Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


11. "Everything"

                           3 weeks later...


"Come on Ski, wake up."

I felt pressure into my left shoulder then into my right. I grabbed my pillow that was under my head and tried my best to whack my sleep intruder.

"Oi!" I heard his deep british accent say.

I slowly opened my eyes, not wanting to blind myself from the sun. At first, everything's blurry but slowly I can sketch out brown curls. "Harry?"

"Goodmorning sleeping beauty." He sounded pretty tired himself. As if he was waiting for me to get up this whole time but lost his patience after awhile.

I looked around my hotel room and noticed the mess. What happened? I thought to myself.

"You and Niall had a little party last night after the concert." He said as if he read my mind.


Ever since Niall and I shared that secret kiss in the kitchen three weeks ago, it's like we've been inseperable. Not in a sexual way but more as best friends. Everywhere he went, I went and everywhere I went, he went. We spent almost every waking hour together just talking. He knows my feelings about Harry that seemed to be on and off every day. One minute he is the sweetest guy ever the next minute I hate him because I saw him flirting with a fan. I mean, it's not entirely my fault I feel that way.... right?

Even though he knows I like Harry he still doesn't let his feelings be hidden. He tells me how beautiful  I am everyday, takes me out to lunch before a concert, he even let me have a little private photoshoot of just us. I guess you can say I was blind by Harry's love because I never knew Niall's was there all along...


I pulled back my covers and blushed. I was wearing an oversized t-shirt and very short shorts. Harry noticed my apparel and I could feel him stare into me. I looked down and blushed. Talk about awkward. He laughed and moved so I could get off the bed.

Still flustered, I made my way toward the bathroom. "Where is everybody any-" I stopped in my tracks looking at the pile of empty bottles by the side of the bathroom door.

"Does Niall still drink?"

"Wow, you really don't remember last night do you?" He motioned over to the bed and I walked over to sit beside him.

"Niall's been hooked on this for almost a year now. He's probably more drunk now than he was when he first started."

I took in Harry's words and tried to process them. Niall's been hooked on this for almost a year now. I remember seeing him drinking once in his room but he promised me he would try to stop. I guess he wasn't able too.

I have to talk to him. I have to tell him to stop before his drinking gets out of hand and he starts doing horrible things.


"Oh okay, I'll talk to him about it later." I stood up and strode into the bathroom.

I turned on the water and hopped into the shower. It would've been more peaceful if Niall's drinking habits wouldn't keep popping into my mind. I wonder if he's drinking now or just finished drinking or just started drinking... Oh calm down Ski, you're overreacting things. He's probably hanging with the boys! ....while drinking...

Turning off the shower, I dried myself with a towel. I loved the fact that Paul finally took my advice on living in hotels than living in that stinky tour bus. I could actually take a warm shower.


I got dressed into shorts but couldn't seem to find my favorite One Direction t-shirt. It was black and had the red 1d logo in the back with the boys faces on the front. I had to admit it was cute. I was going to wear it with my new black flats that Niall bought. Niall likes buying me apparel now. Go figure.

"Where are you, you little rascal." I practically turned my room upside down looking for that shirt.

I know what I could do, Niall knows where all of my stuff is. He's always in my hotel room. I quickly dialed his number and put it on speaker while I continued looking.

"Ello beautiful." I heard him answer.

"Hi Niall, um do you know where my black One Direction shirt is?"   It felt weird asking him considering it's a shirt with his name on it and his face.

"I, uh, I don't really know love. Lemme ask Liam."

His voice became lower as he left the phone to go ask Liam. Liam mumbled something that sounded like a no.

"Try asking Louis!" I shouted into the reciever. No sorry mate I haven't.

"Grrr."  My shirt had to be somewhere. I mean it couldn't have just disappeared.

"Maybe it got one direction infection and went to the doctor." Niall joked.

"Ha ha very funny." I tried to put every hint of sarcastic in my voice.

"Oh wait, Zayn knows."

Once again Niall's voice became a mumble as he conversed with Zayn. After two minutes of waiting he came back on the phone.

"Zayn said that Autumn was wearing it two nights ago." Then it clicked.

Autumn spilled a drink on her shirt one night in my hotel room and she needed a shirt so I let her borrow that one.

"Thanks Niall."

"Zayn said Autumn should be in the room if you want to go get it."

"Tell Zayn I said thanks. Bye."

"Bye love."

I clicked off and searched for a shirt to throw on. I found one of Niall's basic t-shirts. F.Y.I he keeps some of his stuff over here just in case... he didn't leave it here on accident if that's what you're thinking...

I slipped it on and grabbed my keys and phone, running out the hotel door. Zayn and Autumn's room was at the opposite end of the hall. Running, I made it there in no time.

As I slowed to a jog, I noticed the door was slightly opened. "Autumn?"

I felt my heart pick up speed. I always had a weird mind. I would always assume the most negative things. The first thing I thought of here was that Autumn was kidnapped or someone broke into her and Zayn's room. It's just how I think, it's weird I know.

I slowly pushed the door open. The room was spotless. No clothes strewn all over the floor, no empty wine bottles. Not even a trace of left over breakfast from Zayn. Either Autumn is a good cleaner or this burglar likes to keep things neat.

"Autumn?" I called out again but there was no response.

I made my way toward the kitchen and peeked in. The only thing active was a cup of coffee being brewed. Maybe she's in the bedroom.

Making my way toward the bedroom, I suddenly heard voices. I strained to make out the voice. It was a girls. Autumn's to be exact. Relief filled my body.

But wait, I heard TWO voices. Who was Autumn talking to?

I crept by the bedroom and looked in. Autumn was pacing around the room holding an iphone to her hear.

"What do you mean it's not going to work? Of course it's going to work!" she yelled into the phone. What's not going to work?

"It's the perfect plan!"  What's a perfect plan? Who is she talking too?

"He's the whole package! He's hot, funny, has cute friends, not to mention he's in a freaking famous boy band! He's rich! He has a lot of money Cynthia!"  So she's talking to a girl named Cynthia and they're talking about a boy... They're talking about Zayn!

"I don't care if this is bad! I'm just going to stay with him long enough so I can get some share in that beautiful money of his. Please Cynthia, I don't even love him. It's all for the money."


Trying to scoot closer I accidently bump into a small table containing a few books.

"I gotta go Cynthia, I think someone's in the room."

I quickly picked up all the books that fell and placed them on the table. I regained my posture, I had to face Autumn about this.

The bedroom door swung wide open. Autumn's face was at first filled with anger but then she saw me. It was then filled with worry.

"Sk-Ski, what are you doing here? When did you get here?" she stuttered. She's obviously afraid of the fact that I could've heard her whole coversation.

"I came to retrieve my 1d shirt back." Maybe I should tease her a bit.

"Oh of course!" She looked much relieved now that I didn't seem to notice her recent call.

She ran back into the room then returned with my shirt. "Mind if I change?" I asked.

She shook her head as I ran into the bathroom to change my shirt. When I came back, she was sitting down in the kitchen drinking her coffee while nervously shaking her right leg up and down.

"So who were you talking too?" I asked nonchalantly taking a seat next to her.

"Oh I-er- um- was talking to a friend..." She took a sip of coffee before looking down at her lap.

"What about?" This would be the perfect opportunity to trap her.

"Oh, ya know. Boys." she laughed.

"Oh, you mean like how to only get them for their money and fame?"

Her head snapped in my direction. It was full of worryness but then instantly changed to...anger?

"You can't tell Zayn! He won't even believe you!" she shouted at me. Oh I can't believe this.

"You should leave, Autumn. Zayn is of course going to believe me! I knew him longer than you!" I stood up from the chair. How dare this chick say Zayn won't believe me. Of course he would!

"I bet Zayn's going to believe me more than you. I mean come on, who would you believe. Some girl who has been having some relationship problems of her own while trying to make others feel her same pain or the one who are desperately in love with." she made a romantic voice at the end, trying to act lovey dovey for effect.

"No! You're wrong! Zayn's going to believe every word I say that came out of your mouth!" I screamed.

Autumn now stood up. She looked furious now but I could see a hint of scaredness in her voice.

"What did you hear?" she asked with a crack in her voice.




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