When your a teenager, you want to go clubbing, drinking, hook with a guy, go to parties and such but in Sabrina Montay's life it doesn't go pretty well or does it?
Sabrina gets cursed by a spell that she turns into a 8 year old girl, but she still is herself it's just her appearance she still has the mind of an 18 year old teenager the attitude and everything. But what happens when 5 boys meet her and treat her like an 8 year old? Is there jelousy? Yup. Is there love? Maybe. Is there drama? Yes. Is there friendship? Yes. Is there an evil witch? YES! But then what's missing......


3. lemonade?

Sabrina's POV:
I screamed. I couldn't believe it, I'm standing right infront of an ugly, green........ I don't know I think it was a witch! But that's  IMPOSSIBLE!! Witches don't exist!!. That's when I had a good look at this place or should I say creep show. It was black and had Shelves on the wall Filled with potion bottles with many kinds of colors in them. In the middle stood a big black cauldron, probably bigger then my bed! " don't be scared I'm not gonna hurt you, I just need you then I'll let you go " said a creepy high  voice. I turned around to be greeted by, the evil wicked witch of the west. I
Jumped back a bit. Suddenly I felt a boost of energy. I quickly shot towards the door. But I couldn't feel the ground anymore. I started screaming non-stop when I figured that I was getting pulled back by a strong force. I looked behind my back to see the 'witch' with some sort of stick with sparks coming out of it leading towards me. I started sobbing. I DID NOT AND I REPEAT DID NOT BELIEVE THAT MAGIC EXISTS!! I mean yeah I still have an imagination but thats not MAGIC. I suddenly felt boiling heat under
me, trickling the palm of my feet. I let out the loudest scream I possibly could. " IF YOU JUST SHUT UP THEN I'LL TAKE THE HOT WATER OUT " snarled
The wicked witch of the west. I whimpered loudly but went quiet. Out of no where I felt myself falling.  I looked down to see an empty cauldron. I fell into the cauldron making a "THUMP" sound. OWW!! man did it hurt but if I screamed wicked witch of the west would bring the boiling water back. I bit my Lip 
To stop myself from screaming. I couldn't see anything since the cauldron  was so high. But all I heard was "PIPS" and " POPS " and "SPLOSSHES" and "SPLATS", but what scared me the most was this: 
"oh holy nights of nights bring the darkness of delight she will still live yes she may but small she'll be like little witch Reneé" and that's when I heard a huge "POOF". I felt things getting smashed or put away on something wood, then sat down. U felt myself getting picked up. I shut my eyes close and imagined peacefully stuff : my dance concerts at 'CANDANCE', my yoga classes, kickboxing, boxing, and karate classes. I suddenly imagined myself on the edge of a cliff and falling with a "THUMP". It was to horrible to imagine so I opened my eyes and realized, the " THUMP " sound was real but, that sound got created when I thumped on to a chair. I looked over to see the witch move her wand around in little small directions. Suddenly I got urge towards a really but thirst. The witch smirked. "thirsty" she asked holding up a bottle with a lime-ish, yellow-ish  liquid inside of it. " what is it?!?!  " I asked in disgust. " nonono don't worry it's just..... It's just..... Lemonade..... Yeah lemonade " she replied hesitantly and un shore of her self. " Okaaayyy " I spoke, suspiciously and stretched the okay. I took the glass from her hand,
eyeing her every movement. I rose the cup up to my mouth and opened my mouth slowly and just drank a little bit. I saw the witch do hand actions using her wand AGAIN.  I took a sip once more but,....... it tasted..... different this time it ACTUALLY tasted like lemonade. It was so sweet and the fresh scent of it went up my nostrils and filled my nose. The lemonade had drawn my whole body towards it. I rose the cup up to my mouth and chugged it quickly. Suddenly my vision slowly was fading away, it started getting blurry. I heard a crackling laugh " 1 month and 12 " days haha REMEMBER 1 month and 12 days " her voice was fading away soon and my eyes slowly fluttered close, and all I saw was total blackness, just nothing but blackness.

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