more than two hours!

"Florida is in the same time zone so they should be waking up soon. I wonder what they'll say when they find out you're gone..."

"Well Zayn won't give a crap considering he hates me, Niall I don't know, Harry I don't know, but I know for a fact Louis and Liam will miss me."

From the schedule I remember the boys should be waking up at six to leave at six-twenty.

"Have you checked Twitter lately. You should be the first to tell the fans at least half of the truth so Harry or Niall won't ruin your reputation." Jasmine explained.

I nodded. I pulled out my phone that was almost dead and logged onto Twitter. I burst into laughter as I see myself tagged in many pictures of houses with One Direction stuff.

"What? What's going on?" Jasmine grabbed my phone and looked.

"I gave the fans a contest a week ago or so that whoever decorates their house the most with one direction stuff gets three tickets to their show here in New York." I explained.

' Well it's been fun. xx' I tweeted.

It was silent as Jasmine and I just played with the bed sheets.

"Hey babe, I'm off to the gym." Brian poked his head in and blew her a kiss, nodding his head in my direction as well.

"Bye babe."

"Bye Brian. Nice to meet you." I waved

When he shut the door I turned to Jasmine and squealed.

"What?" she giggled.

"Brian is totally hot! You guys are perfect together!" I scream poking her.

"You really think so? I honestly think he's the one." Jasmine blushed.


"Probably Twitter." I explain to the confused Jasmine.

I unlocked my phone and frowned.

1 new message from Hazza<3

Before even checking the message I edit his contact. No more 'Hazza<3' only 'Harry Styles'. But before I could even open it my phone buzzed twice. Then again and again. A total up to thirteen buzzes.

I checked them in order:


From: Harry Styles

"Ski, I'm so sorry about last night. Please, let's talk this out but where are you?"


From: SexyNialler(;

"Ski, what happened last night? Where the heck are you?"

From: Daddy Payne

"Where are you? We're leaving in ten minutes!!!"

From: Harry Styles

"What do you mean 'Well it's been fun?'. Ski, where the heck are you?"

From: Louis<3 (:

"Ski love, where are you. We're all worried about you! Please reply xx"

From: Paulanator

"Ski, are you okay? We're out in front of the hotel. We're leaving in 2 minutes. Where are you?"

From: Zayn

"Look Ski, I know we've had our ups and down but listen to me, I'm worried about you. Everyone is. You were right about Autumn... I should've listened to you but right now you need to reply to us, now. xx"


From: SexyNialler(;

Ski... did I do something last night? All I remember is seeing you last night crying and I found a pile of beer bottles on the floor. Please tell me. xx"

From: Daddy Payne

"Ski, what happened? Where are you?"


The last four buzzes were missed calls from Harry, Paul, Niall, and Liam. I read the texts again out loud to Jasmine who huffed at almost every message from Harry, Niall, or Zayn.

"So Niall doesn't know what happened... Are you going to tell him?" Jasmine asked getting out of bed and stretching.

I looked down at the bed and thought before I answered, "No."

Jasmine's mouth dropped down, "What do you mean 'No?'?"

I shrugged getting out of bed with her. I desperately needed a shower but I knew I had to reply to the boys and Paul.


To: Paul

"I'm sorry but I just can't deal with the situations I'm going through right now. Please don't tell the boys but I'm in New York. Don't bother coming to find me because I plan on forgetting this first half of the summer. Thanks for everything. xx"


To: Zayn

"It's okay I forgive you but too much has already happened to knock me down. Hope to see you some day in the future."


To: SexyNialler(;

"Nothing happened. The reason I was crying, well, you should just go ask Harry and Ariana."


To: Daddy Payne, Louis<3 (:

"I love you guys and hope to see you guys in the future. xx"


To: Harry Styles

"Don't apologize Harry. It's my fault for thinking you've changed. Hopefully, if one day, I do see you, you've changed your relationship ways."


I shut my phone off, tired of the constant buzzing.

"So are you going to go home back to England?" Jasmine asked

I laughed, "What are you talking about? I am home."

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