When your a teenager, you want to go clubbing, drinking, hook with a guy, go to parties and such but in Sabrina Montay's life it doesn't go pretty well or does it?
Sabrina gets cursed by a spell that she turns into a 8 year old girl, but she still is herself it's just her appearance she still has the mind of an 18 year old teenager the attitude and everything. But what happens when 5 boys meet her and treat her like an 8 year old? Is there jelousy? Yup. Is there love? Maybe. Is there drama? Yes. Is there friendship? Yes. Is there an evil witch? YES! But then what's missing......


6. Kissing scene?

I turned around and there stood,

 not only Niall but One freakin Direction!!

I wanted to faint but I didn't.

 I wanted to fan girl but I didn't.  

I wanted to scream but I didn't.

 There was something or someones voice inside my head saying 'Don't fan girl. Don't scream. Don't faint. Just stay normal and calm.' and I followed it's instructions.

 "Umm..... Yeah? I guess? Am I supposed to? Why am I asking so many questions? Argg I asked another question AGAIN! Sorry I don't know what I'm saying" I exclaimed ashamed of my stupidity. 

It was quiet for a minute or two and I swear you could actually hear crickets in the background. 

Niall looked like he just ate a really SOUR and I mean REALLY sour lemon/lime, cause of the face he was making at the moment. 

Soon all the boys had the same face except Zayn and Harry. They had faces on like they just had a war head. 

"Umm did any of you have war heads today or is that just your normal every-day face?" I asked eager to find out. 

Out of thin air I heard laughter. 

Laughter that could light up your world like nobody else's ( <<<<----- haha lol) 

It was so cute and contagious that I couldn't help but laugh too.

 Niall and Louis looked as if they were about to cry, Liam did that adorable laugh of his where his eyes go smaller and his cheeks get bigger when Zayn and Harry were....... Well I didn't know what they were doing exactly but it looked like they were doing the gangnam style dance. 

While they were still busy laughing their bottoms off, I went and sat on the couch and started watching Pretty Little Liars I mean that's the whole point I came and sat on the couch and turned the telly on for. 

Soon the laughter quieted down. I looked over to the guys to see their eyes glued to the screen. 

Haha that's funny, they're the only guys I've know that actually probably likes Pretty Little Liars.

 After about 8 minutes of complete silence except for the wind banging on the windows, there was a kissing scene.......
Just great...
 That's all I needed to make this moment more awkward.

 I looked away from the screen. 

Normally I would just watch it but apparently I'm an '8 year old little girl' so I cant well not today I can't.  

I have to tell the Bianca and Sammie as soon as soon could be. 

Louis had a confused look on his face while he turned around to face me.

 "What?" I asked feeling insecure of him looking at me, I mean hey come on hot guy here duhh. 

He chuckled "Sorry I was just wondering.... Um aren't you a little to young to watch this show?" he questioned. 

What the heck does he want me to say ' uhh actually yes I'm just a little 18 year girl that looks like a midget but got cursed'?

 Hell to the NOO!!

 I'm just gonna say 'no I like Barney that's all' and smile. 

Haha that would be
Funny, but you  heard what I said........ Hell to the NOO!!

I guess I was to deep in thought cause Louis was waving his hand from side to side 2 inches far from my face saying "Hello?...helloooo. Are you in there?" I laughed quietly and replied "No Louis I'm not in here it's just someones in here and I don't know who but I think it's a certain girl named Sabrina" I played along. 

"ohh so that's your name" he exclaimed. 

I made the 'No Duhhhh' face.

"You know you never answered my question!" Boobear spoke dryly.

Oh shit.....umm think of something..... Fast!!

 Oh damn I ain't good at lying!! 

Just stick to the plan... Yeah good idea the plan. 

" actually I'm just an 18 year old girl that looks like a midget that got cursed!" I replied not even knowing what I just said. 

I gasped.

 Shit...shit... Shit! 
Why did I just say that? 

"WHAT?!?!" all the boys gasped at the same time.
 Oh for gods sake!! 
Help me!!

 "What the heck did you guys think I said?" I asked pretending like I didn't know what they think I said adding a little giggle to the end. 

Niall smiled when I giggled. 

Aww he's so cute!

 "umm well it sounded like you said that you are an 18 year old girl that looks like a midget but got cursed?" Liam spoke not even sure of what I said himself. 

I did a fake laugh. 

"you guys are sooo silly!! But no I said that I like Barney that's all"

 ohh snap!!

 I just made a big mistake!! 

Why didn't I just say littlest pet shop, my little ponies, and I don't know spongebob? 
 spongebob would be wayyyy better cause I still and actually do watch it anyway. 

Suddenly they all burst into laughter..... AGAIN!! I didn't laugh like I would, instead my cheeks turned  a bright shade of red. 

I wasn't blushing I was embarrassed!

 The laughing quieted down when I said "ya know I'm still hungry". "well lets get something to eat then.... Anyone up for Nando's? I know I am!" a happy Niall exclaimed with his hands in the air.

 "me" or " I do" the boys would chorus one at a time. 

But I....

 I got a little to excited I mean cause Nandos is like my most favorite Italian restaurant 
in the 

I mean like who doesn't like Nandos? I know I do.

 "ooooh I do!! I do!!! I LOVE NANDOS I COULD JUST EAT IT ALL DAY AND STILL BE HUNGRY!!!  I shouted happily Like a little 8 year old about to get a whole life supply of candy. 

Hehe there it is again.

 Niall stood there smiling like an idiot before he said "come on high five!!" bringing his hands towards me for a high five which I gladly accepted. 

"uhh FINALLY someone that likes Nandos as much as me" Niall spoke sounding relieved. 

"you got that right" I giggled. 

 I noticed I still had my shoes on. Huh that's weird. Ehh what-Eva. 

"Guys get your lazy asses oooopps I mean get your lazy buts up to get your little shoes and then we can get this show in the Nandos" exclaimed Niall copying the saying ' let's get this show on the road' to 'lets get this show in the Nandos' an earning some mean glances from the boys I'm guessing because he said ass? 

What's so bad I mean I swear/cuss too I'm 18 years old ya know. 

Oh wait I forgot I'm actually an 8 year old girl! Who am I kidding I should stop being sarcastic.

 "YEAAH" I mocked football players screaming when they get a touch down. 

Just within a blink of an eye they were all wearing their shoes, and Harry was holding my purse. "aww thank you Harold" I thanked Harry grabbing my purse from his hands nicely and placing them on my shoulders. "anything for you sweetie" he said sweetly. 

That was kind of stupid. 

Well don't get me wrong I'm 18!!  

Once upon a time I called little kids sweetie too ya know. 

Niall came to my side and turned around to say "Louis grab your stinkin keys. Your driving" in his cute Irish accent. 

He waited for Louis to grab the keys and when Louis grabbed "got it" he screamed like it was a football game.

 Ok that's weird everything in my life is becoming football related. 

"ok so me and you are gonna be bestfriends and we'll do EVERYTHING together  and eat Nandos together and.. " I tuned Nialls sweet voice low regretting it but seeing one of his arms wrapped around my waist with the other half of my body close to his body. I felt cozy, safe, secure and well..... Comfortable. 

I think a little crush is building its way up my body for Niall.
But i know that will never happen. Or will it? I mean i have to wait for like 1 month and 12 days till I'm myself again.

I tuned his voice back up " and we will act like pigs and..-" 

" Niall that's no fair.... Your hogging her!" all the boys pouted making us turn our heads around to listen to them. 

I giggled AGAIN!!

 Man I gotta stop giggling!  

"well what ever!! I was the one that bumped into her in the first place anyways" began Niall turning his head back around looking at the direction we were going which was through the door and on our way to Nandos!!! 

He began finishing his whole paragraph or should I say imaginary storybook filled with stuff we would or could do together and how much fun we would have with the boys groaning at most times.
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