Over Again

Hilary always put people before herself, and did everything for everyone else. She is never good enough for her parents and they won't let her grow up. Along the way, she's gotten hurt so many times that she's built up walls and doesn't let anyone in. When she finally takes a stand against her parents, she runs into a boy who wants to tear down the walls and get closer to Hilary. Will she let him? What will become of the two?


4. Her Story


“You ready to go dry your clothes?” He asked.

“Yeah I am”. I was so embarrassed. He caught me staring at him, with my mouth wide open. Wow, I feel stupid.  I grabbed my bag as he put his shirt on and then we left the room, finding our way to the laundry room. I grabbed my clothes and threw them into the dryer.

“So are you going to tell me what happened? Why were you so upset?” Niall broke the silence.

“Oh…yeah…Well, my parents have put so much pressure on me my whole life, but I’m never good enough and for the past couple months, it’s all I ever hear from them. That I’m doing anything right and I need to get myself together. I do everything they ask, make my own money, pay my own bills, clean, everything….but it’s never good enough. And I’ve just had enough. I couldn’t please them. And this time, they told me that if I don’t want to follow their rules, then I could find somewhere else to go. So I ended up here.” I told him.

“Wow, so you do what they ask but they don’t think it’s ever good enough?”

“Pretty much. I put everything and everyone before myself. I push my feelings aside and make sure everyone else is happy before I am but it never works with them. I didn’t know what else to do since nothing will work.” I felt my voice shake and the rims of my eyes started to fill with water. “I can’t do it anymore.” I closed my eyes and started to cry again. I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my shoulders.

“I’m so sorry, you don’t have to do it anymore. You’re away from it all. And I’m here to listen to whatever else is wrong. I’m a good listener, you know?” Niall said as he rested his chin atop of my head.

What was I doing? Why was I crying? I had to be strong. I can’t be weak, I hate that feeling. I pushed him away from me gently and wiped my eyes of the tears. “Thanks” was all I said and I got back to the dryer, making sure it was still going.


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