Maturity is a Choice

{Sequel to Age Is Just A Number}

It's been two and a half years since Ski became One Direction's photographer and Harry's new girlfriend. She's now seventeen, turning eighteen and she can now tell the press her and Harry are dating once eighteen. Also, the boys are going on tour in America and the boys and Ski are very excited but what happens when Ski gets jealous about all the girls Harry keeps hanging with, and Niall starts drinking to hide his feelings, and when Zayn finds a girlfriend that only wants his fame and money? Why don't you read to find out?


19. Everything is Just Wrong

Okay guys, Serenity here. I AM SO SORRY! I haven't updated in so long and I feel so bad. I think the last update was in December... "Last year" I love you all so much and feel so bad for not updating. I hope you guys aren't mad at me... Well, enough about my lame apology. This is a major chapter that I've created from the veryyyyy beginning of the book. It's very very long and I hope you enjoy it! So sit back, relax, and hold on to whatever device you're using cause it's going to be bumpy.







It seemed like this elevator was taking a lifetime. Why did Harry have to go move down two flights?The door to elevator slowly opened revealing and deserted hallway. It sent shivers down my back as I pictured a horror movie I once saw.

Pushing those thoughts out of my head, I walked down the hallway looking for room 538, the new room number Harry texted me. Nothing. I walked up and down twice but there was no sign of room 538. Grabbing my phone, I dialed Liam's number.

"Hello?" he mumbled into the phone

"Liam, do you remember Harry's new room number?" I asked.

"Ummm, yeah, hold on."

I heard him grunt and heard buttons on the other line. Harry probably texted him too.

"Yeah, got it right here. It's room 638."

"Oh okay. Thanks! Sorry for waking you up." I apologized.

"Mhm." he clicked off leaving me to curse Harry for texting me the wrong room number. 638 was a floor up.

Not chancing the slowest elevator in the world, I took the stairs. It was dark except for the dim glow of small lights on the walls. Creepy.

Once I got to the correct hallway I started looking for room 638.

I observed that the even numbers were on the right and odd numbers were on the left. I turned my head to the right and started looking at the room numbers.





Found it.

I lightly knock on the door, hoping not to disturb any sleeping neighbors. When no response came I knocked with a little more force. Nothing.

I check the doorknob with doubt but surprisingly, I heard a click.

"Oh come on Harry. You're part of a famous british boyband and you can't remember to lock your hotel doors?" I mumble.

I quietly push the door open and made my way in. It was dark and motionless. What if he's sleeping? Is this the right time?

I wacked myself with my hand. "Of course it's right dummy. You need to tell him you need a break. That's all. Maybe even see other people..."

I took a deep breath before heading in the direction of Harry's room. Good thing all hotels room were designed the same.

It seemed every step I took, my heart skipped a beat. Before I knew it I was in front of Harry's door. I placed my hand on the handle but then froze.

'This is so wrong. I'm barging in his hotel room around eleven at night to tell him I want to see other people or to just take a break. This is crazy. I could simply tell him tomorrow over a cup of coffee or tea or something!'

I exhaled with a smile. Yup, that's it. That's the plan. I let my hand slide off the handle and fall to the side of me. I turned around to walk out but that's when I heard it. It wasn't clear but just muffled.

I strained my ears to hear the sound again but it was complete silent. 'Probably just mind playing tricks on me' I thought.

I continued again until I heard it again. A muffled groan. The worse of worst thoughts occurred in my head.

I turned around and yanked on the door knob, yanking the door open. A sigh of relief escape my lips as I see a shirtless Harry under sheets of blankets but it hitches in my throat as another head arises.

"Ariana?" My voice squeaks out.

"Ski.. Wha--what are you doing here?-- You're not suppose to be here." Harry stutters.

He quickly gets up, accidently pulling some of the bed sheets with him.

"Oh my..." I mumble.

Harry follows my gaze as Ariana quickly tries to cover her bare chest up with the pulled off sheets. My heart starts to pound faster and I feel as if I was about to have a heart attack.

"Ski, trust me, it's not what it looks like."

"Then what is it Harry?" I hear my voice rise.

He opened his mouth but nothing came out. He was speechless.

"Exactly. I can't believe you Styles! I trusted you!" I yelled. "And you!" I pointed to Ariana making my way towards her, "What do you think you were doing? You guys aren't really dating so you have no right to touch him!"

All Ariana did was smirk. A dirty little smirk. A smirk that made me clench my fist, colliding it with her jaw. It came as a surprise to her as it did Harry.

"Ski! Stop!" Harry yelled as he tried to pull me off her.

"So, what, now you're defending her?" I yell at him.

"No Ski, listen to me.."

"How could you do this to me? I trusted you even after all we've been through I trusted you!" my anger was too much for me. I felt lightheaded and wanted to throw up. I can't believe this is actually happening.

I bring both of my hands to head and start pacing around.

"Harry, come back to my bed. It's my turn to be on top." Ariana purrs.

"That's it."

Running around the side of the bed to Ariana, I grab her hair and start punching and scratching her. Anything I could do to make this pain go away. But it wasn't working. Actually, it made me feel even more angrier.

I feel two buff arms grab my side and hoist me up. Harry threw me over his shoulder and carried me out the room.

"Let me go!-- Let me go!" I pound my fists on his back.

He drops me down and I see we're outside in the hallway.

"Ski, listen to me--"

"--No, you listen to me. I have given you so many chances and--and I've run out. I gave you everything and what do you give? A broken heart! I can't believe this right now." I pace back and forth.

"Ski--" Harry reaches for my hand

"Oh no," I laugh pulling away, "it's over. Harry and Ski? It's over. Skarry? Please, there was no such thing." I spat.

Harry looked down at his bare feet. I just noticed he was only in his underwear. That toned body of his--NO. Not again. I'm not going to let his charm rule my life.

"Oh and don't even think about turning your fans against me because they love you as much as me too you know. I was nobody before this and now just because we aren't together doesn't mean you're going to take it all away from me."

"I'm so sorry Ski. You don't even understand..." Harry whispers.

"Of course not Harry. I do not understand. I don't understand how I let myself fall for you knowing the consequence. And you know what irritated me the most? It was the fact that I wasn't feeling humiliated, or annoyed, or even fooled. Betrayel was what I felt, my heart was just broken but not just by a guy I was in love with, but also by, as I once believed, a true friend."

Harry looked up from the floor with tears in his eyes. One tear already making it's way down his pale cheek. He opened his mouth to speak but I held up my hand and stopped him.

"If one day I actually start to matter to you, let me know." I turn around and start walking towards the elevator.

I feel happy yet disappointed as I hear no footsteps behind but just a shutting door.

I enter the elevator and instead of pressing my floor I press the one above it. Once the doors shut I fell to the ground in tears.

"How could I have let this happen?" I say to myself.

I chuckle, "I guess it's good I went to him tonight finding out then kissing him tomorrow not knowing."

Just the thought of kissing his lips that has been on who knows where on Ariana's body gave me the shutters. I even gagged continuing to the think about it.

The elevators door opened causing me to sit up. I ran three doors down and looked left.

Room 735

At first I knock lightly, then I started pounding on the door.

The door opened, "Hellllloooooo." a clumsy Niall slurred.

Of course, not taking notice, I collapsed in his arms.

"Ski, what's wrong?" His voice steadied

"Harry..." I heaved, "and Ariana... together... in bed.." I start balling in his shirt.

He pushes me off him and looks me up and down. "Not my problem baby, you chose him remember?"

I look at him in disgust as he brings a half empty beer bottle to his lips. "Niall, I'm sorry but can I just stay in here for at least a few minutes to clean myself up?"

He looks me up and down before smirking, "You can stay as long as you want."

I walked passed his wandering eyes and went straight to the bathroom. Once I locked the door, I broke down in tears.


"You're not dead in thurr are you?" Niall aks as he lightly taps the door.

I believe it's been about a half hour since I've locked myself in Niall's bathroom. Hopefully he's sober enough to comfort me.

I wipe my puffy red eyes and open the door. I frowned. Niall stood there leaning against the door frame with a fresh new bottle of beer.

"You know, I think Liam's still up, I think he can help me." I mumble before walking past him.

"I could at least get a hug babe." Niall says as he grabs my hand pulling me back.

I sigh before wrapping my arms around his neck as he pulls me close. Too close for comfort. I feel his hands slowly go from mid-back to the top of the bum.

"Niall, what're you doing?" I sniffle

"Welll," he breaths letting me inhale the disgusting smell of beer, " I was thinking that we could get back at him. You knowwww, meee... and youuu..." he slurs his last few words.

He drops his beer and pulls me close smashing his lips against mine. I try to push away but he held on tighter.

"Niall--Niall let me go! You're drunk." I finally pull away.

"Oh come on baby," he walks closer taking a sip of his drink, "you won't have to do anything. I'll do all the work."

My eyes go wide as he guzzled his beer down and drops it on the floor next to pile of about ten other empty bottles. 'Oh gosh, please no..' I thought.

As he examined my body, which I was still in my pajamas which I regret now considering I was wearing shorts and a tank, I considered this a chance to get away from this drunk Niall.

I make a dash for door. I only opened it a crack before it slammed close by another hand.

"Where do you think you're going, huh?" Niall breathes into my ear.

He grabs me by my waist and turns me around, pinning me against the wall. "Niall, stop, you're drunk."

He laughs from the back of his throat, "But that just makes things ten times funner."

Great, he's not even using real words. My heart hurts and I swear I could feel a heart attack forming again.

I try to push him off me but he pushs me harder against the wall bringing his body close to mine. Once again he smashes his lips into mine, already shoving his tongue down my throat. Tears run down my face as I could taste the stale beer lingering in his mouth.

I felt his hands go to my side and start lifting up my tank top. I push him away ad slap him, making him stumble as he was caught off guard. His expression turned from shock to anger.

"You want to play hard, huh? Okay, let's play hard then." He picks me up and lifts me over his shoulder.

"Niall! Niall!" I pound on his shoulder but I quickly stop. I'm reenacting what just happened two floors down but with a different situation.

It was too dark to make out where he was taking me but from the constant running around in this hotel, I knew we were headed toward the......bedroom.

"Oh Niall, no! You're drunk, let me go!" I screamed.

He drops me down onto the bed and slaps me, "Shut up, you might wake the neighbors, and we don't want that to happen, do we?" He carefully caresses my face.

I look away, "You don't know what you're doing. You're drunk." I say.

"No i'm not. I only had a few beers." he laughs but his face grows serious, "This wouldn't be happening if you haven't had broken my heart and just loved me but no you chose that douchebag Harry and now you come running to me. So i'm going to take advantage of this moment and just have a little fun."

A feel his body push mine onto the bed. A squeal escape my lips as his hands wandered up and down my body. "Niall, pease--"

"--Shhhhh." he whispers as he brings his lips to mine.

The taste of stale beer feeds into my angry fire. With all my might I push against him.

"No no no." he says through clenched teeth as he grabbed both of my wrists with one hand and pinned them to the bed atop of me. With his other hand he continued to explore the body.

My breath caught in my throat as he started playing with the tied strings of my shorts. With one swift movement he grabbed one string and pulled making the whole bow come apart and my shorts looser.

"I think you'll look hotter with no shorts on." he chuckled.

He tried taking them off but noticed it was quite challenging with only one hand. He looked at me then back at the crooked shorts. He quickly let go of my wrists but just as he let go he nudged my neck to the side and gently started kissing. My eyes fluttered as he basically hit all girls weakness spot.

When he started to suck and fored myself to keep my back from arching and my mouth making any sort of sounds. I couldn't let him see how easy I was.

Changing areas, he continued to suck my sweet spots. My eyes whipped as he stopped and smirked at me. I looked as he held my pair of shorts with one finger in the air. I looked down to see myself in only my pink polka dotted Victoria Secret underwear.

"Crraaaap." I mumble

"These are cute but not enough to keep them on." he smirked.

My eyes popped open at his words and I instantly protested, "No, Niall. It's bad enough of what you're doing but forcing me to have sex with you is not a way of payback."

"Oh shut up." he breathed, obviously annoyed by my constant protesting of his actions.

"You know, you're sort of right, in a way. We'll save that for last," I tried not to make eye contact as I felt his eyes land upon my breasts, "for now, I want to make an estimate of what size you are but I can't really tell with this on."

He grabbed the hem of my tank and pulled back then let it go, making it snap onto my bare skin.

His hands slowly lifted him up but I grabbed his wrists.

"Oh right, I forgot. You need to be distracted for this to be possible."

I was opening my mouth to argue but his lips once again connected with my mouth. He wasn't even bothering to take a breath.

I was about to push him off but he went from my lips to my chin then down to my neck.

"Ni--Niall." I stutter.

"Mmmm?" he hummed satisfied by my reaction.

I continued to stutter as he went down onto the top of my chest. Just before my breasts.

"Ni--Ni" I stuttered

"Say it." he growled.

I shook my head. I won't let him enjoy this.

"Say it. Now." he demanded.

When I shook my head again he lifted my tank over my head and threw it across the room.

He then took the opportunity to undress himself. Using both hands he started sliding his shirt up revealing his 8-pack.

I stared in awe. Niall was hot but right now, that should be last thing in my mind. With one movement I took my fisted hand and made contact with his stomach. It wouldn't have hurt him if his legs wasn't on either side of me and he lost balance.

I quickly got up and ran to the other wall, picking up my shorts and tank top. I quickly pulled my tank over my head and pulled up my shorts as Niall clutched his red stomach. When his eyes made contact with my fully-dressed body he started to rise.

"You aren't leaving." he yelled.

We both raced to the door but he got there first. Grabbing me by both of my shoulders he slammed me against the wall. With all my might I kicked him in his most sensitive spot, receiving a bulls eye and a crumpled Niall on the floor, moaning.

I hesitated before opening the bedroom door and running out. My flip flops were upside down by the front door, where he picked me up. I didn't have time to slip them on. I grabbed them and an outside his hotel room.

I ran to the hotel but hesitated. By the time it arrives and I step in, Niall would have the perfect chance for me in the empty elevator.

I ran and pushed open the door to the stairs. I had to run down two flights of stairs and that's exactly what I did.

By the time I reached my room I was ready to collapse but I knew I couldn't. Without thinking I grabbed my empty suitcase and started throwing everything in it. I remember putting my Iphone into my bra before I went to talk to Harry. Imagine what would have happened if Niall found it...

I had five messages from Harry.

"Ski, I'm so sorry!" xx

"We need to talk." xx

"Please reply!"

"Ski, don't do anything that you're going to refret." xx

"Dang it. Regret*"

I managed to chuckle at the last text. Always clumsy Harry, especially when it came to girls.

I threw my phone into my over-the-shoulder bag. Looking down at my ripped tank top and crumpled shorts, I decided to change. I quickly slipped on a pair of sweats, a old t-shirt, and slides.

I threw my tank top and shorts into the bathroom garbage. I didn't need those memories to travel with me.

I grabbed my suitcase and made my way down to the lobby, always checking my surroundings.


"One way ticket to Brooklyn, New York please."

"I'm sorry ma'am there's no more room on that flight. The next flight is in three hours. You're welcome to rent a room and wait." the nice woman replied.

"I'm sorry ma'am but this is very important. I'm the photographer of the band One Direction, " I held up my 1D I.D, "and I need to get on that flight right now." I explain impatiently.

The lady sighs before typing away on her computer. "There's one seat left in first class but it's pretty pricey."

I smiled, "Money isn't a issue."

I quickly paid the nice women before practically running to my flight which leaves in 15 minutes.

Security check took about five minutes and getting to the plane took another five minutes. I just made it before the flight attendant lady closed the door.

"Welcome aboard." she says with a smile.

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