My Four Leafed Clover

One Dee fan-fiction. Please read if you love emmmmmmmm.


1. The Forgotten

I wake up to the sound of my radio turn on. I groan, knowing that I have to go to work. I work at a pet shop. Annie's Pet shop to be exact. I need the money to stay here. In my apartment. By myself, all alone. I don't have many friends, I only have one really. Her name is Charlie. My name is Clover, by the way. Charlie and I met back in California. My family moved there from my home town, Ireland, when I was about 7. I met Charlie when I was 7 also. We were Best Friends ever since. I was never popular at school. I had an Irish accent and was different. So, nobody ever really wanted to get to know me. But, I had Charlie. I decided to move back to Ireland. After my Mom died. My Dad loved her very much. He started to do drugs. I usually spent the night at Charlie's house to avoid seeing my Dad. Since that I am now 18 and am a legal adult, I was able to move back here in Ireland. Anyway, I better go to work. I pull off the bright yellow sheets off of my body and fling them onto the floor. I let the cool breeze hit my legs. I shiver at the coldness. I then slowly get up and feel my head. I decide to save my shower for tonight. I brush through my ginger orange hair. I concentrate on the few freckles that I have counting them. 5. I put my brush away and brush my hand through my hair to make my natural curls stand out. I then exit the bathroom and go to my dresser. I open the top drawer and get out my white skinny jeans. Then, I close the drawer and walk over to my closet. I get out a teal tank top, a white cardigan and one teal sock and one rainbow sock. I never liked to wear them matching. I then take off my PJs and put on my outfit for the day. As I am jumping and forcing myself into my jeans, I look at my side table beside my bed. I notice the photo of Charlie and I. Then, when I feel the fit of my jeans, I button them up. I put on my tank top and my cardigan. I decide to put on a team beanie on. I check my self out in the mirror. I look deep into my gray eyes. They used to be teal. I do a 360 turn and pose playfully for awhile. Then I giggle and walk to the kitchen. I am so hungry! I open the fridge and grab the milk. I go to the cabinet and grab the cereal and a bowl. I pore the Lucky Charms into the bowl and poor the milk with it. I put everything away and grab a spoon. I sit at the 2 seated table and eat. I look at my iPhone sitting at the table i grab it and play One Direction. Yes, I am fond if the band. I fancy Niall. He is my favourite in the band. I hum along to the tune of Gotta be You. I turn it off looking at the time. I put my empty bowl into to sink and put on my teal converse. I go to grab my keys but decide to walk to work instead. Get a coffee at Starbucks on the way. I grab my over the shoulder purse putting in my wallet and iPhone and keys to the my apartment. I turn off the light and go out the door and then lock it. I go down the stairs to the main floor. I finally get to the main floor. I walk out the door say exit on it and feel the wind blow against my fourhead, making my hair fly back. I smile at people passing by. I cross the street looking both ways and see Starbucks. I check my iPhone to see the time. 10:54. I have to be at work in six minutes. I will get some when I walk back home. I keep walking and turn left at the end of the block. I go to the corner of the dead end and open the big glass door making the sound waves of dogs, cats and many other animals noises come to my ears. I wave to Chris, my friend who is gay. I walk to the locker room upstairs. I check in, and go to locker 1589. I put in my code and open the locker. I get out my apron and nametag and put my purse in my locker. I close the locker turning the lock and walking down the stairs. I go to the schedule. Taped to the wall beside is a sign saying: NEW KITTENS HAVE ARRIVED. I do a miny dance seeing that I have to work with the cats and kittens today. I love cats. I walk to the cats and kittens section and look at the new kittens. I smile and go to get the food. They seem hungry. I go to the back of the store and get out the cat food for kittens. I open the door and walk back. I see a man with his hood all the way making a shadow on his face that has sunglasses. "May I help you?" I ask. He turns to face me. "Yes, I would like to play with this kitten please." He says pointing to a orange cat. I smile. "Okay." I say. I open the cage and tell ? to enter the petting room. He takes the cat out of my hands and snuggles it. "I will be right back, I have to feed the kittens." I say. He gives a slight nod keeping his eyes on the cat. I walk out of the small brown dull room. I pick up the food bag and pour it into the bowls in the cage. Poor animals. They should be aloud to be free. I shrug it off and bring the bag back into the petting room. I pour the food into the small bowl for the kitten. The kitten mews and walks over to the bowl eating. "So, your name is Clover I see." Says the guy. "Yes. You are...?" I ask. He takes the hood off and shades to reveal, no other then Harry Styles. "My name is Harry." He says with a cheeky smile. I smile back. "I am a fan." I say. " I see." He says pointing to the 1D bracelets on my wrist. I forgot those were on there. "You seem nice. You don't fan girl. Would you like to meet the others boys?" He asks me. "Yes. I would like that." I respond. "Here is my number, text me and I will text you the address." He says writing his number on my arm with the pen that was in my pocket. When he was done, he slipped the pen back into my pocket. He starts to walk out the door then pauses, "Good bye Clover. Tomorrow? We are free at 4:30." He asks me. I nod. I wave as he walks away out the door. As he leaves I scream. Omygosh! I am going to meet One Dee.

I sigh as Walk out of the pet shop. I walk back the way to Starbucks. I guues that I will text Harry when I get in there. I open the door that clearly says PUSH on it. -_- I am so smart. I push it open and walk through. I get into the short line up. "Hello, what may I get you?" Asks a lady with long blonde hair and green eyes. I smile at her. "I will get a tall strawberry frapp please." Those are my favourites. "Name?" She asks me. "Clover." I say. She writes it down with a black marker on the clear plastic cup. I walk over to the waoting area. I get a green straw and lean against the wall. I pull out my phone and put in my passcode. I take the number from my wrist and add it to my contacts. I then text Harry

Me:Hey Harry, it is me Clover. What is your address?

I put my phone back into my purse as I hear her call my order. "Thanks." I say smiling at her. "You to." She replies. I walk around the little coffee shop. No tables. I decide to ask a boy with his hat down and is wearing a varsity jacket to sit at his table. "May I sit here if you don't mind?" I ask. "I don't mind, go ahead." He says taking a sip of his coffee. I pull out the chair making a loud noise and sit down putting my drink infront of me. "What is your name?" He asks. Not looking up at me still. "Clover." I say. "Nice name, I am Zayn." He says looking at me with his caramel eyes. Wait... "Your the real Zayn Malik?" I whiser to him. "Mhhm." He says while putting his jat down so others don't see him. "Would you like to see the others? Tomorrow, 4:30." He asks. "Sure." I smile. Thsi is going to be funny. Harry invited me, now Zayn too. "Okay, here is my number and address." He says writing down on a napkin with a pen that was in a bowl. When he is done he passes the napkin over to me and tosses the pen in the bowl making it in. "And he scores!" I say giggling. Zayn laughs a long with me. "Well, I am terribly sorry but I have to go." I say checking the clock hanging on the wall. "Good bye." He says flashing his smile at me. I get up and tuck my chair in. I then walk out of the shop, this time pulling the door, because I read the sign this time. I run to my apartment. I have to go to Nandos and then go to a soccer game. It is already 6:00. The game starts at 6:30. I rush to my yellow bug and get in. I turn it on and drive to Nandos. I go in and walk through the door. I guy with a blue jacket holds it open for me. "Thank you." I say smiling at him. "No problem." He says. I walk to the chashier. "What would you like miss?" She asks me. "Peri-peri chiken with 2 fries. Large pop, and a potatoe." I say. My stomach growling. "Okay. Are you paying or is your gentleman?" She asks pointing to the guy who opened the door for me holding out. 20 dollar bill. I look up at him in surprise. "I will be paying." He says. I was about to proteset when he gives the lady the money. "Thank you." I say hugging him. He hugs me back. This is the awesomest hug ever! I smile then let go. I always loved hugs. "You can order now." I say. I sit at a table for 2. The lady comes with my order and places it on my table. I smile at her. "Thanks." I say. I then see in the corner of my eye the guy who held the door open for me come and sit down with me. "Thank you again." I say. I eat my potatoe. "No problem." He says while he takes off his hood revealing no other then Niall Horan. "Hey." I say. Smiling. "Hello." The lady then comes back with Niall's food. He starts to dig into his food. "So, what is your name?" He asks me. "Clover." I say. "That is a very pretty name." He says while putting some of my potatoe fries into his mouth. I slap his hand away and give him a death glare. He laughs. I check the time on the wall. 6:20. WHAT!? I have to go. "I am so sorry, I have to go." I say putting my garbage into the garbage can. Giving Niall the fries that were left. "You did pay for them." He smiles. "Do you have a phone?" He asks. I nod. He takes out his and we exchange numbers. "Tomorrow 4:30?l he asks me. I laugh to myself at how all of the boys have asks me to come to their house 4:30. "Sure." I say smiling at Niall. "I will text you the address." He says. I smile. "Good bye." We say at the same time. We both hug each other and I leave.

I sigh in releaf as I sit down in my seat. That was such a bust area. I wait for the game to start. I get out my phone and text Zayn and Niall.

To Zayn:

Me:Hey, what is the address?

To Niall:

Me: Hey, what is the address potatoe boy???

I giggle at the messeage I sent Niall. I then get a text from Harry.

Harry: Hey, sorry I responded late to your text. I was practicing. The address is xxx street house number xxxxx

I put my phone away and watch as the game starts and two giys sit beside me on either side. "Hey there sexy..." Says the guy on my right with beer smell in his breath. I back away. Almost leaning fully on the guy to my left. "Sorry." I say. "Come 'ere" he says, pulling me into a hug. "Let me go!" I say pushing him away. "Don't touch her..." Says the guy to my left in a stern voice. "S-sorry! Didn't know that she had a boyfriend." He says focusing on the game in a drunk way. "Thanks." I say to te guy on my left. "It is fine. Alchohol sickens me. Those guys are just rude too." He says. "Yeah." I say. "What is your name anyway?" He asks me. "Clover." I say. "Liam, Liam Payne." I smile. "Nice to meet you. I am a fan of your band." I say. This has been sone day so far. "Would you like to uang out? With the rest of the band too? We could tomorrow at 4:30. We are free." He say. I laugh in my head. "Yes, that would be nice." I say smiling to him. "I will text you the address right now. What is your number?" He asks pulling out his phone. I type in my number and give it back to Liam. I then hear my ring tone. -HI, WERE ONE DIRECTION. PICK UP YOUR PHONE SOME- I unlock my phone and answer the call. "Hello?" I ask. "Well, I see you are a fan of the One Direction ringtone that we made huh?" I hear an echo. I hang up turning to Liam with the phone to his ear. He is giggling. I laugh with him too. He hangs up the phone and we watch the soccer game.

At the end of the game it is now 8:30. I decide to drive to the park to relax. The soccer gane was a lot for me to take and I need to stretch my legs out. I get to the park and run across the feild and into the pathway and through the trees to a little pond with benches surrounding it. Nobody ever comes here a lot. I am here bu myself a lot. I sit on a bench and stare into the lake with geese and one swan. I smile at it's pure beauty. "It is pretty huh?" Says a tall man. Around in his 20s. I smile. "Yeah." He looks down at me. Louis Tomlinson. Seriously!? "Louis. You are...?" He asks "Clover." I say. He sots down next to me. "So, why are you here?" He asks me. "To relax." I say. He nods in a knowing way. "Me too." He says. We stare at the lake for a while until Luois breaks the silence. "Are you a fan wanting to come over to my place with the rest of the boys tomorow at 4:30?" He asks. I nod. He smiles at me. "Here is my number." He says while writing it on a piece of paper from his pocket and a pen from his pocket too. Who carries that around. Louis does I guess. "Thanks." I say taking the number from his hand. "I better go." I say. "Yeah, me to. Would you like me to walk you home?" He asks. "No, I am sorry but I brought my car." I say. "Would you like a ride home?" I ask. "Yes please!" He shouts. I smile. "RACE YOU!" I shout as i run to te car with Louis right behind me. I laugh as I run. I get ti the feild and I see my yellow car. I was about to reach for the handle when Louis picks me up and spins me around. I smile and yell, "PUT ME DOWN SASSY TOMMO!" He smile and putr me down. I open the door handle and grt into the front seat. "So, why are you in Ireland?" I ask him as he enters the car and closes the door. I start the car as he says, "Niall wanted to stay here instead of England." I nod. We drove talking and occasionnally Louis poiting in which direction to turn at. As we reach a huge house I stop and let him get out at it. He smiles. "Thank you." He says smiling. "No problem." I say smiling back. He closes the door and walks to the large house. So, now i know where they are living. I drive the car back to the park and go to my house from there. As I am driving One Dee comes on the radio. I dance and sing along. As I pull into the parking lot I look for my parking stall. Here it is. I park into it and turn my car off. I get out of the car and walk to the front entrance. I open te big glass doors and say hello to the secretary. She smiles back at me. I decide to use the elevator this time. I push the button to go up. I push the 8 floor and feel the elevartor pop. I feel the gravity pull me down a little bit. As I here the ding of the elevator and the cheesy music turn of I know that I am at my floor. I walk through the doors as they open. I walk down the hall towards my room and when I get to apartment 20, I get out my keys and unlock the door. I then enter and throw my keys on the counter. I close the door and lock it. I take off my shoes and rush to my room. I go to my bed a collaspe ontol of it. I take off my hat and place it on the hook again. I take off ny clothes and hop into the shower.

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