When your a teenager, you want to go clubbing, drinking, hook with a guy, go to parties and such but in Sabrina Montay's life it doesn't go pretty well or does it?
Sabrina gets cursed by a spell that she turns into a 8 year old girl, but she still is herself it's just her appearance she still has the mind of an 18 year old teenager the attitude and everything. But what happens when 5 boys meet her and treat her like an 8 year old? Is there jelousy? Yup. Is there love? Maybe. Is there drama? Yes. Is there friendship? Yes. Is there an evil witch? YES! But then what's missing......


2. Prune Medical Center

Sabrina's POV:

Once I got in side of Prune medical center, I got this weird sensation. It wasn't that busy today which I was surprised and it had the warm smell of donuts and coffee. I was looking around when my eyes set on a metal door which seemed to be the elevator. I stepped in the elevator and was searching for level 1, but there was no level 1 button on the elevator. I was about to get out when the doors closed. I threw my hands up in the air and dropped them beside my waist and sighed. Oh well I'll just check the escalators or the stairs. I looked up above the elevator door where there were numbers from 2 to 14. The numbers started lighting up indicating that we were passing that level. The light stopped at level 9 and the elevator doors opened. I was welcomed by an old lady. I stepped out of the elevators so I could test the stairs. I couldn't find the stairs so 
" umm sorry to interupt miss but have you seen the stairs " I asked hopefully, taking off my shades and sliding them in my purse. " uhh yes I have it's right down that door " said the lady pointing to a door. I looked at the door and started walking towards it. I turned around and said "thank you!" to the lady " no thank you for being so polite " she answered back. I opened the door and started my way down the stairs.
A billion steps and a lot of sighs later I came to a door with the number 1 carved in it. Huh? That's weird it wasn't on the elevators eh whatever.
I opened the door slowly making it create a creepy squeaky sound. I took a deep breath. I was scared. Hey don't make fun of me I know you would be to. I took my first look and...... It looked normal. It was white and looked just like the other floors but it looked more old and dusty. I went to the head counter of this level and there was no one there though. There was a bell on the counter and a sign beside it that read 'ring bell 3 times" so I rang it three times. 'BRING, BRING, BRING'. Out of no where out popped a lady from under the counter making me jump back almost peeing my pants and saying "HOLY SHITT YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH " she smirked when I said 'death'. Creeeepppy. " YEEESS " she stretched the word sounding like one of those witches from the bugs bunny cartoons. " umm I'm here for an appointment apparently " I spoke. She took out a clip board and stared at me and asked "okay what's your name" " Sabrina Collette Montay " I answered. She dragged her fingers down the list of names and said " ah ha " then she said " here you go follow my lead ". So I did. I followed her lead which took like 5 minutes until we finally stopped infront of an old wooden door with the number '1920' carved on it. That's weird most doors aren't wooden at this medical center. " ok tha-- " I was cut of by a powerfull push. I got pushed into the room. I snapped my head up to see the lady locking the door rapidly form the other side. I heard crackling laughter. It sounded disgusting. If the sound is disgusting I wonder how disgusting the person making the sound IS. I shot my head up and couldn't believe my eyes. I screamed. I couldn't believe it I'm standing write infront of an ugly, green.........
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