The heart that broke away

It was a new day in a new town in a new country. A fresh start for keely (pronouced key-lee) was mistreated since day one except by her best friend bridget. These to girls are gonna have there time of there lives when love next door finds that these to girls have a broken way.


2. say what

sorry i haven't updated in a while my movellas app on my iPod doesn't let me update :/


*Niall's pov*

I had finally gotten back from our short tour and now i had about 8 months if vacation ahead of me. I was planning to spend most of them at home, just because i haven't seen my mom in a while. As i approached my front door, i noticed that the window to the next door neighbors house was open and there stood a beautiful girl singing while she did her hair. Shoot i shouldn't be staring. As i just walked in my mom came running over to me to give me a hug. Oh how i missed her.

"Niall, darling go get changed and have a shower two very lovely ladies are coming over tonight" as she looked happy to finally have company over. i went to my old room the same how i left it a year ago, everything in place except the window got larger. They must of done renovations to the windows. 

*keelys pov*

as me and Bridget ran around the house trying to find our outfits for the evening all we could find was socks and underwear, i swear it was trying to find a needle in a hay stack. 

"Keels, i found a box of your clothes but i cant find mine"

"Bridg its OK borrow that sweet heart blue dress you liked and wear you naked pumps with it"

"good choices k well i had a shower im going to get dressed see you in 15 for hair and make up"

As she left i decided on what to wear. Hmm going threw my dresses, aha i found my new dress. its was white on the top it fit tightly but comfy enough with a flowie bottom to it. As i found the box of shoes i fond these light pink pumps that made me seem about 1" taller. i didn't need to be any taller i was about 5 7" perfect height. As i rushed to the second bathroom i heard Bridget yell "Keels curly or straight for me and what are you doing with your hair" i quickly responded "Curly and im doing a french side braid with 1 curl in the front and ill be right out so wait for me k" 

"fine hurry though"

I rushed to get my undergarments on then quickly zipping my dress up and putting my shoes on as i got to the stairs i ran up trying not to fall. As i got there out of the corner of my eye i saw my neighbors window and there stood and blond haired boy, who may i say was very attractive. As i quickly did my hair while Bridget did my make up and then it was her turn. I choose a light pink shadow with nude gloss and mascara and she went with a light blue shadow with a then glide of eye linear and clear mascara because her eyelashes were long enough. ss we hurried along we went next door and rang the doorbell

* Niall's pov*

i quickly walked down stairs when i heard laughing of boys. The boys had finally arrived and we sat down to talk about flights and what not till the door bell rang. My mom rushed to the door and opened it to see the beautiful girl from earlier. My mom said something about introducing us and i heard harry mumble who doesn't know us.

"Hi, I'm Keely Sheehan and this is my best friend Bridget Whelan"

As we all said in unison "Hi, we are one direction" Keely chuckled and Bridget stood there blankly as her and harry looked at each other.

"So were are you ladies you don't have" as i was about to finish Creig walked in and Keely stood there blankly like she a rock hit her right in the face.

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