When your a teenager, you want to go clubbing, drinking, hook with a guy, go to parties and such but in Sabrina Montay's life it doesn't go pretty well or does it?
Sabrina gets cursed by a spell that she turns into a 8 year old girl, but she still is herself it's just her appearance she still has the mind of an 18 year old teenager the attitude and everything. But what happens when 5 boys meet her and treat her like an 8 year old? Is there jelousy? Yup. Is there love? Maybe. Is there drama? Yes. Is there friendship? Yes. Is there an evil witch? YES! But then what's missing......


5. that I love food


Sabrina’s POV:


I woke up.


Ok you know what I’m getting tired of waking up again and AGAIN!


 So as I was saying I woke up, but I wasn’t where I left off I was in a hotel room I’m guessing?


Yeah it’s a hotel room and damn was it a nice one.


I got up and walked up to a brown modern mirror with squiggly lines out lining the frame and looked at my self.



There was a bandage wrapped around my hand and there was a big red dot showing on the white wrap bandage which I’m guessing is blood.


 I looked back to where I was laying, on a bed and luckily my purse was set neatly on a night stand beside the bed.


 As I took my last look in the mirror, my emerald eyes glistened. I smiled. That is the first time it glistened today.


 I stepped away from the mirror.


 My head shot up to a fading light, the window.


I stepped in front of the window and saw that the sun was fading away creating the most beautiful view ever. Beside the sun it was all orange and some purple was mixed with the orange. Then yellow was in the background.

 I know right, truly beautiful.


I went over to the night stand and got my i-iPhone from my purse. I went back to the position I was a few seconds ago and took a picture of the beautiful view.


After a few minutes I got bored so I decided to head out of the room.


 The first thing that caught my eyes was the huge fridge!!!! You know what that means……….




 I ran towards the fridge and started eating random stuff like chopped fruit, yogurt, pizza leftovers, peri peri chicken from Nando's, and some junk food…ok I lied most of it then I got full so I just slumped onto the soft couch.


I think that by now you know I love food!!


 Man am I still really hungry.


 I got bored of sitting on the couch and doing nothing so I grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels.


 I stopped when I came to ‘pretty little liars’. I LOVVE that show!!


 But there was one problem, I was at the scene where aria (the girl that everyone says I look like and my female role model and inspiration) was grabbing food from the fridge.


 I heard a door knob turn but I didn’t care, I was memorized by the bread crumb chicken.


 By now my mouth was watering.


 I heard a loud grumble. I tilted my head down to see my stomach.


I frowned.


 “I WANT FOOD” I whined like an 8 year old. Ha-ha that’s funny cause I basically am an 8 year old ha-ha so funny…. No ok.


 “Look at that she’s just like Niall” I heard a strong British accent just like mine.


 I stood in shock.


 Are they talking about the “Niall” from the “one direction”?


I turned around there stood…… 

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