Thingys _

In my free time, I like to write poems and little senarios about anything that could be going on. So, look out for those. Yeah. That's about all I can say here.


1. Doctor, Doctor

I just wrote this now, it's based on the middle bit of Doctor Who, Season Five, Episode One (The Eleventh Hour) If you haven't seen it, get the part for free o n iTunes! c:

Amelia, Amelia,
Police woman Amelia,
Who is actually a nurse,
and she doubles as a nun.

Amelia, Amelia,
kissogram Amelia,
Who dresses up to kiss them all,
She says it's for a laugh.

Amelia, Amelia,
that liar girl Amelia,
Amelia is not her name,
it's really Amy Pond.

Doctor, Doctor,
900 year old Doctor,
the TARDIS is rebuilding,
and the world's about to end.

Doctor, Doctor,
Time travelling Doctor,
20 minutes to save the world,
and Amy's being dumb.

Doctor, Doctor,
hard working Doctor,
better hurry, convince her fast,
before everyone is gone.

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