My Four Leafed Clover

One Dee fan-fiction. Please read if you love emmmmmmmm.


2. McDonalds

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock again the next morning. Was it all a dream? I go to the kitchen and grab out my iPhone having 4 text messages. From On Direction. It wasn't a dream! I smile and hug my phone. I read the messages.

From: Niall
Hey Clover. You are coming over today!!! The address is xxx street xxxx number of the house we live in. See you there.

From: Liam
Hey, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn said that they met a girl yesterday too. So they is coming over at the same tine as you are. You won't be alone! Well, the street is xxx the house number is xxxx. Bye love!

From: Zayn
Hey. The house number is xxxx the street is xxx. I can't wait to see you again! Bye.

HEY CLOVER!!!! It is me Louis. You already know where the house is so I don't really need to send you the address. I can't wait to see your pretty face. Buh-bye!

I smile at all of the sweet messages that the sweet boys that play sweet music are sooo sweet!!!!! I wonder what time it is...11:04. I don't have work today. I will plan my outfit then. I run to my room and take out some bright red skinny jeans, white shirt, white flats, white earrings, and a red flower in my hair. I then feel my stomach growl. I check the time again to see if I have any time left to go out for brunch. 12:34. Wow, how long did it take me to get dressed? I decide to go anyway. Well, I don't wanna go by myself... I will ask one of the boys... Hmm... I take out my phone and text _____.

Hey, wanna go to McDonalds for brunch quickly and go to the park or something for a while then go to your place?

I wait for the response like a little girl waiting for her ice cream cone to be done at a parlour. I then see on my iPhone that he is typing....

Sure, I will pick you up. What is your address?

I smile.

It is xxx street and xxxx the apartment building.

Okay, see you there!

I get on my flats that I planned on wearing and put my iPhone in my front pocket. I turn off the light and lock the door with the key under the welcome mat. I then put it back under and walk down the stairs and skip a few. I accidentally slip and fall down the stairs. Great. I get up and dust off my pants. Then I get up. Ow, my ankle. I will just walk it off. I limp to the front-door and push it open. I then wait for Louis. I see a white limo drive up. I watch as Louis comes out. Hiding himself. Not very skilled at it though. I laugh. "Well hello there miss." He says smiling at me. "Hello there sir." I smile back. "Come with me." He says grabbing my hand. I limp along with him. "WAIT! What is wrong with your ankle?" He asks stopping. "I- uh..." I trail off blushing. I don't want him to know that I fell down the stairs. He will think that I am a clumsy ox or something. "Come on, you can tell me." Louis says, staring into my eyes. "I fell down the stairs..." I say looking down at the cement ground. Louis picks me up bridle style and puts me down softly in the white limo. He comes in the other end of the car. "That is funny, but, I won't laugh." He says making a retarded face trying to keep in his giggles. I start to giggle. It then becomes into a full laugh. He gives up and joins in with me. I put on mine and his seatbelt. "Thank you!!!!" He says still laughing his head off. I laugh along some more because his laugh is just so contagious. We stop laughing and look out ours windows that our the closest to us. I watch the trees go by one by one. I then get bored and look down onto the street and decide to watch the lines if the road go by instead. I count them. Louis cuts off ny counting by poking me. "Hey!" I say giving him a glare. He waves while saying "Heyyyyyyyy!" As a girly girl would say it. I deepen my death glare even more trying not to laugh at his awesome comeback. He starts to get a little worried and awkward. Louis then cuddles into a ball and fake cries. "Awe..." I say. I hug hum and we stay like this until we get to McDonalds. I jump up as soon as we get to the ordering window. "I WANT TWO CHICKEN CRISPY SNACK WRAPS WITH LARGE FRIES LARGE DRINK AND LARGE MILKSHAKE!" I say to the speaker. "Is that all?" The guy asks through the crakling speaker. "" Says Louis. He stands up out the window and yells way louder then me, "MCCHICKEN MEAL WITH LARGE FWIES ANWD WOTS OF EXTWA CHWEESE AND MWAYO!" I try not to laugh at him.This guy is just to funny. ", what pop do you want?" Asks the guy in a tired voice. We can barely hear him with the crappy speaker. "I HAZ SOME CWOKE!" He says in the same voice. I can't hold it any longer...I burst out laughing. I hug my knees and try to keep it to being shorter. "Ok, that'll be $20.34 at the window." He says. "OKIE DWOKIE!" Says Louis in response. I laugh even HARDER. If that is even possible. The Limo moves forward making a slight jerk. Louis then looks at me trying to hold back my laughter. "You look very ugly like that." He says and simply turns the other way towards the window. How could he? What? I mean, I am ugly...I always am. How could the Louis Tomlinson want to be with me, or call me pretty? I sigh and put my four head onto the cold window with fog on it. I then feel a warm hand on my back. "I didn't mean it..." I hear. I turn around to see Louis with the most apologetical look I have ever seen on anybody. I smile as he opens his arm with a smile. I open my arms and fall into his and embrace the hug that he offered me. I hold him as he holds me. I pull back as I see out Louis's window the window to give the money. I take my wallet out and push my twenty dollar bill into Louis's hand. He then pushes it back into mine and he matches the gesture by saying "I am paying love." I smile and push the bill back into his hand. " least let me pay for half." I say. "Hmm..." He says as he makes a thinking face as to whether or not he should make a deal. I give him puppy dog eyes. He shakes his head as in "No" I pout. I then think of an awesome idea. I put on a flirtatious grin and kiss his cheek. As I lean back, I see his eyes are big and he smiles. "Uh, sure." He says, as I give Louis my Ten Dollar bill and take back my Twenty Dollar boll. It worked! I smile and watch as he gives the man my Ten Dollar bill and Louis's Ten dollars and 32 cents. "Next window." Says the man, pointing towards the next window. We both smile really weird and say "SHANKS YOUZ!" We then act as if this is a normal day thing. As we drive to the next window we laugh. Then, when we get to the pick up window, we take the food and place it on the middle seat between us. "Here you go." Louis says as he gives me my food. I place it on my lap and open the wrapper. He then takes out his food and places it on his lap. We eat and drink and talk at the same time. Multitasking! We laugh at jokes and drive towards his house. It is about a thirty minute we will get there at around 4:00. Wow! Time goes by fast. I wanted to stop by the park too!
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