My Four Leafed Clover

One Dee fan-fiction. Please read if you love emmmmmmmm.


3. Harebear

As we are driving Louis and I again look out the window. I am not usually quiet. But, what do you talk about when you are with a boy?

Sorry to sound so naive about this but, this is not normal for me. I have no friends except Charlie, who is all the way in California. Maybe my co-workers. But, let alone a boyfriend! I have never even had my first kiss!

I decide to give up talking to myself in my mind and stare blankly out the window. It is a beautiful day. The sky is bright blue with white cotton candy like clouds. I want to eat them. I want them to be pink and blue. For me to go up and eat them.

I sigh and look at Louis, who is staring at me. "Sorry love!" He says looking away. "For what?" I ask, pretending I never saw him. "I um- never mind." He says smiling sweetly at me. I smile back.

Out the window behind Louis, I see houses. I guess that we are close. I look out beyond my window an feel familiar with these houses. I look at them all, one by one. Remembering every detail of each house. They are just so cute and vintage.

"Like the houses?" Asks Louis. I smile and turn around. "Yes, I didn't really take time to see them when I drove you here. I was you know, more focused on the driving part." I say laughing. He laughs along with me.

I then recognize the giant house that belongs to, One Direction. For awhile anyways. They are just renting it. Until they leave. Like they always do. I try not to think of that. These boys are great and I just met them, I don't want to think of this now. Plus, we might be real friends!

"Come on Clover." Says Louis as he tugs my arm gently. "Oh!" I say snapping out of my thoughts. I shuffle over to him and push the door of the car a little farther so it won't bang my leg.

I get out and slam the door shut. I put pressure on my ankle. Ow...I wince. It has gotten worse. "You alright?" Asks Louis as he rubs my neck in a comforting way. "Yeah, just my ankle again." I say. "Okay, I will get you an ice pack inside." He says, "That is fine with you right?" He asks. "Yes, if it is no trouble for you." I state, sort of in an asking way because I don't want to be a bother.

Louis walks in front of me and stops. He crouches down in front and holds his arms out. "Get on." He says. I smile and grab his shoulders and jump. He catches my legs and I wrap my arms around his neck. Louis trudges up and down making me bounce against him.

As we get to the porch he puts me down and takes his key out of his back pocket. He places the key into the lock and turns left. I hear a click as he pulls the key out. He then turns the knob and opens the door.

"Enter Me Lady." He says. I smile jumping in my one leg. "This is the living room." He says pointing to a room. I smile and walk into it with him. "You can sit on the couch if you want to." Says Louis. "Okay." I say, sitting down on the red couch. I lay down and spread over the whole couch.

Louis laughs at me. I laugh with him. "Sorry, no more room..." I say in a convincing sad voice. He laughs harder making me laugh from his once again contagious laugh.

"I am going to get you an ice pack. Stay here." He says. I nod still laughing.

When he walks away I get to look at the room. The floors are a dark brown wood. The walls are red. The couch and coffee table is red. Then, in the corner is a red TV. They must like red? I laugh to myself about it. Only slightly though. I stop after taking a deep breath in and letting it out.

I then hear Louis walk into the room. I smile at him once he comes into sight. "Thank you." I say smiling as he puts the ice on my ankle. I wince at the pain and shiver at the coldness. It feels like so much pain in my body. But, the cold ice numbs it away. I breath and smile again.

"I am going to drive out and get some food for tonight." Louis states. "Are you okay here by yourself?" He asks me. "Yes, I am 18. Almost 19. I think I can handle myself for an hour or so." I say.

Louis just simply nods and heads out the door. I cuddle into the couch and breath in the smell of each of the boys's man perfume. Haha. I laugh and smile to myself.

I hear the door lock and steps on the porch getting more silent. I watch the ceiling and stare at it blankly. What do I do now?

I then hear some steps coming up onto the stairs and onto the porch. I hear them place their hand on the knob. They remember to put the key I listen to the door squeak open and footsteps come into the room.

"Ahhh!" I hear a guy's voice say. "Ahhh!" I scream, sitting up. I turn to see no other then Harry Styles. I smile. "Hellooo..." I say awkwardly, nice move Clover. "Clover?" He asks. "Yes, it is me last time I checked." I say feeling and looking up and down my body. He laughs. "How did you get in? And not to be rude but, why are you here?" He asks. "Louis let me in." I say. "Okay, that explains. Where is he now?" He asks. Mr. 20 questions here. Well, I guess I would be confused too.

"He is at the store getting more food. I am here because you invited me." I state. He nods. "I remember..." He says. Harry then sees my ankle. "What happened?" He asks concern all over his face. "I fell, but I am fine now!" I say, trying to make him not worry.

"Well, would you like some tea?" Harrys asks. I nod. "If it isn't a bother...?" I ask. "Not at all! Anything for you love." He says with a smile. He walks down the hall and up the stairs.
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