My Four Leafed Clover

One Dee fan-fiction. Please read if you love emmmmmmmm.


4. Spoons and Mirrors

I sit there again staring at the ceiling. What do I do now?! This is soooo boring...wait...iPhone! It saves my day. I am so healthy. Haha, McDonalds, laying on the couch, now playing on my iPhone.

I dig into my back pocket and pull out my iPhone with the I love One Dee case. Well, don't want them to see this! What if they think that I obsess about them? This life of mine is just too confusing. Full of choices to make.

I turn it on and push in my passcode. I then look at my home screen. The picture of Charlie and I. I frown at how long I haven't seen her. I miss her. I wish she had enough money to move here. She does like Ireland. She said so herself when she visited a long time ago.

I shake the bad thought out of my head and decide to play Cut the Rope. Love this game. I wait for the game to load.

I then hear steps coming down the stairs. I turn my head and say hello to Harry. "Hello." He responds. We smile. "I don't have any tea. I am very sorry. I am going to go to the store. Is that okay?" I nod as in yes. Great, alone again...

He just says goodbye sweetly and walks out the door after putting on his shoes.

I look around the room once more. Taking it all in

This is funny. They don't even know that the girls that are all coming over is me. They all met me. I am invited, only me. I wonder until they will get it? I will just be here with all of them. They will all know me. They will be confused. All I will do is laugh at them.

I hear several steps coming up the steps. Wait, that sounds like more then two feet.

Oh no! I freak out and try to hide myself. I hear whoever is at the door open it and walk in.

"Zayn, be right back. I have to go to the loo (washroom in London/England if you did't know.) really badly!" Says a voice. "Liam, you were saying that the whole time! Complaining all the time..." Says the other voice in reply, must be Zayn. "Okay, you wait in the living room. I will be down there in a sec." Says Liam. I am guessing. "Fine." Says Zayn with a groan.

I hear his steps coming closer down the hallway and Liam's steps up the stairs mixing with it. "Clover?" Asks Zayn. "Yes?" I reply back. "I know that you were supposed to be here at 4:30, and it is. But, how did you get in?" He asks me confused. "I knocked on the door and Louis opened it. I told him who I was and that you invited me." I reply. "Okay." Zayn replies back. I guess that he isn't like Harry who asked a million questions.

I watch as Zayn moves my feet gently. I wince. "Sorry! Did I hurt your ankle?! What happened to it anyway?" He asks panicking. "I fell, long story short." I say smiling. He just smiles back. I sit up and dangle my feet on the edge and place a pillow on the coffee table and place my bad foot on it gently. After I do this, I place the ice that is slightly melted onto my foot.

Zayn then sits down beside me. "Wanna watch the Telly?" He asks me. "Yeah sure." I say nodding. He grabs the red remote, figures, and presses the 'Power' button.

I watch as the black screen then turns to a cartoon. "My Little Pony?" I ask looking at Zayn raising my eyebrows. "Um- Niall watches this channel!" He says changing it quickly to sports channel. "Yeah! Whoo! This is my manly stuff!" He says flailing his arms in the air. I try to hold my laugh in. "Heh..." Zayn looks at me and blushes slightly. Still keeping his cool though.
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