When your a teenager, you want to go clubbing, drinking, hook with a guy, go to parties and such but in Sabrina Montay's life it doesn't go pretty well or does it?
Sabrina gets cursed by a spell that she turns into a 8 year old girl, but she still is herself it's just her appearance she still has the mind of an 18 year old teenager the attitude and everything. But what happens when 5 boys meet her and treat her like an 8 year old? Is there jelousy? Yup. Is there love? Maybe. Is there drama? Yes. Is there friendship? Yes. Is there an evil witch? YES! But then what's missing......


4. Irish accent

 Sabrina’s POV:



 My eyes fluttered open. I’m awake. I remember everything from the crazy call to this moment.


I think…. I think it was that so called ‘lemonade’. I shifted my arms slowly on the ground when “owww!!” I screamed, something hard just came in contact with my left arm.


I tilted my head down to get a better look at what happened. There was a blood stain on the huge rock beside me and my arm was leaking with blood. It didn’t really hurt though.


 But what freaked me out the most is that I'm not at home, I'm not at the hospital, I’m not at that crazy witches lai—

HEYY!!! The crazy witch! I know she did this.


 Wait but what were the last words she said? Think Sabrina think! AHA she said “1 month and 12 days” but what does that mean? I will figure out but not at the moment


. I took my iphone out of my purse and turned my iphone on. I clicked on the notes app and typed in ‘1 month and 12 days’ just in case.


It still left me wondering though, how and why am I on the streets? I almost forgot that I was still lying down on the ground. People glared at me when ever they passed me.Some had sad emotions on their face. Some had disgust, and some had worrieness.


I started to get a little embarrassed even though that’s not like me. I got up from the ground and stood up.

I felt short. That’s kinda weird cause I never feel short. I think I’m tall and so does everyone else.


 I knelt down to grab my purse from the  hard, cement, floor. The blood was still leaking and it’s gotten worse. I decided to go to the loo, maybe one of the loos in the shops.


 At the end I went inside the wal-mart bathroom. I went over to the tap and tapped it on, then I got same paper towel.


 I put the paper towel under the tap to get it wet. I took the now wet paper towel and dabbed it slowly on my arm. The blood was slowly going away. By the time I was done the paper towel was now red from all the blood and my arm was its normal color again.


I threw the paper towel in the trash bin.


 I never really looked in the mirror so I decided to now. I gasped.


No this couldn’t be happening. I….I….I am a kid. Or at least I look like one.


 This isn’t good I knew this would happen. The evil witch probably did this.

 WAIT!!!! I think that 1 month and 12 days meant that I will be a kid for 1 month and 12 days!!


 OH SHIT this isn’t good!!! Calm down Sabrina…calm down.


Breath in ( hoooo )


breath out (hoo)


breath in (hooo)


breath out ( hoo ).


 Ok now that I am calm I have to do something about my shirt. It says ‘B**** Please’ on it and I look like a freakin 8 year old!!


  Ok I got a plan: I will just take off my t-shirt because I have a purple tank top under it and I can wear it cause its summer!


 I quickly took of my t-shirt so now I’m wearing my tank top.


 I stuffed my t-shirt in my purse and was heading out the Wal-Mart door.


The next thing you know


… BAM….


My body slams into another persons body and I fall on the floor. I opened my eyes to be greeted with blood leaking AGAIN from the same arm. “Not again” I whined. I shut my eyes for a second but couldn’t open them again.


 The last words I heard were “OH MY GOD!!! I’m so sorry!!! LIAM, ZAYN, LOUIS, HARRY HELP!!” it was an Irish accent with a bit of English in it.


Then I heard running footsteps running towards me, I felt a hand  brush against my face then BOOM!! I blacked out AGAIN!!!!


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